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this the, this order is not only mine, it is an honor that was bestowed upon the 1400000000 people of india. now run romo davis is russ, as far as a war from president bush and new earl, the indian private is out standing efforts to promote a special partnership between the 2 nations. while the sun might be beginning to go down behind me, but i'll do dear. lights austin on and not only means one thing, but i am hair ready and waiting to talk about everything that's taking place there when i'm through out of the russian capital. we made quite clear directly with india our concerns about their relationship with russia. the wall paper is billed

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on the red reloaded visit to moscow. washington i gave express goodness and disappointment. it was a strong rush for it. indeed the live for almost go. this is all to you by the mom in 30 minutes and news news. so now i'll tell the story is most trusted friend, the was of the nation's prime minister, about the private put in, during his visit to musket the run remoted have now left russia also roughly off his 2 day trip. now we've got me, the details of the indian need is started. was it right here on all the, the national, the number of the bodies to day that, that so russia has when a significant red line,

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the strong ties into global economy shift unexpected in to you test drive. that stock off segment was some, the fuse is highlights the ocean freight the news i have fluids profound times with russia and with you personally over the past 2

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and a half decades. this is my 6th visit to russia. i can confidently say based on our past experience that we will work and strengthen our cooperation and deepen all aspects of our partnership and achievement. private studies, pine air in the a one has left most go vienna, all to you corresponded on that stuff as well. loading now was that to see the indian, the, the off, it's sandy beams, whitehead, i was satisfied reset in 5 minutes and a rent for lady when he arrived on this exact same spot. yesterday, he was very welcomed by the got a form here says as you can see behind me that he receives very, very welcome to day on the 1st day he had a very casual evening with a lot of f, $210.00 as

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a told around residents and it's interesting because lot of my parents and actually tried to run for lady around his presence in an electric vehicle. the 2 also had a chance to sit down for a cup of tea and look around the whole stables. the 2nd day was a very busy one. and a run for moody laid flowers near the kremlin, and they visited the fedex, which is a very famous exhibition sports. and most a lot of them at present on a run for moody. so sorry for now ladies is coming to an end. he's he's right, the plane and the a very, very busy holding the plane for his next destination, which is going to be kind of interesting because he's visiting the country for the 1st time, 41 years. and as we can see now, he's just about to walk up the says,

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wave side. while i'm say this advice to moscow, the i scare and sailors in following the window is most of is it from all special studio in the heart of the russian capital a while a partnership marked by lead to lead trust, quite unique on the global stage and run, promote the inside them appear to have wrapped up official tools. who was that? what was said, what, what signs and what does it will mean that is something that we will before be breaking down and talking through over the next couple of hours. the latest in the indian foreign ministry has commented on rental moody's visit, same to collaboration in defense infrastructure, agriculture, a new maritime trade route, specifically between ross, as far as port of not even stole, count the engine port all to nice these what topics the top of the agenda at thought close to meetings,

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and here's the number to you. a $100000000000.00. that is the annual trade time. there is a go between these 2 nations by 20 thought you just so you want to send. last year it was 65700000000. so in the next 6 years, we want to add another. so to 5000000000, despite west impressive despite west and sanctions, despite difficulties find actually in trading. they have pressed forward with that plans to increase cooperation in dot said here's another number, few 9, that is the number of documents signed today in most go well the details of one of those well hopefully will become clear in the coming. i was days weeks that perhaps the past and best pace to really give us perhaps an insight as a take on what really went down is all to india correspond to winston shawn. and she was right that in the sick of it, in the 100 holes of the kremlin, a special award for

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a special friend. the indian prime minister noreen movie has received roches highest deeds award. in fact, the prime minister of india has dedicated this awards to the 1400000000 people of india, india, rochelle solis, ties the people to people's dies. he has referred to, in fact, you are in the pools of kremlin not very far away from where i am, the renew, moody has received. in fact, this award, which is, which was established some 300 years ago. in fact, he's the 1st indian to have received this award and it makes it even more special. in fact, both the president or fresher and the prime minister of india after this award was given, the coding saw the bad deal. friends, we 1st started listening to what the russian president said, me a bunch a just it is a great honor for me to present indian prime minister and the render muddy with rushes high state toward the order of saint andrew,

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the apostle. and this is the oldest order, which was established more than 3 centuries ago by russian emperor peter the great . according to the statute, it is awarded to permanent russian public figures and leaders of foreign countries for the out standing service. mister prime minister dear friend awarding you with the order of saint andrew. the apostle reflects the sincere gratitude of the russian side for the significant contribution that you make to strengthening friendship and mutual understanding between those states and peoples. you have always actively advocated expanding context without country having been at the head of the indian government for 10 years. you have really contributed to ensuring that russian indian relations acquired the character of a particularly privileged strategic partnership. it is difficult to overestimate your contribution to the formation of a stable basis for russian indian cooperation in the international arena. where both countries defend the principles of multi polarity and strict adherence to international law or nations, work together in the interest of ensuring stability, global and regional security. dear mr. prime minister and dear friend, i would like to sincerely congratulate you on receiving the highest russian award

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and wish you health success and all the best, as well as peace and prosperity for the friendly indian people sold the indian for . i'm going to starve who's been here for now. so i'm 2627 hours in this, the industry wizards. in fact, uh uh, we know that uh both the uh, the, the indian prime minister and the president, the restaurant mich. as to why the good luck re far away from where i am. it was a closed door meeting where both, both the leaders us discuss stuff, a several, several important issues. some of what i understand is of course, one energy. what, what are we looking at as perhaps a long term energy contract? remember, india has been scooping up a lot of discount in russian oil. but uh that, that we've, we've seen a lot of consistency there. so what india has been wanting to, uh, to breach with, with russia is if, if we can get into some sort of a long term contract,

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the people to people's ties are between you, daddy, and most people have been very strong. not if i, if i saved for decades, but for centuries, that's for a 2nd. listening to what the indian prime minister said, yes, a month. this order is not only mine, it is an honor that was bestowed upon the 1400000000 people of india. it is also a recognition of a century old friendship and mutual trust between india and russia, as well as a recognition of a special privilege to strategic partnership. over the last, almost 25 years under your leadership relations between rusher and india, have grown stronger in all fields. relations are of an utmost importance not only to our countries, but they also hold great significance for the entire world in the global context of today. india and russia's partnership requires a new meeting. we both are convinced that we need additional efforts to ensure global stability and peace on behalf of the 1400000000 people of india. i would

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like to once again, thank you. the government of the russian federation and the people of the russian federation for the honor bestowed upon me. thank you. so and what has happened is 2627 ours. the indian prime minister has been yards. of course, now we're going to wait for an official announcement as to what deals have been signed between you, denny. i must go on surprisingly, the issue of the ukraine conflicted crop. all thought those bilateral troops aaliyah on tuesday, with the engine premier, assuring his russian count bought the new delhi is committed to helping mediate to pulse to peace. some speaking of war or any conflict or terrorist act. any person who believes in humanity feels pain when people die, especially innocent children. when we encounter such suffering, our hearts simply break. i have the opportunity to discuss these issues with you

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yesterday. as your friend, i always say that peace is essential for the bright future of our next generations . therefore, we believe that war is not the solution. the solution cannot come through war problems. rockets and rifles cannot bring peace, which is why we emphasize that dialogue is necessary. we also agreed yesterday to make peace as soon as possible, and we are ready for any assistance in this endeavor. as i have heard your position, your positive views and thinking, and i can assure you that india has always been on the side of peace. i just want to bring you some of the commons at present preaching made off to that statement by new reading. the movie where he owes to his own optimism and also talked about the importance of this openness of the relationship between russia and india. and we cooperate closely on the international arena, including an international organizations,

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primarily in the u. n. and in such associations as the seo and briggs, i am grateful to you for the attention you paid to the most pressing problems and above all, trying to find ways to resolve the training crisis peacefully. to many western nations actually meeting right now in washington for next to summit, and you can guarantee that they are watching any lines from the base. we know that the us is pretty concerned about how you see this relationship is between russia and india. so much so the state department spokesperson, matthew miller said that those concerns have been raised in the as a strategic partner with whom we engage in a full and frank dialogue. and that includes our concerns about the relationship with russia. i will look to publish remote as part of march to, to see what he talked about. but as i said, we made quite clear directly with india are concerns about their relationship with the restaurant. and so we would hope india, any other country when they engage with russia, would make clear that russia should respect to you and charters to respect you

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credit sovereignty and territorial integrity. well, we know what the us will in the face, but in due to condemn russia. over the war and ukraine and not simply is not happening, india has consistently said we heard it again from moody, but it was to see peace and it will do anything to help bring the thoughts about india also refusing to side with the west in regards to sanctions and we knew that as a result of dr. us and positive to india and others of wanted india and companies that they must not help russian companies as to a convent through sanctions that have been put on them by the west. that we know that's not necessary in idle threats because the eve is already sanctioned. some uh, indian companies because of that links with russia. also some comments coming from florida me selected sky was the president's and ukraine and to these tub expired in may. he, despite the meeting,

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is being disappointing and said that it was devastating to see moody preaching. now, hugs confirming those very, very at friends the relations between the 2 countries. now that came with a time, he said one of the reasons it was devastating is because ukraine in the west have alleged that russia is behind the bombing of a children's hospital in ukraine on monday, a russia has reiterated that it's military does not tell good civilian targets and in fact about children's hospital it says was hate as a result, eva, i knew roy and see me, so i'll in ukraine freights defense. and again, no investigation done by that. less than papers are already said, russia did it, despite the fact that there is still no evidence to support that. this is an important trip we're seeing she nation. she want to grow together in terms they've got to that phrase,

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the political legs on. it's pretty clear from this visits that india and russia and it together on the west is for the serious about that full the america could all the office, the science law company. and they told my colleagues to ask you to taylor of the partnership between russia and in the is threw a wrench in new works of forum policy works in the us in washington, once the full domination of the globe. american hedge remote in india is obviously one of the largest economies in the world and it needs to be brought under control by western corporations by the american government. so the americans have a long time been trying to coerce the indians into being a counter wait to china and possibly even have an ice hot war with china. so, and that makes a lot of money for the americans. so that's, that's a driving force right there. there's been a lot of joint projects between the russian military establishment and the indian,

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which also cuts in the word wash. and once the end is right now earning a lot of money. thanks the sanctions. first of all, they were busting americans sanctions because they were trading with iran buying a rainy and oil, which is logical for them. and they were doing it with the gold shipments. so no dollars involved in the us going gravity. it also strikes me that india has a very different perspective on the roles that ross will pay in the future as opposed to how the west of the cities use it. i just think needs that he is have to subscribe to the site. this is for teach it to feed has to be inflicted, almost like thing new daddy appreciates that a strong bossa is needs as the global prosperity m p nobody's in the west was gonna let india rise up and become a global fox. that's the last thing they need, they don't watching, doesn't need any competition. so india, if, if it can be can drive right now, they'll try to provide that. but in the future, it has to be the story just like everybody else split off and broken up. so that can be drained of resources and kept at a certain level of production. but it down to another big so it

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today is doing do i did is paula mentioned that this is in october. the u. s. is pushing for a regime change and the quote close it. nation back is according to moscow. the information received by the foreign intelligence of the state to indicate that washington is determined to seek a change of power in georgia. following the results of the forthcoming parliamentary elections in the country on the 26th of october this year, the bind and administration has already developed to launch scale information campaign to discredit the ruling georgia in dream policy. the american curators have already instructed the opposition forces in georgia to begin planning protests in the country. time to coincide with the elections. the intelligence of face of war as a t roll will be paid by the diligence of position president who is apparently sending, given, interviewed to us media,

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blaming the to the scene. government for the countries failed in you bid moscow. i did that. and washington has already given the green lights to join an opposition forces to begin planning protests. but it should coincide with also election. the warning guns as brussels has announced it is to spending a session tubes with too many, c. e. u leaders have agreed to hold george's e u. accession process. the intentions of the car, georgia and government or unclear to be using as it is still unclear whether it will be part of the next big wave of the you enlargement. i sincerely hope that it will be in the off to the october elections. we will resume our work and managed to ensure that georgia becomes part of further you enlargement. but russell himself is a have to set so rules, when it comes to cherry picking candidates for a you assess and those all to is don't cause the expense of for years. teasing

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countries with a membership has been a foreign policy favor at brussels, with its criteria for entrance, depending on just how unquestioningly they follow orders from the west. now the george has stepped out of line with its new for an agents law. the news top diplomat is threatening to wash any hopes of joining the block and intensify the west's propaganda war on george's elected institutions. a pro western block of 6 george and opposition parties has formed, vowing to democratically liberate the country. ironically enough, by over throwing the democratically elected ruling george and dream party. the group even signed a statement in brussels saying it will bring georgia back on the european track and estonia, one of the compliments, most aggressive pro western voices is also coming down hard on actual george and democracy. the 1st 3 important basic use that there won't be any step further for georgia. i don't want to see if in union deep this government is not changing the

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dispute. a very government is not taking back the different engine slow. and so basically what that was, at least on the different mission so that the commission has prepared that or that will be as well the discussion about the support of different funds to georgia. and that will be a discussion about the fishing and these events for the high level officials, many of aspects earlier this month, george's parliament signed it's for an agents bill into law that's simply requires organizations that receive over 20 percent of their income from abroad to register in a government database, it's a piece of legislation that has more than a few equivalents in the west. and yet the western backed protest raged for weeks, often descending into violence while brussels has taken serious issue with that law . the commission is lavishing constant praise on ukraine in moldova, for continuing to march in lock step with your ups expectations,

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the people of ukraine and mode of i have demonstrated that on waiver and commitment and determination to be part of this project. the accession negotiations are designed to prepare the candidates for the responsibilities of membership us, and this is why they are no short cuts. we embark on these negotiations in a strong spirit of openness, engagement, and commitment. that's despite both countries engaging in some seriously illiberal activities. small dove is planning to ban 7 tv channels and 2 radio stations. after another 20 media outlets were arbitrarily shut down by the states since last year, it's got the countries opposition and media freedom activist in, in the upper or the government's approach clearly indicates a wide spread censorship agenda. their aim is to suppress all dissenting voices, and without intervention from relevant e repeat institutions, they may succeed. the government's autocratic policies persist under the pretext of

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integration. however, as the president mentioned, respect for the law is paramount in moldova, encompassing constitutional rights to freedom of speech, democracy and the rule of law. in terms of ukraine, there's not one ounce left of press freedom. all opposition media has been completely ban and many press freedom groups are saying that censorship is going way beyond keeps war time needs. as for the key ever seem approved media, they're literally being told what politicians to praise and which ones are off the table. that hasn't been any freedom of action. so john, this and ukraine, so many, many, yes, steve has been its media to cover events in the east and any way that shows done bus and the posted lights. and i want to remind you that just 3 since h was the 10th anniversary of the killing, the one of the 1st russian film crews who covered everything cube did in the east. even then ukraine shows a tactic to show the most of anyone for reasons on the roots control and try to,

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to everyone who tries to report the truth from the other side. and they keep doing it to this day, however, 10 years ago and not to always try could be blamed to not knowing where it would head. but now to him this haunted using drones because operates are as well aware who he's targeting right off to the to i was threatened by ukrainians to cruise the forces and so called my don x to this most of my coverage. but from my civic position, the new york times article says nothing new. i think it's one of washington's moving the training and political game. oh, this is something like a game of transatlantic ping pong that washington uses to ensure that the landscape easily controlled and confuses to prevent the west from just talking away and writing of the crate in case too soon. so called democracies cracking down on the opposition like total a terry and police state spending power and dictatorship with elected representatives, passing laws to protect the country. sovereignty, it looks like the european union has everything absolutely backwards. we discussed

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the situation with a full, georgia know makers. it says, recent events prove washington fully intends to bring to breezy, under its influence, the ocean mcgraw. what's been happening in georgia show cases, what washington's true intentions are before they approach to subtly now they're working in the open and it proves how important it is for them to have a public governments into belief. see if they manage to change the regime here will provoke strongly for even a civil war. many projects like bricks, c, o, 3 plus 3. and now this will have a hard time functioning properly. regarding the european union's recent actions, it looks like to satisfy them. it will take georgia accepting the dominance, the green through an l g b t, q based social system refraining from christianity and from 72 and doing everything else. they like us to. however many you need to release it as much as we need brussels. and i believe that doing all this is not necessary. a tool. we'd be better off working with you or p and countries in economics, signs,

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education and so on without becoming parts of the union and also without cultural and traditional intervention. if they don't like it, well, tough luck. everyone realize that working with the uses actually pleasant as they utilize these carrots and stick system, which is so inappropriate in the 21st century. they believe that if we don't do something they say they should punish us. and no one actually needs this kind of partnership, this kind of union, and so let them still be accessing process. we'll see who will benefit from it. in the end, the menu part of the site is out to a mancha, 75 years of data. the live is holding a 3 day summit in washington. the brought in claims to be protected to a 1000000000 people amid the most dangerous security environment, the soonest, the caldwell box, the western allies itself, is pumping you, playing full of devastating weapons. and as recently as 5, as even further along russia's borders,

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china is now signing the alarm of the us that looks aggressive options a bit. so late as the cold hor, legacy and the world's largest military alliance, nasal claims itself to be original defense. if alliance on the one hand, but on the other hand keeps breaching its boundary, expands against mandate, reaching beyond its defence, stone and stoking confrontation, which reveals its deeply imbedded, cold, warm, and tell it to you, and find the illogical bias. this is the real source of risks, threatening global peace and stability. nature should stay within its role as a regional defensive alliance to stop creating pensions and the asia pacific stop peddling. it's cold, warm, and sound, and book confrontation, major should know, trying to destabilize the asian pacific of to, with has done so to europe. us president joe biden and his knighthood counterbalance of gathering and washington, as russia continues to advance on the battlefield and ukraine. the agenda for this is something that is predictable from supporting you, trying to tackling what they say. i think able bogeyman, russia, china, um,

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on the democratic people's republic of korea, back in 2022 nights are labeled china, a security challenge for the 1st time. also warning, the russia probably is the most significant and direct threat to peace and security of the language used by the airlines to hold. the pat hasn't softened the warrant. no credit demonstrates how close the line, the restaurant. i'm fine on north korea and they're on our china is the main and neighbor over russell. so what our mission against the ukraine, the post and she and present it in the world won't need to do not the states to fail in ukraine if put in winning single cream. it'll multiple emboldened 1st inputs and also have both in preston, a sheen as to when dropping this problem is the sides. what happens in ukraine today can happen in a show tomorrow, so was trying it on to cause the are of nighttime hope by using has consistent be cool for a peaceful, died of the end, the conflict and ukraine, something president,

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she's been paying reiterated during the meeting with i'm gabrielle prime, it is subject to all by no monday a she do mean to she sign shop or she needs to be stressed at an early ceasefire, and a political solution are in the interest of all parties. the grand focus is to abide by the 3 principles of no spillover over the battlefields. no escalation of the war, and no fueling of the flames by all parties. to cool down the situation as soon as possible. hold on with arrive in washington, fresh from his peace mission, which included visits to ukraine, russia, and the latest in china, instead of war mongering. o'bonham whose country is parts of the night. so alliance has chosen of all the forward thinking approach. in addition to the watering punch is the 3 world powers, the united states, the european union, and china will decide when the russian ukraine war ends. that's why we came to beijing. lensky obviously dismissed obama piece mission. notice surprises that can

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he be immediate to? he has no mediation between russia and ukraine, the whole world consoles, russia to stop this war. this is not about mediation. this is about possibilities. you must have an economy that's in fluency, is russia and polluting depends on it. or you must have a very powerful law made it pollutant fees, which is stronger than rushes. although many such countries in the world, not many, i think the us is such a country, china and the you not just one country, but the entire european union. this could really be such a mediation mission, the 2nd meeting in poland. so let's defined a security agreement, including plans to try new, cried new forces in poland and shooting down russian, versailles and drones. olivia pride from poland. looks like the woman rig machine is haul to start once to advertise to bits of a stomach. now you saw what also discussed a pretty good new office in care of well, outgoing, say the general you hadn't stolen some bug wants to run through a.

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