What question would you like us to ask Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats? (2024)


What question would you like us to ask Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats?

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What question would you like us to ask Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats?

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2010-02-21 13:48:14 UTC

Many people say that you are not a strong enough party to be able to keep control of power, if you receive any at the next general election. My area is currently a Liberal Democrats area, although our MP is from Labour. Most people are getting tired of the politicians and their 'ways', and need a clean party who is reliable. We don't want to spend our time worrying about the elections - we're people who have lives, and are more than just a few crosses on pieces of paper. Canvassing suggests that the public want out with the old, and in with the new. Do you believe that the Liberal Democrats can achieve reform and please the British Public at the same time?

Personally, I don't want to have Labour in, but I don't particularly like the Conservatives either. The three main parties are starting to blur a little at the boundaries, and suddenly there is a big personality competition for one of the most important jobs (though it doesn't seem like it) in Britain. We need a strong leader, and the suggested coalitions may not be the answer, as history shows us that coalitions can be weak if the parties are indecisive.

We need solid answers- not a few words thrown together- and we need them now.

2010-03-03 06:38:24 UTC

The pound is currently sinking against all other currencies (even the beleaguered Euro) over fears that the next election will result in a hung parliament which will not be able to carry out the measures necessary to restore Britain's huge deficit. Proportional representation, which the LibDems advocate, would always result in hung parliaments with special interest groups holding the balance of power. If a hung parliament now is seen as bad for Britain by the world's financial markets why is Nick Clegg so keen on proportional representation?


2010-02-22 02:38:55 UTC

The current financial climate has, I am sure that Nick will agree, crippled the UK and our ability to fund many of the social projects that Liberal Democrats would like to see implemented. I believe though, that this is the time for an age of innovation and opportunity, rather than an age of austerity.

Now is the time that we should be forging ahead with high speed rail and railway electrification, investing in the development of green technologies, and the infrastructures required to support the expansion of alternative fuels, and environmentally friendly vehicles. The government should be leading the United Kingdom towards seizing the opportunity to lead and excel in the new economies that will be emerging in the years to come, and we should not be afraid of changing the way that we do things, build things and run things.

Does Nick agree that the way forward for Britain, if we really do want to build the fairer society that we all aspire to, with revolutionised taxation and parliamentary representation, equalised opportunities regardless of income, and dignity from cradle to grave, in addition to a solid, fair, open and accountable economy that is not wholly dependent upon the actions of the square mile, and that promotes the values of education, apprenticeship, and excellence in our young people, is for brave and bold political decisions to be made by whoever becomes PM on May 6th, so that we can get the trains running faster, the cars running greener, and the money flowing back into the UK, and will he commit that the Lib Dems will take such action if in government, as opposed to the rudderless dithering that we have seen from both Labour and Tories in this regard?


2015-11-07 11:06:40 UTC

Does Nick agree that the way forward for Britain, if we really do want to build the fairer society that we all aspire to, with revolutionised taxation and parliamentary representation, equalised opportunities regardless of income, and dignity from cradle to grave, in addition to a solid, fair, open and accountable economy that is not wholly dependent upon the actions of the square mile, and that promotes the values of education, apprenticeship, and excellence in our young people, is for brave and bold political decisions to be made by whoever becomes PM on May 6th, so that we can get the trains running faster, the cars running greener, and the money flowing back into the UK, and will he commit that the Lib Dems will take such action if in government, as opposed to the rudderless dithering that we have seen from both Labour and Tories in this regard?

L-Plate Mum

2010-02-24 04:01:52 UTC

Whoever gets to govern this broken country after the General Election is going to have to make some extremely tough choices in order to repair the horrendous damage that's been done over the Labour years; radical reform of the benefits system, immigration policies and taxation. Unfortunately, such reforms are probably not going to win the votes of those who prefer things the way they are, so my first question is twofold: do the Liberal Democrats have the courage to include any such reform policies in their election manifesto, and, if they do manage to win, can they assure the public that they will follow through with them once they are in power?

And what of MPs expenses claims? No matter how much you guys insist you need to claim for all your extraneous stuff (which by the way Joe Public, on way lower wages than most of you, has to pay for themselves, out of their aforementioned wage packet) the plain truth is the whole system needs to be looked at by an unbiased organisation and made fairer (on the taxpaying public that is, NOT on grasping MPs.) Do you have any plans to do this?

And finally: there are currently FAR too many civil servants employed at great expense to the taxpayer in what can only be described as imaginary jobs; people employed in quangos like The Ministry of Potatoes (WHY in God's name does a POTATO need a focus group??) If the Liberal Democrats come to power, will they have the courage to weed the gardens and remove all these unnecessary departments?


2010-02-23 05:34:52 UTC

It seems to me that with all of the negativity surrounding the Tories and Labour, the past 12 months have been a fantastic opportunity to show the British (voting) public the benefits that a Lib Dem government could provide. Yet you have held the limelight for little more than an hour at a time on single issues. Surely your PR machine has to step up a couple of gears in the run up to the election as the vast majority still look upon the Lib Dem's as also-rans and not vote worthy. Will your election campaign be bold and forceful enough?


2010-03-04 06:52:29 UTC

If you win any sort of power will you start the process of rolling back the excess power of the state in the following area's:-

CCTV reduce the number of camera's in use that intrude into every-ones private everyday life .

DNA comply with the directive to dismantle the DNA database and remove all non convicted people from it.

TAX simplify the system and make it more equitable to all.

The reduction of public spending and an alteration of the budgeting system should be a priority, it is ludicrous that budgets are spent up to the limit every year in case the allocation it is cut next year.

If time was available would you look at the unchecked powers of council officials,traffic wardens and other public servants.

After all the Political system and Government is there to serve the public not the other way round which appears to be the position at present.

STEPHEN Jona Jones

2010-02-24 03:45:58 UTC

Being King makers is a very precarious position for they are the ones that eventually be come the scapegoat. So to put one's self in this position takes a very astute person or one that has aspirations of becoming the court's jester. It is my prefference that no alliances be made so that free voting is to be allowed on all government proposals. The times that the liberal and Ulster Unionists have held the scales in one or another tilt, they have always suffered at the following election in that they fade away into a distant minority part having lost their momentum.

My Questio to Nick Clegg, is Why can students that have committed themselves to three years of higher educational study. Be refused entry onto the third year of the degree course of which they have completed 2 years, because of capping at universities to which they are aligned with. This is because there are no facilities within the North Devon Area that can continue this study programme so A educational contractual system is in place that aligns North Devon College (PETROC) to Plymouth and Taunton School of Art and Technology. However, due to capping there are upwards of thirty students that can not progress. This then stops their progression into commerce and industrial careers.

2010-02-23 08:37:20 UTC

Because of the use of whips in Parliament, party partisanship is high in the UK and will remain so if there is a hung parliament. Changing the electoral system to proportional representation or the alternative vote will increase the likelihood of a hung parliament with partisanship and few bills being passed.

Rather than just changing the electoral system, shouldn't there be much more constitutional reform? I believe there should be a directly elected Prime Minister, a presidential government and a separation of powers between the executive and parliament. When the last reform happens, there will be no need for the whips because MPs will not be forced to vote according to what the party with the majority wants and will be more accountable. Then we can change the electoral system, and possibly abolish the House of Lords, since there will be no partisanship.

A directly elected Prime Minister would end the fuss over governments being elected just by gaining the most number of seats in Parliament without a majority of the popular vote.

Do you agree?

John J

2010-02-19 12:38:24 UTC

This 'affordable housing' malarky probably going to stop me voting Lib Dem, even though they've been my automatic vote for the last thirty years.

I don't disagree that housing needs to be more affordable, but with the British obsession with property, the amount of money swilling about the housing market is... well, it's not fixed, but it's determined by other factors. Building cheaper houses just pushes the previous cheapest houses up a price bracket - no-one gains, and the already abysmal quality of British housing diminishes further. Paradoxically, the way to make housing more affordable at the bottom end is to flood the top end of the market.

This 'building affordable hosing' is simply repeating exactly what we did in immediately post-WW2 with the prefabs, what we did in the '60s with the hideous tower blocks, what we did in Victorian times with the tenements. And all we are doing now in 2010 is constructing the slums of 2030. Oooh, I can hardly wait!

Sorry Nick, as I said I've voted Lib Dem/Lib pretty much to the exclusion of all others since my first vote in the mid 1970s. It pains me enormously to know that I probably won't be voting Lib Dem this time, despite the dearth of reasonable policies from any other party.

The Patriot

2010-02-18 05:52:08 UTC

The Lib Dems offered us an in or out referendum into EU membership in the past. Why go back on that commitment when many in the UK want to have a say on the matter?


2010-02-18 07:42:48 UTC

What are your views on immigration and what do you propose should be done to our immigration system? Also, are you in support or against the idea of Multiculturalism?


2010-02-18 08:45:55 UTC

would he cease free translation services for the many people who live here but refuse to learn english.

though new immigrants are required to learn it, many who moved here before that was introduced refuse to learn it, but get free translators each time they see their gp etc. my local gp surgery refuses to see english people one day a week because that's the day the interpreter is in.

english is the most widely spoke language in the world, this is england- why is such behaviour tolerated?

we are expected to show respect to people who refuse to learn even to say 'please' 'thank you' and hello'!

2010-02-18 08:16:34 UTC

I'd like to ask him "how do you live with yourself, knowing that you and your Conservative/Labour partners in crime have sold Britain out to the EU, with none of you having any intentions what so ever of giving a referendum to the British people on it's membership of the EU"?

HAL 9000

2010-02-18 09:48:41 UTC

What is your position on mass immigration to the UK considering our services are literally on their knees and by and large,most are not claiming immigration/asylum from the first country they arrive in.

And,with regard to the above question,what are your proposals for the benefits system as,i believe,that this is a major factor for immigrants claiming asylum/immigration status in the Uk.

Not only for immigrant/asylum seekers,but also our own citizens that have became a product of the "something-for-nothing" culture

What are your plans to overhaul the NHS.As this again leads to my initial question as we have heard numerous times through all sections of the media and the political parties that there needs to be a stop to "health tourism".

Britain is crumbling under Labours multicultural utopia,however,i would argue that one would have to be blind to say that Labours social experiment,which was forced on the people of this small island,is a success.


2010-02-18 08:50:49 UTC

What do you actually stand for?

☆☆♥☆☆ ☆αℓℓ☆ ☆gσσ∂☆ ☆Thiηgs☆☆

2010-02-18 08:30:42 UTC

Pension reform:

Come 2012, everyone in the country will be deducted 5% of his or her wages at source in order to fill the large hole in pension funds.

In addition, a compulsory 3% from the employer and 1% from HMRC in the form of tax relief.

Will current Pensioners see any benefits from this large influx of funds or will it just disappear into a larger pot?


Can I expect a better state pension in 25 years when I retire?

Germany has such a good pension system and you can live well from it. Outrageous that our pensioners cannot say the same!


2010-02-18 09:25:47 UTC

We're fed up with labour, but we don't really want the conservatives in power either. To be quite honest we're just fed up with politicians. Unfortunately, no matter who wins or loses in the next election we'll still have politicians in power & we just can't get rid of them.

How could you make the Liberal Democrats act differently to politicians of any hue in order that we might cease hating politicians?


2010-02-18 05:51:56 UTC

Do you feel David Cameron took a lot of the credit for work you did last year with the Gurkhas?

2010-02-18 10:01:06 UTC

What would be your strategy in Afghanistan. Would you ceasefire in defiance of the Americans?

2010-03-06 12:24:28 UTC

Why, after 12 years of working out a problem that could possibly save the NHS millions of pounds each year, has my local Lib Dem MP told me to write my findings down on three A4 sheets of paper for submission? This is a system that should be in place but isn't as (according to the Secretary of State for Health's PA) nobody knows how to implement it I have made this work with approx a dozen people ( paid for by myself) and it has worked every time yet. know one will give me an interview to put my suggestions accross. I will not send all my findings to any MP as I may not see them again and the said MP may take the credit!


2010-02-24 08:35:24 UTC

I'd like to know what Nick Clegg plans to do in terms of helping those who have Autism/Asperger's and those without jobs who desparately need them?

I ask this because "Mr Brown" doesn't seem to have a clue as to what he's doing to help anyone with Asperger's Syndrome or those who have no jobs! So can you ask Nick Clegg that question please? Thank you ^_^

Also if I have any other questions to ask him I'll be sure to keep commenting on this as long as this is still open to answer =)

P.S. I have AS and no job v_v I really have been trying to get a job but every where I look for one people just don't wanna know anymore v_v they always place their past employees first (all good and well and all that but they should think about those who have never had a paid job before!)

I'd like to get paid for doing something rather than scrounging off benefits for the rest of my life v_v

I don't care what people say about scroungers (just because non scroungers have jobs and we don't! I try my best and I won't give up!!!)

And if Nick Clegg gave me a paid job as... say... working for him I'd take him up on that offer because no one else would even think to give me a chance!!!


2010-02-22 02:59:13 UTC

What are you going to do to persuade the public that the Lib Dems have a chance of making a difference in the election - either by winning, forming a coalition government or becoming a stronger opposition?

It frustrates me that at every election people say that Lib Dems can't win so there is no point in voting for them. If everyone who thinks this voted for you, it would be a very different story. You should do more to focus on being a the main opposition party at the very least. Especially now as there are many who are fed up with Brown/Labour and don't trust 'anti-everything' Cameron.


2010-02-24 03:01:21 UTC

What would Mr Clegg do about the CSA ruining peoples lives i give you a instance. I am paying the CSA by deductions of earnings i also have some arrears that i am paying also but i have asked the CSA to give me a time scale as to when my arrears will be payed off.

I also had a deductions of earnings against at my last job of which i payed every week but my employer never payed it to the CSA i have the proof that i payed it but the CSA still say that i am liable for that money and i am having to pay it a second time.

Ever time i ring up to try and sort this out i am told that somone will look into it for me and get back to me but they never return any of my calls so i would like to ask Mr Clegg what is my next move and where i can go from here

Many thanks

Paul A Shipley

2010-02-24 08:53:18 UTC

My question is a enquiry about the liberal democrats policy for the armed forces. We constantly hear from Nick Clegg and Vince Cable that we will have to be more realistic about our capabilities in the future, but how does he suppose we do this whilst also maintaining our international commitments, such as defence of the falkland islands, our continued Presence in nations like Belize as well as the humanitarian support our forces provide?

Furthermore does he believe that the lib Dem's policy on scrapping the trident programme is necessarily a good idea given the overwhelming evidence that suggests rogue nations are developing such weapons?


2010-02-24 05:49:09 UTC

I think public sector spending could be cut by leveraging the buying power of government run organisations. I work in the IT industry and it is well known that in March a lot of public sector companies spend money on their IT Infrastructure to ensure that they have spent all of the budget allocated to them so that they will not receive less funding in the next year.

This could be avoided if procedures were put in place to consolidate these types of purchases. For example each NHS Trust has their own IT budgets to spend on the solutions they require. This means that they all go off and implement individual infrastructures instead of investing in a tried and tested solution that is already being used by another NHS trust. This is also true for many other organisations including local councils and police forces. Is there a good reason why there isnt a central IT team for the NHS etc?


2010-02-23 12:05:45 UTC

Look at the range of questions and two things are clear: (1) there is widespread disaffection with British politics and politicians, and (2) the questions people want answered are matters of substance, be they narrow (but nonetheless very important at a personal level) or broad (such as the NHS or the debt situation). Yet the start of the election campaigning shows signs of the worst kind of electioneering with a focus on personality, and you seem to feel you have to join the fray - for example calling for an investigation into the 'bullying' claims as soon as they hit the media.

Of course bullying is to be deplored, but it is part of life and should be dealt with appropriately - not by politicians giving knee-jerk responses to headline sensationalism presumably in the hope of scoring cheap points. The public want to know about policies, and want political leaders who show a clear sense of direction and the ability to act as statesmen, not ones who engage in in-fighting and especially not at a time when the public seems to have a much clearer idea than many in Westminster as to the seriousness of issues facing the country. So my question is really a request - will you please stand out from any Brown / Cameron personality frays and instead distinguish yourself and your party by giving us what we really want to hear.

Look again at the questions - "What are your views on...?", "What are your plans for...?", and the pragmatic but very real questions "In the event of a hung Parliament, if I were to trust the Liberals with my vote what would you do..." and "would a vote for a Lib Dem government really affect my life?".

Please give us the campaigning we deserve.


2010-02-23 03:19:05 UTC

I'm a full time student in college and unemployed my family is low income and is expected within the next 2years to claim poverty due to the lack of help the Government provides the low income families these days.

I am constantly looking for a job and even have an interview on the 8th of march which most likely to be turned down again because of my severe nerves from background.

The government stops all funds for my family soon because of my brothers and sisters age but if a family is expected to go into poverty soon shouldnt the government be helping them to avoid this rather than increases the gap between the rich and poor.

What would you do to change this and how would you provide that support to the families that need it most?

the only other question is what about your opinion on british jobs for british people as every place i seem to go into these days is either run by some foreign people or most staff are foreign shouldnt the people who were born in the UK become first choice for jobs?


2010-02-28 12:22:23 UTC

I'd like to know what the Liberal Democrats are going to do to give SME business owners some tax relief and assist us in creating jobs and wealth to reduce the burden on state finances. Too long the scum labour government have used people in my position as an easy target for revenue from tax. We pay a disproportionate ammount of tax compared to our counterparts in most of the world, so much so that I am considering moving my business either offshore or abroad to eastern Europe. I put too much in and dont get enough out, I am not the only SME owner that feels this way. If this issue is not addressed then the UK will face a mass exodus of both small and large business (we are already seeing this in the finance sector) the question remains, what will the Lib Dems do about it ?


2010-02-24 10:34:37 UTC

Mr Clegg, a large proportion of the populace appear to be longstanding Conservative or Labour supporters. Given that the past 31 years have seen either a Conservative or Labour incumbent as Prime Minister along with their respective Cabinet, and that the most up to date opinion polls see a hung Parliament as a very real possibility, what can you and your Party offer the populace in terms of an alternative? Do you have anything that neither of the other two Parties can offer?

2010-02-19 11:40:37 UTC

Well Mr Clegg, I really would like you to convince me as a pensioner, how on this earth you and your liberal party collegues can sort the total mess that this country is in, starting with the long waiting lists in hospital times and G.Ps and will you be insisting the G.Ps put in the hours they are being over paid for. and I am not being vindictive about this either, I am of the age that has paid into the National health since the beginning.

I would also like to know WHY the onus is being put onto the patients to TRY and get a hospital appointment , and the cost of calls dumped onto the patient who like me are on a megar pension. Answer this if you can and maybe you just might get my vote.

Gina V.

2010-03-08 11:02:17 UTC

Hello !

In March of 2007 my former husband and I had been scammed by a Realator and a big leander bank , we went to the State Attorney Gerenals on this because of preadtory leanding , we took up with a lawyer and he since we had him he has louled at me and we , me my family fells he has also lied to us about helping us with this case , he told us the case will go to tril in a weeks time and let we heard notthing on the it so far .

We even told the lawyer we would go to the news paper to let this story out so others could beaware of this team scamming people . We have still not yet heard any thing about the case and my former husband is on meds for meantal health and I can bearly read or write I fell the lawyer just wants to get his money and we settle for a nusence fee , since this case I have a great deal of worries , stress , and anxiety and they forched us to buy a slum condition house in West Virginia from Arizona , we all fell that my x and I have been taken for a long ride and need an expert advice and help fast , can you help me please ?

Time is running out .


I have cancer and was looking for a quite place to die and put a roof over my childreans head after I past on ......... we were looking for pieace of the Amercian Dream instead got a nightmare .

Please help me . Gina V.


2010-02-25 01:17:57 UTC

Given that scientists are predicting huge global problems due to population growth and the attendant strain on the earths resources, have the liberal democrats got any policies for insuring that britain takes as little from the impact of this as possible.

The problem with all governments is that they only really look 5-10 years in the future, and what is needed in this century is not only an overall strategy for population stabilisation and eventual reduction but an economic strategy that can cope with this.

This also needs to be made the highest priority on the world stage with almost all of our environmental problems stemming from population growth, it seems our best chance of sorting those problems out is to address this issue.

So my question is what are the liberal democrats going to put into place to help address what I feel is really the biggest problem and solution our world faces at the moment?

2010-02-24 08:18:33 UTC

In an interview with Simon Mayo 18 months ago, you stated that as a Sheffield MP you believe that the UK should have a much stronger manufacturing base. Yet in the same interview you also said you would refuse to give diplomatic support of BAe's sales to Saudi Arabia, reinforced your support of the Eastern European Expansion of the EU, restipulated your commitment to higher taxes on larger cars (which the UK is still very good at making) and proposed higher taxes on the executives who decide where manufacturing investment is made. Does this demonstrate that the Lib Dems are ready for governing a £2 Trillion economy or that they are merely left-leaning populists unprepared to face the realties of the world?

2010-02-20 03:04:39 UTC

Will you act on repealing current laws which criminalise people or cause them to feel like criminals ? > Such as - Putting the wrong type of rubbish in a Wheelie Bin - Car Clampers holding people "hostage" to their cars - Paying to park in hospital car parks, at rip off rates, when you are visiting a seriously ill relative or friend - Rip Off rail prices with the numerous complicated types of tickets and prices for the same trip - Jailing pensioners for not paying Council Tax, when MPs have fiddled us out of millions and will get away with it !!!!

I am a Nick Clegg fan because his party have raised and challenged all the main issues over the past two years - Iraq, MPs expenses, Lisbon Treaty (vote) - Bankers bonus pay etc

But my first question affects millions every day yet nothing is done. Finally - Legal Aid provision should be available to a wider section of society so that we are not put off from the start in challenging wrongs against us.

Maurice H

2010-02-27 01:11:58 UTC

The human race has a massive problem that spawns consequences in every area of human activity. That problem is GREED! Greed is winning over morality at every turn. More, More, More is the battle cry of the human race, the Bankers, Footballers, Celebrities demonstrate there is no self restraint. The consequences are global warming, deprivation, massive misuse of limited resources etc, etc. Religious beliefs used to keep people under control, but with better education many people reject the antiquated ideas of a God based religion.What will the Lib Dems do to stem the tide of Greed and bring morale values into to centre stage?


Maurice Henegan

2010-02-24 22:52:44 UTC

If we do have a hung parliament, will the Lib/Dems join forces with the Labour Party to form a coalition UK.gov?

If the Lib/Dems do form part of a coalition UK.gov with either Labour or Conservatives, I do not want them being given breadcrumb jobs - senior cabinet posts please or nothing.

Mate of mine says, "we don't want a hung parliament, what we want is a hanged parliament". Think this is in reference to the expenses scandal which will not go away in spite of Labour's crafty trick of going on about Gordon and his rages.

One thing I would like the Lib/Dems to do, if they are giving cabinet jobs in a coalition government, is to start the process of seriously doing something about public relations concerning parliament and the people.

I cannot think of another 'business' which has done no research into public opinion of itself. Meanwhile the politicians, elected from the ranks of the people, are now held in low esteem. Some may even not bother to vote, not just in this election but also in future elections.

Must do something about that.

Never under estimate the British electorate - they will lead a merry dance before finally deciding to put Gordon back into Number 10 - I've seen it all before - John Major a prime example.

occasional caller

2010-02-24 14:19:09 UTC

Do you consider that if too many cuts in public spending are made this could slow economic growth because of possible union action and that the lower paid workers will bear the brunt in pay and job cuts.

What is you stance on the falkland islands and how do you see revenues of oil used. I believe when we first struck North Sea oil a lot of this was taken up in debts and as we do have a large public defict at present will revenues go directly on this or will these be paid with the overall economic GDP and the oil revenues be used to boost the economy.

I have voted liberal party before and I would like to see three party politics back are you going to push ever for actually winning the election as possible.


2010-02-23 03:11:12 UTC

Nick Clegg MP, in March 2008 you stated in an interview that you had slept with ''no more than 30'' woman, do you think this is acceptable behaviour from the leader of the third largest Political Party in the United Kingdom?


2010-02-18 20:32:46 UTC

There are 3 things I want to know your answer to.

1. Why do you and the other sitting MPs think the expenses debacle is over or will be over after a general election and claim they have done the right thing by putting all of it right? The reason I ask this is because you are all still shoving it under the carpet and its not right that you people can make up your own rules to contravene the laws of the land while not allowing the general public to do so. Some of us are going to continue going after you until more than just these 4 or 5 scapegoats are charged and convicted and all of you who committed theft pay the penalty.

2. Do you agree that all these banks will be allowed to pay the bail out money back without paying any interest on it as we the general public have to do if we make a loan? That is what is happening and the only way they are making a profit now is the bailout money and the fact they have increased the ratio of interest payments they charge us and lowered the interest rates per ratio they give back to savers.

3. It is common knowledge that Gordon Brown raided the pension funds of a lot of people. Mine was one among many. If you were to be elected or serve in a coalition govt. would you do anything to help refund that money or to help pensioners as a whole as they nearly all live below the poverty line. This country and its politicians are dispicable in allowing this to happen to one of the most vulnerable parts of our society while just handing over money hand over fist to immigrants who have never paid into the system whether they be legal or illegal ones. If you don't believe that come to Peterborough and I'll take you to meet some who boast openly about it.


2010-02-23 15:30:12 UTC

Who Nick Clegg trusts between Gordon Brown and David Cameron?

2010-03-12 15:07:45 UTC

How bad do you think the Democratic party will get clobbered during the upcoming Mid Term Elections because Obama, Pelosi , Reid and the rest of the Health Care Reform team are Spitting on millions of Americans who say they want Health Care Reform,,, Not this One.

Scott Wright

2010-03-03 10:06:02 UTC

Many times I have heard politicians cut short debate on a cost benefit analysis of the EU. During the second reading in the Lords of The Lord Willoughby de Broke's reform bill, his colleague and UKIP leader The Lord Pearson of Rannoch was fobbed off by the labour Lord with the comment "I think that to most of us the benefit of the Eu is self-evident"

It is this type of comment which puts off the electorate, the unwillingness to discuss that which costs our economy so much each year when they don't really know what benefit they get.

My question to Mr Clegg is what is the benefit of the EU?

Excluded answers are as follows: Half our trade is with them

Reasoning: You think this would somehow suddenly grind to a halt when their economies depend on UK custom?

Past Wars

Reasoning: Signed agreements by governments for mutual defence alliance and not to go to war with each other should be sufficient in this regard.


2010-02-24 15:14:36 UTC

The economy has gone down the tubes. The country appears at times to be in "free fall" without direction and success. The only success story for the politicians of any party so far has been the ability to stuff their noses in the trough of plenty ignoring the meaning of fraud.

To make all the changes necessary where will all the extra money come from to improve the lives of the people of this once, yes once great nation. Especially with more and more unemployed people not contributing to the national economy through taxes?

Robbing from Peter to pay Paul does not work long term - ask any housewife - and we are promised it is all going to be wonderful whoever is in "charge"

What are the plans of the Liberal Party to address the problem of the economy so that the Great in Great Britain can be once again be respected and not the laughing stock of the world?


2010-02-24 10:13:54 UTC

Pundits prediciting a close-run contest? Whioch pundits would they be then, a group of chimps in a lab throwing dung at a guessometre?

Anyway, I'd like to ask Nick Clegg if he's seeking medical help with that obvious delusional belief he has that his party even stand a minuscule chance of getting a vote at the general election, let alone actually winning it.


2010-02-24 09:01:36 UTC

I`d like to know why does the ruling party of the day go blank when ask`d about what thay are going to do about all the illigal imigration this country which is buldging at the sides .as a man in the street see`s things every time a immigrient enters this country thay DEMAND free dental,medical and housing.WILL Mr clegg take a page out of australia`s book and clamp down and remove all who are not supposed to be here

2010-02-24 08:56:18 UTC

The most important political issue facing the UK, is,and has been for a long time,"immigration and the radical Islamisation" of our Country. No major political party has had the guts or integrety to publically recognise this fact, for fear of being branded a racist.I have told my MP (a Lib-Dem!), of my views. To articulate this very major problem is not being a racist, but simply stating the great dangers that this Country faces. It has nothing to do with embracing diversity, which I am totally in favour of, but not at the expence of the indiginous population.

What is the public view of NiIck Clegg? A sensible and honest view would secure my vote, which I have not used since the Major Government


2010-02-24 07:51:49 UTC

I would like to have the choice of three main parties but still only see labour and tory.

You appear to just want to see all sides. with the bullying allegations in number 10 couldn't you stand up and say

this is just pre election slur. The public want clear under standing of the parties policies but no one is saying anything.

How will future governments stop high energy bills,protect public services not been tendered out.

You are in the best position , in the middle but rather than showing a dynamic independent view you appear to give into suggestion from the other parties.In our area we feel allot safer on our streets ,groups of people are now moved on and the police is more visual.Under the conservatives they are out to make cut backs where as usual we will feel it the most.

When are you going to speak up and speak for the electorate.We cant hear you and please dont be afraid of upsetting people you may gain more respect!

2010-02-23 10:39:59 UTC

After working 50 yrs I am retired and fortunately not financially embarrassed. However when I look around I am saddened as I see nothing but jobs and companies going to other EU countries where the EU has given grant monies to these countries to enable them to take our industries.

This also includes the far east, every item here seems to be made in China. The same goes for take overs and the movement of work from us. We as a nation seem to be ball watching, moaning but do nothing. If I was younger I would have left this country as I have lost faith in all the parties.

Could you Mr Clegg give me an answer as to how you would solve these problems and make me a happy and proud British Citizen again?

2010-02-23 10:08:24 UTC

Dear Mr. Clegg,

I am currently in lower sixth form studying to become a dentist.However when I entered the sixth form (of an ordinary state school) I discovered to my horror that some people are actually paid to turn up at school. After enquiring about this seemingly free money I found out that only students whose parents have a joint income of less than £30,000 per year receive this benefit on a sliding scale. I'm sure you'll agree £30,000 is hardly a fortune!

Whereas I whose parents don't come from affluent backgrounds but do earn over £30,000 collectively after years of hard work don't qualify for this extra income. Why is this? It seems that those who work hard, who strive to achieve greater than what they started with are being punished. Whereas those whose parents haven't worked hard get money from the taxes paid by those parents who do. Where is the equality in that?

What will your government do to solve this problem?

Thanks Nathaniel

2010-02-23 08:24:44 UTC

No matter who goes in to power things will never get any better. The Government promises that and this but are they really here to help us or just screw us in the ground even further England is in massive money crisis and its only now when a little to late that cut backs are being made, talk about a little to late. I have a huge list of thing I could go on about but not being funny we are all aware of the basic stuff.

What is the Liberal Democrats or any party going to do to sort this mess out. I think it is a little to late for any of this and for that reason I have never voted. Maybe her Majesty the Queen and family should have a look at the figures to see if they could help. Wonder what they spend each year I bet there life styles have not changed and they should.


david y

2010-02-23 04:59:45 UTC

Being Liberal, will you consider overturning the smoking ban, or at least relaxing it a little?

Also, will you look into saving the traditional British pub by being the first British party in modern times to acknowledge the fact that the majority of trouble caused by alcohol abuse takes place in 'clubs' full of young people or more often outside the local pizza shop at 2pm?

The indiscriminate tax rises on alcohol has priced a lot of hard working people out of the pubs and has led to a lot of people drinking at home. £3 per pint is ridiculous for someone on the minimum wage.

Please outline if you are planning to do anything about this nonsense.

Paul J

2010-02-23 03:07:49 UTC

Why do politician always "jump" on the smallest thing to make the opposition look bad, eg negative politics. An example is the recent "Bullying" allegations against Gordon Brown.

Society as a whole is degenerating into a farce, kids no longer allowed to be smacked for the last decade or so...and the consequences of that..... look at the youth of today, without punishment they think they can get away with anything...and then bullying...now you can't even be angry or shout at anyone without it being called bullying.

Every boss in the country must have shouted at workers, just the other day one of our staff got a rollicking,,,thats not bullying, and people like you make it seem sooooo bad, because you just want to nit pick at the slightest 'negative' thing done by the opposition so it might win you votes.

In fact I am GLAD that Gordon Brown shouts at his staff, it shows he cares and is passionate, whether hes right or wrong. I think people like yourself just suck up to what you consider to be popular opinion, you have no opinion of your own and thats why you will never be Prime Minister, at least people like Nick Griffin have strong beliefs (whether right or wrong) and they will fight for those beleives and principles, people like yourself and your party have meetings and decide on policies based on what others might think, not on what you consider to be the best way forward.

2010-02-21 06:35:40 UTC

Are the Liberal Democrats prepared to take the necessary steps to re-establish Britain's position in the world by recognizing the fact that we are no longer a dominant super power that has the ability to be trapezing around the world fighting wars the other side of the globe; and instead re-assess Britain's military strategy to save money and focus on the growing terrorist threat from within our own country, and the growing social problems?


2010-02-20 04:32:40 UTC

What are your feelings and beliefs on the subject of 2012 and the end of the Mayan calender?

Do you think its a strong enough subject to be taken more seriously at Parliament considering the impacts that could occur with Planet Earth going through an astronomical shift or in-dead Armageddon?

2010-02-20 01:52:55 UTC

Will the Liberal Democrats use a 'women only' short list at the next elections, in any of their constituencies. At the probable expense of a 'better' person/male for the job? If so, It will mean that the electorate will be only getting a sub-standard member of Parliament.


2010-02-19 11:35:47 UTC

I would like to know what Mr Clegg and his party would do about banks overcharging the poorest people in the country. Halifax are charging £1 per day for an overdraft that is authorised, no matter what size the limit is. This has been brought about to replace the previous extortionate bank charges, that have been wasting so much court time in recent years.

2010-03-09 09:14:30 UTC

As there seems to be so little tangible difference and policy between the two main parties, as both seem to have abandoned any principles in favour of attempting to be all things to all people, why aren't the Lib Dems truly putting themselves forward as an alternative party in a time when so many people are losing faith with mainstream politics?


2010-03-14 15:16:44 UTC

What will you do for pensioners as I will be 60 in July. Will there be an increase in pensions to prevent them struggling with bills etc. Can you promise the bus pass system will continue. I have voted Labour all my life until recently I am totally disillusioned as they have done nothing for me a single person living alone. I have paid taxes all my life yet I am not entitled to any benefits and have to pay private rent. Yet immigrants come here and straight away are on benefits and get council houses that are furnished with flatscreen Tv`s etc. They are given laptops free of charge. Also what can you do to curtail the MP`s expenses and can you justify MP`S having a payrise and then telling the rest of us we have a pay freeze who are on a fraction of their pay.

2010-02-28 03:58:34 UTC

Dear Nick

You could well hold the balance of power over the next five years; what is your approach to immigration? Do you believe that anyone can come here and ask for handouts, or are you in favour of a stable society which values its heritage and Christian ethos?

How would you view the immigration movements? Would you simply look at net immigration (the difference between incoming and outgoing) or would you take account of the social effects on England of mass arrivals of peoples from other cultures?


2010-03-02 09:31:49 UTC

If you are seriously hoping to perform well at the next election why do you not undertake that if you form a government you will withdraw all British Troops from Afghanistan and Iraq within 12 months and that in future you will not allow British troops to become involved in any conflict other than as a proportionate part of a European Force. Do you not agree that it is high time that the UK ended its pretence of being a world power ?


2010-02-28 12:10:30 UTC

Would you put at least a qualified nurse in charge of guests in ALL homes for the elderly? These 'granny farms' as they are known leave the summons of a doctor or admittance to hospital to the owner or manager which is NOT in the interests of the guests.

This is not the first time I have requested this. But 10 years ago after finding my mother, blind - with open wounds on her arm - crying out to die. I turned up unannounced at a location which outwardly looked like a country club (Lancs) a doctor arrived - assessed my mother as possibly having a broken hip. She was taken to hospital and died within two days. The suffering was quite unnecessary and to add to injury some of my mother's jewelry (that which she intended her grand daughter to have), was missing!

2010-02-23 15:56:41 UTC

If I were to vote Lib Dem this coming election, how could you assure me that my vote would not be wasted?

I am currently unsure who to vote for, after all I remember the 15% interest rates on mortgages the last time the tories were in, and also disagree strongly with many of the policies of New Labour. How would you do things differently, and how would you help the poorer and more needy members of society without penalising the small busnisses and middle classes.

fiftytwo and still wondering

2010-02-23 14:04:46 UTC

given that countless thousands of votes are being lost to the likes of the BNP and UKIP,and i must admit that my vote is at the present time going to UKIP,what are the liberal party going to do about immigration.The ordinary person on the street can see what a total mess this country is in with migrant workers and benefit scroungers flooding the country,we have well over three million people on the unemployed register,yet we have over three million migrant workers in this country! and thats not counting the estimated 1.5 milion who are in our country illegaly!. If you, Mr Clegg can come up with an answer to this problem then your party gets my vote! And as a footnote,ive just read an article on line about a Somali woman with 4 children who after being denied housing and benifits from Harringay council, took her case to the european court and had the judgement overturned!.This woman is now entitled to thousands of pounds worth of benefits, over 100K a year! and she has never worked in this country or contribuited to the system!. I find that unbelieveable and totaly WRONG!! your party once offered this country a referenum on the EU, give us that promise again and your party would be in power with a sizeable landslide!


2010-02-21 05:27:35 UTC

Given the current economic state of the UK economy, in the event of a Hung Parliament do you feel that the Liberal Democrats with Vince Cable as Treasury Spokesman could hold the greater wield greater influence over the economic plans of the the scarily inexperienced George Osborne?

2010-02-20 09:44:01 UTC

What i would like to know is this. This country has gone through many things recently. We have souring immigration yet we have nowhere for these people to live or be schooled let alone any medical needs they may have. We have hopefully just come through a recession which has seen unemployment rise and more people needing taxes and less people contributing. We have had politicians claiming expenses for outlandish things and most have dodged prosecution. Crimes like burglary and car thefts are on the rise yet people who are caught and convicted get a minimal sentence if any at all. So what i would like to know is. Are you a y fronts man or boxers, maybe even a brief or thong kind of man.


2010-02-20 08:50:58 UTC

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown always told the electorate that at the time it was of no benefit to the UK to join the single currency (Euro). As the years went by there never seemed to be a right time, Now the GB pound is so much weaker than the Euro it is obvious the UK has missed the boat.

My question is, In the Liberal Democrat view, is there going to be a right time or is that not in your thinking. If it is not in your thinking, why not. Are you like the Conservatives, set in stone never to consider it, or could you see a time in the future we may join the single currency.


2010-02-25 06:34:48 UTC

With a sky high national deficit and local authority spending caps/cost cutting, do you think that the prison population should be put to work in local and national projects IE- Road building, construction, park cleaning, road sweeping as this would help reduce the burden of the cost of their incarceration and help relieve local councils form having to axe services due to funding constraints. In some cases including training in construction projects could even help long term prisoners back to work. Every man woman and teenager should be doing their best to make Britain Great again an the prsion polulation is no different. If the prison polulation was seen to be making recompense they may not find themselves so marginalised when leaving.


2010-02-24 07:38:10 UTC

One of the issues with the spending debate and whether or not to cut spending is down to this simple issue, the cost of running a government has become more expensive during Labours tenure in Government.

What will you and the Liberal Democrats do to make government more economically efficient? Businesses, large and small have to keep costs low and be efficient to stay profitable, why haven't consecutive British governments done the same?

2010-02-23 05:14:19 UTC

Why is it that MP's can set there own pay pentions and conditions when other public service (PS) workers have seen there own pay conditions and pensions fall and yet MP's how are the highest paid PS workers get more in return for nothing? You dont pay pention contridutions and get a tax free payment for only five years service. If we offered this the nurses, teachers, police then we would not have a shortage. Here is a thiught. A nurse working in London who cant afford 1 house has to live out of London but you get to claim for two. You should not be able to claim expences that are not available to other PS workers.Straight answers olny please


2010-02-23 03:23:29 UTC

Thousands of Businesses went bust in the last 2 years and unemployment remains high here in the North East, this is due to the bad management of the Government, Banks and failure to support regions when it was needed. I also believe that moving out of foreign investment played an important part the situation we face in this country. We have become one of the most expensive places in the world to live and to produce goods, this has been down to being part of europe and the lack of control in costs in our basic items to survive things like utilities, rates, food, fuel all of these costs have spiralled out of control under the last 2 governments. What do think has caused unemployment and business failure and how can you be different to the other main parties what support will people and businesses get from Liberal Democrats.


2010-02-23 03:05:44 UTC

Vince Cable seems to have the only responsible voice on economic matters. Would be be possible that the Conservative or Labour party could bring him in as a special advisor to the Chancellor? The advantage of embracing this kind of cross-party approach would be significant. The Americans have done it, for example, with Robert Gates in the defence role. I'm not sure Vince Cable would WANT to be a Chancellor under a Tory government, but perhaps a role of special advisor, working hand-in-hand with the Chancellor might be a sensible option.


2010-02-22 03:44:18 UTC

What could you do to restore the faith of the British public in politicians and the political system as a whole? The reason for such low turn-outs in polls surely must be one of three things: the voting public don't see any measurable change after an election, the voting public feel they aren't represented by their potential candidates, or the candidates are not speaking to the abstaining demographics.

2010-02-21 08:51:51 UTC

Do you think the rise of the internet has impacted Britain's political landscape?

For better or worse? Do you feel it has made the public more interested in politics or does it distract people from real world issues?

Is access to all the information the internet contains a right or a privilege and to what extent should the line be drawn on government censorship? Consider that the UK currently draws it at paedophilla but the Chinese draw the line much sooner. Is it right that extreme political and religious views be censored when what is considered extreme is so subjective?

And finally. In general, what does the modern liberal democrat stand for?


2010-02-20 12:43:11 UTC

1)Does he believe in the Labour parties manifesto which the unelected Gordon Brown spoke about on TV to-day the Saturday the 20TH of February,when what he said could have been implemented during the 13 years they have been in power?

2)Does he trust this liar who destroyed the finest Pension schemes in the world.Sold the Gold out of the reserve fund at rock bottom prices.

3)Has taken more from the People of Britain in Taxes and by other devious means to fill his and his Governments members pockets, and waste all this on projects that within months have shown to be crap and is still at it? And Bastardised this Nation by importing voters from all over the World by throwing our hard earned money at them and they haven't paid a penny in to the Benefit scheme?

3)Rob the the fighting forces of 800 million by taking it from the Defence budget?

4)After putting the Vat rate back to17.5 percent still kept the 2.0 percent of fuel cost so that we now pay 19.5 percent on Petrol. ?

5) In a hung Parliament who is he going to back? and why no questions on when our Soldiers coming home?And why do we fight battles which have nothing to do with us to save some twisted k erupt despot?

2010-03-12 09:17:22 UTC

I still think the Liberal Democrats will win with a landslide victory so I would like to ask if the party is [prepared] to run the country?


2010-02-24 05:05:04 UTC

1. In the event of a hung parliament would the Lib Dems (a) be more inclined to vote with the Tory party or the Labour party?

(b) Make use of the party Whip to compel Lib Dem MP's to vote according to party lines?

2.Where do Lib Dems stand on the War in (a) Afghanistan?

(b) Iraq.

3. From the Lib Dem point of view, how important is (a) the 'special relationship' with the USA?

(b) the European Union?

4. As party Leader, what is (a) your personal opinion regarding Banker's bonuses?

(b) the party line regarding Banker's bonuses?


2010-02-24 02:14:27 UTC

There’s been a lot in the news lately about bankers, but there are many other large corporations that are allowed to pursue strategies which are to the detriment of the environment and of the general population. What would the Liberal Democrats do to reverse the trend of corporate greed driving government policy?


2010-02-24 01:09:12 UTC

I would like to know where all the jobs for young people are coming from if everyone is able to work as long as they like. It's ok for these apprenticeships to be set up but there will still be a need for a job when they are finished. It would probably lower the unemployment figures for a while but then they too will to find a job. Lower the retirement age to say 55 then every job will need to be filled. I worked with a gentleman who worked till he was about 70 and by the time he finished he was so slow his position didn't need filling as the little work he did was just absorbed by everyone else.

Buy British and save jobs!!!!!


2010-02-23 07:07:10 UTC

I would like to know what the Liberal Democrats will do for me if elected? I am a single, working woman in her thirties with no children. I do not drive, I commute 30+ miles on public transport to work and have a mortgage. Why should I vote Liberal Democrat?


2010-02-24 23:43:14 UTC

Why do you not announce that you would pull out ALL UK troops from Afghanistan and Iraq within 3 months of you winning the election?

You will then get a "landslide" Lib Dem win at the election, since more than 90% of the British public want our troops to come home as soon as possible. We are NOT the "world's policeman", we no longer have an empire, we cannot afford the cost of keeping more than 11,000 troops in the Middle East, and THE DEATH OF ONE BRITISH SOLDIER IS JUST ONE TOO MANY.


2010-02-24 00:56:00 UTC

When are all MPs going to stop attacking each other like little brats picking fights in the school playground, grow up and start restoring faith in the public? It's a real struggle to back any MP in this climate as they are self destructive within their own parties - what hope is there if these 'elected' people in power have no sense of the bigger picture, their responsibility and obligations as opposed to panicked concerns about fellow/opposite MP little johnny with his latest graffiti slagging tactics on the back bench?


2010-02-23 14:49:47 UTC

Why are the Lib-Dems scratching around for 20 per cent of the vote while the two main right and left wing parties vie for the middle ground? If the majority of voters are moderate and the Lib-Dems are a moderate party, do you not think that, yet again, you have failed dismally to get your message across to this majority and will get brushed aside yet again (probably by Tory spin this time around) when on the face of things, the Lib-Dems should be swept to power?


2010-02-23 05:22:09 UTC

How can you think closing Abbeydale Grange School is the right thing to do?

Sheffield is meant to be a city of sanctuary but yet you choose to close down the most diverse school in the city. On top of this the number of Primary school places available is insufficient and therefor this will become an issue for secondary schools in years to come.

Don't you think it is stupid and a big waste of taxpayers money to close a school and then in 5 - 10 years time have to spend more money to build a new secondary school to cope with the rise in pupil numbers!

2010-02-20 16:24:54 UTC

I'd like to ask if you can explain in easy to understand language,how on earth we got into such a financial mess, how you as a Govt would deal with this ongoing crisis,if elected.

Would you look into spending on things that are sapping this country of cash,when we need it more so than at any other time since the 1930's.

Does it not concern you that the London Stock Exchange is foreign owned, and why did you have nothing to say when this occurred?

Would you also halt the privatisation of the NHS (by stealth) that Labour seem to be getting away with,which was the Old American model, a model that saw the people on lower incomes die earlier than those who could afford insurance and private procedures.

What Justification is there for ANY Doctor to opt into non-geographic telephone numbering thus making it cost an arm and a leg to call for medical help for the most vulnerable in our society?

A local Doctors surgery costing the same as it does to call London (if one was in Scotland) is plain greed,who is getting these revenues-how is it even legal?

What will you do to reduce the 70 mile round trip to see a Doctor,who does not have immediate access to a patients notes because they work for a private company-and has flown in from Europe (already knackered) in an emergency ,5pm-9am M-F & all weekends and Bank Holidays (happening right now in my ward)

People have already died as a direct result of this practise.

Further mistakes with clinical judgement for an overtired Clinician in an unfamiliar Country with different drug names and dosage regimens is going to carry on.

How will you stop this?

How on earth do you think you can turn this country around if you were elected.?

And also just where and when will Britain stop selling everything we once were proud of to the highest bidder,would you intervene in situations where boardroom greed took away from British sense of identity.

What is left that is British owned in Britain?

(Apart from a handful of luxury brands,no one needs in reality)

Do you feel proud to be British or will you continue to allow Britain to be "owned" by the highest foreign bidder-along with their agenda and influence in the workplace- changing our identity and values(by force).

What will you do to regenerate British Business?

There's a growing apathetic attitude I see at work and socially of "well there's not much we can do about it is there?"

Does a vote for ANY Party mean what it did 30 years ago.

Will what you promise on be delivered?

If so, will you be prepared to answer to the people if you do not deliver?

2010-02-24 05:03:37 UTC

When is parliament going to realise that the elderly are not a drain on social welfare. Todays pensioners have spent forty plus years paying tax and national insurance and therefore deserve a state pension and eventual care package when they can no longer look after themselves. The so called death tax is an outrage and has been caused by our nanny state allowing more able bodied individuals to join the benefit gravy train, reducing the numbers paying tax and national insurance. Surely benefit should only be paid to those who have contributed in to the social fund, with parliament encouraging work to those who merely see the UK's benefit system as easy street? Certainly I feel sorry for our young who genuinely seek employment and help within our welfare state but we should also consider the elderly who have paid their dues. I am a pensioner who still pays tax, and assist my 99 year old mother who had to sell her house to pay for care!! UK governments and opposition parties should be ashamed when considering death taxes / private insurance schemes to pay for care !!!!!!


2010-02-23 09:33:53 UTC

I am frustrated by how the criminal justice system is favouring the criminals and not the victims. For example, a person on benefit convicted of an offence and is fine for that offence. The only method for the fine to be collected is via their state benefit, surely, this isn't right. The tax payer is in actual fact paying for their crime.

What will you do to address the imbalance? Will you introduce the 3 strikes your out approach adopted in the U.S.A. Also, will your party support making prisoner's work whilst serving time, ie making licence plates etc rather than the current approach work if you like. Surely, they should contribute to the cost of their housing.

natalie/ .

2010-02-18 13:01:56 UTC

As this is the first election i will be voting in, and as i am also currently preparing to go to university, i would like to ask Nick Clegg how he feels about cuts in university funding, rises in university fees and also cuts in places.

Is it fair that us students, already under the prospect of financial pressure, should have to not only be further pressured by the prospect of not getting a place at university, but also be punished with higher fees and less funding?

It seems that the current Labour government, who have made it law that children need to stay in education, either at school or in colleges and apprenticeships, have not thought this out. Their policies are all contradictory, and, specifically the policies surrounding universities, only achieve further punishing of students, all of whom have worked hard. I would like to know what the Liberal Democrats can do for students to solve this, and also, I would like to know what Mr Clegg's personal opinion on this matter is.

Another, unrelated matter is the state of the NHS. Myself and members of my family, over the Winter period have been ill, and despite having been registered with the same gp for around 25 years, nobody in my family has been able to get appointments. I understand that it is not how long you have been with a gp that gives you priority, but my questions are:

1 - what will you do to avoid overcrowding in gp practices?

2 - do you think it is right that a service people pay for through taxes is not working how it should be? How will you amend this?


2010-03-11 01:37:59 UTC

How would your party manage changing the UK from a Petrol/Diesel based cars to hydrogen powered?

Let's be really nice and assume as much as 60% of existing cars can be converted, what would your party suggest doing with the 10,400,000 remaining cars that no longer are usable?


2010-02-25 12:18:58 UTC

If the liberal democrat party manages to form a government at the next election, what can be done to improve the standard of internet access and IT literacy in the country? Currently, we seem to lag far behind our international partners when it comes to home internet speed (particularly the USA and places like Japan) and the number of people having broadband access in their homes. Can you advise what policies the liberal democrats have to address this?

Additionally, your thoughts on the file sharing debate would be good!


2010-02-24 08:06:54 UTC

After Labour took a complete disregard to the research and advice given to them by the advisory committee on the misuse of drugs (ACMD) they then went onto sack the head of the committee, David Nutt, after he spoke out publicly. If the Liberal Democrats are to gain more power will they push for the Government to actually listen to the advice given to them by well respected scientists? Each year the governments spends more and more money on trying to stop people tacking illegal drugs and the number of people taking them is still increasing, rapidly. Shouldn't the government realise the methods they are imploring are not working and start think of other ways of tackling the problem? Such as researching into ways to make drugs safer or safer forms of the drug. Taking ecstasy for example, the long and short term negative effects are already not that bad, especially when compared to alcohol and the social benefits to society would be amazing. Not that much research or expense would need to be made to make this safe and the amount of money spent trying to stop people taking it would be massively reduced.

2010-02-24 02:56:25 UTC

Nick if your party has woke up to the reality that you will never be the first choice of the public unless you have something different to offer .

Has the idea of introducing National community service not a military style but one that serves the community .

People that qualify would be everyone from every creed that wish to reside within the UK of the age of 18years - 25years who have not engaged in full time employment or further education this would not offend any person that wants to belong to the UK

The duration of service would be 2years I'm sure we would have x military sites that will accommodate the required billeting this idea of mine has a lot to offer the youth and our community it's a case of belonging and trust

best regards

phil g brother


2010-02-23 12:03:56 UTC

Mr Clegg, your party has recently said that they have to scrap the idea of making universities free for all but I was wondering whether your party would ever consider bringing back these old pledges once the nation economy is in a better state then it currently is?

Thank you for answering my question,

Martin Lee

2010-02-23 08:26:51 UTC

Mr Clegg,

What is your view on the hunting ban?

Do you think that a recklessness clause should be added to the ban on hunting with dogs so the "Oops, didn't mean to kill something oh dear" response can no longer be used and tougher prosecutions to those that break this law be put in place?

The police think it isn't their job to enforce the hunting ban (exact quote from a local officer when I called the police about an uncontrolled beagle pack) - do you agree?

And perhaps the most important one I have to ask, do you care about what happens in the English countryside and the protection of the wildlife in it?


2010-02-20 23:38:43 UTC

Are you hoping for a hung parliament so that as a minority party you can exercise a huge impact on the next government by deciding which side of the fence you are going to fall off each morning when you wake up.

2010-02-20 06:30:37 UTC

With the possibility of a hung parliament can you not think of something revolutionary and so different from the other two parties to attract floating voters. I suspect that as the election approaches we shall see defensive manoeuvres from Brown with assaults upon the conservative party and a similar approach from the Conservatives and there will be so many voters totally pissed off.

2010-02-18 17:52:52 UTC

What does your party think about a resource based economy? It is clear that the monetary system isn't working and hasn't been for a long time and this was demonstrated by the recent economic crash, the persistently rising debt of all the major countries of the world and the billions of people around the world who are in debt or in a position where they are unable to afford food and clean water. If this is the way the world is run, why has there been no change to alter this? In my view and the view of many others, getting rid of the monetary system is the most positive step there could be in the development of the human species.

Without money, all things would be free and theft and many other types of crime would cease to exist, you can't steal what belongs to everyone after all. When technology is developed, instead of using patents and copyrights to ensure all glory and money goes to your bank account, you could pass this technology to anyone who wishes to use it and they can use their minds to improve upon it, so instead of having 5000 varieties of a product, all with different features and capabilities we would all have access to the best product possible which is constantly being updated and upgraded, not for money, fame or glory but for the betterment of the product and mankind as a whole.

There is much more to this idea, and what I have stated are simply highlights of the greater picture, but my question is why is the world controlled by money when there is a better solution for everyone out there?

The Unknown Soldier

2010-02-24 12:30:49 UTC

I would dearly love to vote for a credible alternative political party, however, no one seems to grasp what really requires doing.

Will you, if you are brave enough - and if so, I would vote for you & your party... firstly, implement a radical shake up of taxing fossil fuels in view of the fact that the climate has gone to pot.

In addition to this, will you provide grants of up to 75% against "clean" energy use for households on an income of £20k or less - with the grants decreasing with the more money that someone earns, up to a cap of £50k (and a 100% grant for those households who have received on average less than £10k for the proceeding 3 years). This should encourage everyone to jump on the "green" band wagon and start to reduce the impact on the already strained energy producing infrastructure.

Will you also invest heavily into research & development of the sciences in order to achieve breakthroughs in all areas from alternative energy sources, cures for disease....etc

What I'm getting at, is - are you brave enough - as you probably don't actually realise, that most people in this country want change, change for the better and want someone big enough and bold enough to grasp the nettles which are blighting our country.


2010-02-23 03:52:04 UTC

My question has to be on Europe.

We are fed up with broken promises of referendums that have never happened. The current government seams to push through anything it wants to when it comes to Europe. I am a Europe sceptic and can see no good from being within the European Union. Other countries that have stayed neutral to Europe enjoy great trading relations, so why do we need to be apart of something that just costs the country extortionate amount of money to be in. We are looking for savings to reduce the countries borrowing and mounting debt. Would it not be prudent to remove ourselves from the EU and look after our own interests for once.

I would like to hear your honest opinion on Europe


2010-02-20 10:42:05 UTC

Since a privileged hierarchy is one that becomes separated and remote from the rest of the population, would you be proposing legislation that will ensure that Members of Parliament and the Government will enjoy no privileges or allowances than are permitted to the rest of the population, so that there is a single law for all.


2010-03-07 03:58:22 UTC

Do the Lib Dems still plan to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in Britain's arsenal. Despite Iran having declared itself a nuclear state? Will you talk with other leaders to continue the 20-odd year agreement to give up those kinds of weapons. Or will that just fizzle out.


2010-03-06 23:30:40 UTC

Why do none of the major parties listen to the public views on Immigration. The majority of people want it stopped altogether. As a hard working woman on a minimum wage that gets NO help from the state in any shape or form can you tell me why someone who has not worked here or contributed in any way should use the NHS ,get free prescriptions or get any benefits. Please don't tell me they do jobs that the English will not do as most immigrants bring in more of their families and claim tax credits for children etc which costs the Tax Payer more than they contribute? I see people claiming free prescriptions etc who cannot speak hardly any English yet know how to swindle the benefit system. We also have the likes of Anjem Choudray a man who incites Treason that lives in a house paid for by the Tax Payer and no one in his family works. Please explain to us why we should vote for any of the major parties that consistently fail us in every way?


2010-02-28 13:48:50 UTC

The number of Kinship carers has greatly increased as an alternative to fostering over the past years,Yet despite taking responsibility for the protection and care of these children in crisis,the support both practical and financial for kinship carers has been lacking,leading to hardship and sometimes poverty by accepting responsibility for these children.The labour government has been made aware of this by petitions,yet resolutely refuses to simplify the difficult position of these carers .What steps would The Liberal Democrats take to unite ,clarify ,and simplify the present diverse legal steps available to give a child in crisis stability and safety with kinship carers?


2010-02-25 13:54:16 UTC

There appears to be widespread disenchantment with both the Labour and the Tory parties; how prepared is the LibDem party should the level of protest vote result in a Lib Dem led government?


2010-02-25 00:50:32 UTC

Vince Cable has correctly spoken of this banking scandal, the lunacy of diverting most present and future public funds, pensions, savings, small business cash flow, and the future value of the pound itself into a great sucking vortex of investment banker bonuses.

What does the Labour Party offer - more handouts for those who create and sustain this monster, and public money to flog Cadbury to the Americans? What does the Conservative Party offer - flogging off bank shares cheap to speculators, and a programme of stagflation and/or a crisis in public service funding?

What do you, Nick Clegg, propose as the way to put a stop to investment bankers ransoming public finances in billions, and to divert funds from them to keeping small business afloat? And how, in a hung parliament, would you persuade the Government of the day to adopt your plan?


2010-02-23 06:11:38 UTC

What would the Liberal Democrats do to move the UK away from an over reliance on the financial services industry as a generator of wealth?

2010-02-23 06:05:21 UTC

I would like to know how you feel about tax credits for working parents. My husband works full time earning £15000 annually and i work part time earning £9000 annually. that is not even £25000 annually as a household. Less tax that is even less. I get £66 a week on tax credits which is child and working tax credits. I pay £273 a month in nursery fees, plus the mortgage, plus household bills, plus the car payment, plus the food bills etc etc etc. I would just like to ask how you think working parents like us don't get much from the government can cope on such little amounts of money, yet people who do not work and stay at home all day get more money than we do. When my husband was out of work, we got even less money. Yet government leaders get money for pool repairs, mortgages on second homes, gardening services??????? How does that work?


2010-02-22 09:51:42 UTC

What are your thoughts on the current university policies to encourage those from poorer backgrounds into higher education? Do you have different proposals?

I ask this because being educated in a private school sixth form, I am disadvantaged due to the quotas directed by Lord Mandelson of university places limited to state school pupils only. I find this quite unfair and would suggest that instead, perhaps more money ought to be invested in state education?


2010-03-07 12:43:13 UTC

mr clegg i am 72years old and was brought up in the era of capital punishment. to have one maybe two murders in a year was rare, but now its almost daily. for the do gooders in this sad country that helped to cause its removal i would say we could walk the streets without fear of a night, but not anymore.now.i wonder what the future holds for my grandchildren.whats your feelings on this subject? good luck in the election


2010-03-03 01:13:09 UTC


I am about to graduate from University, What does this country have for me and my family in the future? Except that knowing people who have 4+ children and live on benefits will have more more money than me and a free house? Of which I will be contributing too! how does this make sense? I have worked my socks off to get where i am today and for what? Would you change this? make it right?

Our country will not survive being a benefit driven country, with our future children having no aspiration except to have kids when their 15 because they can earn more money that way? and have a nice free house?

2010-02-27 09:59:13 UTC

What are his viewings about Abortion in the UK since every year for the last 10 years just in England and Wales together a staggering 190 thousands abortions were made in average? Isn't it an obvious and serious pandemic neglected by the government? Isn't it a deadly dirty birth control way found by the government (more people having abortion (less people around) equals to less assistance from the government to the population.

Giving people 'free will' to indiscriminately kill their own children isn't an evil way 'to provide assistance to people'?

Since 2001 over a million British babies were killed legally. If one stops paying their taxes because they don't want to participate of this evil genocide (money from our taxes subsides 'legal' abortion), would this person be prosecuted?

Who are to help the 180, 190 thousand women who are suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome?

Wouldn't it be the core of the problems of the British Society?

Keep your child, kill this idea - Say no to Abortion! Love the UK - Say no to Abortion!

2010-02-25 16:07:21 UTC

Aren't the Liberal Democrats when in power just as cynical as all other politicians?

'A fairer society' - the Chief Executive of Cardiff Council is the highest paid in the UK plus expenses that themselves dwarf the average salary.

'A fairer taxation system' - Cardiff Council has just removed the allowance against Council Tax on unoccupied properties thereby raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds more but not having to supply anything in addition.

Who runs Cardiff Council? - The Liberal Democrats.

Just these two show what you really stand for and this is one voter in the next local, Assembly and national elections that will not be conned by your propaganda.


2010-02-23 06:49:01 UTC

With reports prisons being overcrowded and many prisoners being held for crime committed against children, rape, or just plain evil doings. Where do you stand for the introduction of a death penalty (not necessarily hanging)? There is a vast amount of tax payers money to be saved by simply eradicating such evil individuals some like Ian Huntley have been prevented from doing the right thing by killing himself.

Whilst I see all MPs are there to line their own pockets at my expense the first individual to tell me he will push for a death penalty re introduction will get my vote.


2010-02-22 08:24:14 UTC

What are you going to do about the unemployed? How can you help the long term unemployed get work, as I am sure that being out of work quite a while does not help you get a job.

How many foreign people have come to the uk and got jobs, and how many english people are now unemployed, sure if we gave jobs to the english that want to work, and not take in other nationalities for the work we would not have such a high unemployment rate. And if the long term unemployed people, that do not really want to work lost their benefit money then they would have to work would they not?

Comrade Bolshev

2010-02-21 04:16:31 UTC

How much were you paid, and by whom, to take your party massively to the right and deny the British people a social democratic alternative to the 30 plus years of extreme Hayekian social and economic policies that have been foisted on us, first by the overt Tories and then by the New Labour Tories - because, under your leadership, the Lib Dems have become, quite simply, Tory Party Number Two and a Half?


2010-02-20 04:05:43 UTC

While its true that any government can only do so much to control house prices, what will you stance be in giving the current and future generations in middle class and downwards a chance to be able to afford a decent family sized house.

Will youre party influence conditions on property developers to build more affordable houses. Especially since most of the land given to the developers to build on belongs to the local councils. If this could be done it would correct the house prices in the current market.

I for one would prefer to be able to purchase a plot of land for the same price as the property developers and build my own house within strict guidelines

2010-02-19 19:36:24 UTC

My main concern is immigration, are you going to do something about it, if so, what? There's too many immigrants in this country, most illegally, but all what seems to happen is that most that are caught, because they have no passport are allowed out on bail, then disappear. It seems that there is no law to help get rid of them, only Brussels law that never seems to work for the right people, only for those on the wrong side.

Also would you allow a Referendum on the EU Membership as i feel theres more than enough people that would prefer to opt out and have Britain ruling itself again


2010-02-18 17:59:56 UTC

Why do you think it is that despite the fact the lib dems repeatedly display on political TV shows and radio broadcasts such as question time that they have excellent policies on many issues, and can actually explain them when questioned as opposed to just spouting soundbites that mean nothing, many many people just do not take them seriously as a party?

Is it that the british public simply don't care enough to delve into the substance of a party and prefer just to follow a likeable figurehead i.e. Tony Blair, David Cameron?


2010-02-24 05:57:42 UTC

Will you be changing the law on repossession orders by mortgage lenders and credit cards. currently people are loosing their home due to the effect of recession bought on by the recklessness of investment bankers and their bosses.

Will you put in place that on repossession of someones home, that the debt is written off totally. Currently the banks sell property substantially less then the current market. This means that after the incredible charges and costs the bank levy on the debtor and selling the house a heavily reduced price, that the debtor is not cleared of its debt, but still owed tens of thousands of pound they need to repay. The chance of ever rebuilding their lives is virtually NIL.

Will you bring legislation that credit card providers can not repossess a home for a few £' thousand pounds worth of debt.

Will you bring in legislation that stops reckless repossessions by bank

Will you bring in legislation that forbids the banks to sell property at less then currant market value

Will you bring in legislation that it will add give a better solution of people who have lost there job (whatever reason other than criminal?


2010-02-20 09:10:12 UTC

In this forthcoming election there is talk of a possible hung Parliament in which the Lib Dems will pay a decisive role.

One assumes that electoral reform - PR will be top of your agenda and there is also fanciful and very plausible talk of Vince Cable being chancellor in a Lib/Con government.

Do you believe that our system of government needs reforming so it is possible, as it is in the US and France for example to have EXPERTS appointed to run government departments, instead of political lifers with no expertise in the area of government they are supposed to be running?

I use Vince Cable as an example as he is an economist and widely respected and also a rarity in politics because of his background outside of it.

Rubens F

2010-02-24 11:27:53 UTC

Nick, for many years now the liberal party has never stood a chance to win a General Election but this year and past events have changed everything.

I for one really do believe this is your party's and your biggest chance to become prime minister. my question is; why isn't your party campaigning aggressively as the conservatives or even labour. Isn't it wise and clever to remind people that, only one mainstream party protested the war in Iraq and a number of relevant issues affecting us today, and that party was ofcourse the Lib Dems?


2010-02-24 02:37:10 UTC

As a single woman, living on a wage less than 23k and struggling with bills, rent, council tax and other various expenses, and living in the most expensive city in the UK as a tenant of a local authority, how will your party benefit people such as myself?

Also, as the demand for social housing increases, what are your thoughts on local authorities selling units to developers so that they can recoup the cash to fund the "Decent Homes" scheme?

Other points:

-Rise in prescription prices (which should be free as we're paying for NHS as is)

-London Transport constant hike on travel prices

-Energy Suppliers constant price changes

-Ruthless employers bullying staff into thinking that in this current climate, should be happy that they have a job, and then getting away with treating their staff in a disgraceful manner.


2010-02-23 04:57:54 UTC

I would like to know why when our country is suffering such financial hardship we are paying rent and council tax benefits to people that are in prison that is like the taxpayer is paying to keep them going twice what message does that send? And also going on about the struggle to keep people in there old age most of these people have fought in wars and actually put something into the country so why are you not getting tough on the folks that have never worked but expect to get a free ride without contributing.

2010-02-23 02:09:36 UTC

Nick, in the Department of Health's "A Smokefree Future" there is a proposal of an MHRA consultation to regulate all nicotine-containing products (NCPs) as medicines.

The MHRA published Consultation Letter MLX-364, in which they propose to effectively close down all electronic cigarette manufacturers in the UK unless they become pharmaceutical companies, and all electronic cigarette suppliers unless they become pharmacies.

The MHRA quote the flawed FDA study as a reason for taking a precautionary approach on electronic cigarette liquid, but do not include any findings of any tests conducted in the UK. I expected to see findings related to UK-sold products since MLX-364 is solely based on regulating UK products. All countries that have classed electronic cigarettes and/or electronic cigarette liquids as medicines have found that no company will go through the market authorisation process.

The MHRA proposal ignores this fact and expects 50% of UK electronic cigarette companies to go through the process of medicine approval and trials expecting them to have the same financial backing as large pharmaceutical companies, when the realistic expectation should have been that 100% of the companies will either move outside the UK, stop selling NCPs, or cease trading.

Since no pharmaceutical company would willingly pay for market authorisation and trials of a product that can't be patented because the ingredients list is available online (Wikipedia alone lists 5 different ingredient lists), many assume that the Department of Health's position is that thousands of people that use electronic cigarettes for their nicotine instead of tobacco should become smokers again.

Several UK-based retailers do not sell to UK consumers alone, but internationally all over the world. They also comply with all current UK regulations and legislation (e.g. Poisons Act, CHIP) and worked with Trading Standards on several occasions. The MHRA do not appear to have any proof that any UK-sold products are not 100-1000 times less dangerous than smoking tobacco cigarettes as were the findings of the Ruyan brand in New Zealand (one of many companies not included in the FDA evaluation).

Would the Liberal Democrats, and you personally, openly support the electronic cigarette industry and work with them so that businesses and jobs are not lost, the public health does not suffer, product development is not slowed dramatically, and the costs of the products do not balloon to the point that buying abroad would be significantly cheaper?

Heyhey 49

2010-02-19 14:34:58 UTC

I do not think MPs and others paid from the public purse realise just how angry many people are about their very high salaries. In the case of judges, many BBC employess and those in Quangos, indecently high! Despite that, they can also receive 400 pounds monthy for food, and charge 'servants' (cleaners) to the public purse.

I do not deny that many of these people work very hard, but that is not the issue here. Most people in work do work hard!

What action would you take to stop the public being taken for a ride by those who are supposed to be in public service, but all too often just grab as much money as they can to support a lifestyle few can dream of?


2010-03-04 06:09:13 UTC

How will you convince the public of GB to vote for your party at the coming elections ? Who would you rather form a coalition with and why given the chance of a hung parliament ?


2010-02-23 16:18:47 UTC

Mr Clegg i think you are the best Lib Dems leader for a very long time! you face fits the Job! you just need to tell the Voters what they want to hear, whether you deliver them that is another matter.we dont want to hear about higher taxes, i dont think the majority trust Mr Cameron and Mr Browns time is up Good luck You can do it if you try your BEST!!


2010-02-23 05:27:41 UTC

What measures would the Lib Dem party make to build a sustainable future as oil supplies decline, while tackling the dual threats of Peak Oil and Global Warming?

Steve R

2010-02-23 05:27:19 UTC

Will the Lib Dems increase the amount of benefit paid to carers to a respectable amount instead of the pittance we get at the moment?

My wife is disabled and I am her full time carer. I receive less than £50 per week for this and it is my only income. I have been offered respite but as this is not suitable for me and not what I require then surely a raise in income is?

2010-02-21 06:10:36 UTC

If there were just 2 parties, Labour and Conservative, which party (on their current record) would get the Nick Clegg vote and why?.

Please don't try to avoid answering directly to this by changing the basis of the question (infamous Paxman vs Howard interview).


2010-02-19 09:17:56 UTC

Will the Liberal Democrats properly fund the Royal Navy if they got in to power, considering recent tensions between Argentina. and are the Lib Dems committed to protecting and maintaining The British Overseas Territories?

What could they actually do for a family of 5 on a Council Estate in Birmingham When My Partner & everyone else from this area as lost their jobs?


2010-03-09 12:55:59 UTC

Os liberais democratas têm razões o suficiente em serem o que são, mas o parlamento de como está permanece sendo a melhor alternativa de forma de governo uma vez que não infligem a expressão dos cidadãos, em se colocarem de direitos e deveres, o que seria melhor para a forma de governo, a democracia, mas setem o parlamento mantendo a ordem governamental assistindo as necessidades cabíveis, então que se mantenha o parlamento e os liberais se manisfestem participando de forma efetiva ainda que passivel, mas importa manter a ordem com direitos e deveres democraticamente resolvidas as questões governamentais. Mas o povo ainda continua sendo a prioridade.Sem povo não existe Nação.

2010-02-25 13:24:26 UTC

What is your position on the 'Green New Deal'?

Will the U.K. be at the forefront of the green technology revolution, with green jobs in re-vitalised heavy industry, improving the housing stock to 21st century specs, and in shipyards re-tooled to make turbines, as Harland and Wolff has been?

Or will we sit back and watch the Chinese economy pluck all the low hanging fruit?


2010-02-24 15:59:43 UTC

In a time when drugs, alcohol and unemployment greet the average kid leaving school; Would it be worthwhile re-instating conscription to the armed forces ?

I don't mean to fight on the front line ! ..... but to work in a support role, probably from the UK. They would gain self disipline, respect and sense of achievment, and in some cases learn a trade.

If they feel, that after their two or three years training, that they feel that a military life is not for them then so be it, but look at Sweden, Germany and Norway !!! ............ they are proud people.

Of course anyone who has a job to go to , or a university to attend should be exempt, wonder how many layabouts would start booking their ideas up ????


2010-02-24 12:56:02 UTC

What would Lib Dems do to improve access to transport and all buildings for people who have mobility difficulties including people who use wheelchairs, would you take Code 'M' of the building code and scrap it and then consultant the people who would be using the buildings? Will the Lib Dems make any difference to the Victorian infrastructure we struggle against everyday as a group? The current legislation is to wholly would you tighten it up?


2010-02-23 13:15:50 UTC

In a country of people, where the poor want and essentially need more in support, the 'OK' (financially) are resentful, and the well-off seem to get the best deal (and will get a better deal if a tory government get in) - how do you intend to re-dress the balance being fair to all groups? Considering it's important to be fair, not just to the people who tend to vote - but all people

2010-02-23 07:39:41 UTC

When is this General Election going to take place? I know this is a General Election year, but should we all not have been told a date by now? What if Gordon Brown refuses to call one? What do we do then?

Matthew H

2010-02-23 06:15:38 UTC

I'm struggling who to vote for this election but I can tell you one thing for sure I do not want to vote Labour or Conservatives. What will you do that is different to how Labour and Conservatives are? Also I think this question has sprung up quite a lot, will we get a referendum regarding the EU and I hope your not considering to exchange our British Pound to the Euro if you was elected. How can you persuade me not to vote for UKIP or any other party?

2010-02-18 13:54:11 UTC

There seem to be less differences between the 'Big Three' parties, nowadays. What makes YOUR party different to Labour or Conservative? Why should I vote for the Liberal Democrats? Would a Lib Dem Government really affect my life, as a 16 year old school student?

2010-03-02 03:17:27 UTC

What would the Liberal Democrats do to spread economic growth across all regions of England and not just in London and the South-East

2010-02-22 03:22:43 UTC

The idea for the public to be able to recall an MP for bad behaviour, is clearly a popular idea; but is an obvious target for abuse by political rivals and vested interests. What safe guards would you have in place to prevent this becoming a “angry 5 men on the internet” charter?


2014-06-18 19:27:22 UTC

Finally will stop the closing down sale this country is seeing with iconic british companies and real estate being sold off to overseas buyers left right and centre? And will you bring the debt under control and start servicing it?

2010-03-04 06:57:41 UTC

With the coming Election...it is the most serious Election in our life time...it is either Recovery or Ruin....the most patriotic thing Lib.Labs could do is withdraw from the contest and lets hope we have a clear cut winner.....this is not a game....I suppose with 30% voters on benefits and 20% in Government departments its a foregone conclusion the Hitler of British Economics could well be returned...mind you it would serve him right but I pity us the tax payers and the builders of businesses

2010-02-28 14:06:18 UTC

I live in a ward represented by three LD councillors, in a LD-led coalition council. Since a LD absolute majority in the Commons is highly unlikely, I would ask the following:

"What do you see as the Parliamentary party's role in the coming Parliament?"


2010-02-28 06:03:34 UTC

I would like to ask why don't governments pay pensioners a living wage instead of a basic pension and lots of little bits which are means tested? This year pension goes up 2.5 o/o Council tax in the area I live in is going up over that so again we get a pension cut.


2010-02-25 07:20:25 UTC

I am a 29 year old young woman and I still live with my parents, due to my income I cannot afford to buy nor can I rent privately, I would like to know what you plan to do to help people like me be able to rent by a social landlord much easier as I have been on the waiting list for my social landlord for over 10 years.


2010-02-24 04:20:24 UTC

What will you do for young people?

And do you believe 16 and 17 year olds should be allowed to vote as at 16? We pay tax, can join the army and be married, why are we deemed mature enough for these responsibility but not with the vote?


2010-02-23 06:16:18 UTC

For far too long central government has not made it easy for local councils to work in partnership with the NHS, yet it expects them to do just that. How would the Lib Dems ensure a more joined up approach to legislation and policy?


2010-02-23 05:09:13 UTC

Regarding the `Death Tax' i believe your policy is the individual contributing towards their own care.But we are now in a stae where many indiviuals will have spent their entire exitence on benefits.So no house to sell or other income apart from the state.So how do they pay.

The same argument applies to pensions.Am i correct that somenoe who has never worked will be better off than myself who has worked all my life only to find the pensions i have been paying into are worthless ?

2010-02-24 10:20:15 UTC

The current Government seem to have run out of ideas, the Conservatives can't be trusted and the Liberal Democrats, through you Mr Clegg who didn't know, when asked, the current pension, seem to be out of touch. Why then, should I vote at all, in light of the huge lack of responsibility shown by MPs in the expenses scandal and other blatant examples of abuse of power and avoidance of responsibility? Exactly why should I vote and get the same again but with different names?


2010-02-24 04:23:27 UTC

Do you think that party politics has come down to vacuous showmanship and petty economic meddling?

Or do you think there are maybe still some guiding principles to distinguish between the parties which would make the process of voting more satisfying on the conscience and less of an investment decision?

In other words what kind of society are we aiming to be (other than economically successful, of course)? What are our objectives? Do people not need something more substantial?


2010-02-23 06:14:59 UTC

I am about to lose my home, I eat infrequently and am in receipt of £64 per week to cover my 'living expenses'. I have always worked (never claimed a benefit before) and paid tax and national insurance for practically all of my adult life. If I live to see it, I'll be 50 years old in July.

I'm looking at living in a tent on Woodbury Common. What do you suggest I do with my few personal belongings, my photographs and my few sticks of furniture?

2010-02-22 12:18:45 UTC

I would like you to ask Nick Clegg if the Lib Dems were involved in the revelations by Pratt concerning alleged bullying in number 10 Downing Street.I hope you get a straight answer.



2010-02-20 20:40:43 UTC

Why can't the Liberal Democrats be more serious about Crime and prevention of it by more harsh punishments and better rights being returned to the victim and not the criminal. I have a DVD showing anti social behaviour by nuisance motor bike riders causing disturbance - mostly occurring in the summer - that was sent to my MP (Chloe Smith) but because the police refused to accept this as being wrong, as my new MP for Norwich North she just gave up herself. I have the letters and also programmes shown on television such as The Truth About Crime and The Death Of Respect. I also have these recorded on a Digital TV recorder.

Anti Social behaviour including breaking windows and arson on vehicles leads to more serious crimes occurring including murder and I am not one who is trying to bring back the birch but very strongly believe that if you make prison as punishment more severe whilst also operating workshops there on both social skills, managing money and the choices they have outside compared to life inside, many would seriously think twice about if it's worth the risk.

If people doing wrong are given a serious chance and choice of either crime or ordinary life by removing their human rights if choosing crime, the situation would be reversed.

Why on earth do the Liberal Democrats oppose CCTV as these are proof of any attacks? If the claim about them not working holds any truth, then is the alternative doing nothing by allowing even more of this to go on?

Victims should always come first and currently they can end up as criminals if fighting back against attacks and then face a ruined life by trying to stop disturbance and upset?

The Police told me that if I approached those bikers mentioned, I would become a target and should not go near them as I would get wrong if trying to stop this in person or by filming closer instead of just filming from my 10th floor flat and only from there.

No-one in the EU would want anyone to be harmed - so these human rights issues can be addressed by a UK government, but I don't see what chance the Liberal Democrats have whilst they hold their current views and that means continuing Labour or Conservative governments instead of a 3rd choice.

Thank you

2010-02-18 13:08:04 UTC

Over the decades, and having watched the other two parties come and go (and make many mistakes, and occasionally a policy that benefited the average joe), what will a LibDem government do better right now, for these small islands we call home?


2010-03-08 16:30:21 UTC

How would you plan to address the current problems faced by first time buyers who are unable to get on the property ladder?

My partner and I have a combined salary of £42k, and are currently spening £1k a month on rent, but cannot see how we can ever afford to get a mortgage.

Clatty Mary

2010-02-25 02:51:37 UTC

I have 2 questions I should like to ask Mr Clegg.

1: Why exactly did he feel it was necessary to sack (or ask her to step down) his health spokeswoman in the Lords after she called for an inquiry into "allegations" that Israeli soldiers were involved in organ trafficking in Haiti?


2: Can Mr Clegg disclose exactly how much cash has the LDFI (Liberal Democrats Friends of Israel) http://www.ldfi.org.uk/ donated to the Liberal Party this year, and does this have "anything" to do with his decision to sack Jenny Tonge?

I fear he will not give very clear answers to any of these 2 simple questions, & even if he will be asked them in the first place.

I hope you do ask him all the same.


2010-02-23 08:41:26 UTC

Ever since the 11th September attacks Britain has followed the USA in becoming more and more focused on securing its borders against terrorism, at the cost of privacy and the civil liberties of its inhabitants. How do you feel about this and what would be your plans if you were elected Prime Minister in the next election?

2010-02-22 06:27:55 UTC


The War in Iraq and perhaps that in Afghanistan were based as we all know on inaccurate fear mongering information and lies (you dont have to agree on this yourself), however the liberal democrats were against the war yet we went to war, and still the public seems to only ever side with the 2 main parties in the UK (as in the USA), why is this? And what can you do to change this system of democracy that clearly isnt working?


2010-02-23 06:23:36 UTC

As we live in a democratic society, why are there not more referendum's on a whole range of subjects, or questions, then MPs could do what the majority of the people want, not what they think we want.

we now have the technology and information to determine ourselves, without a few lording it over the rest of the population


2010-02-23 05:05:46 UTC

Do you think that there are too many mps in Britain? We have more polititians than the americans, who have a much bigger country. Also, with devolution, do we still need a Welsh Office or Scottish Office? Wouldnt that save a fair amount of cash?


2010-02-21 10:02:34 UTC

I (probably like a high number of the electorate) want a change from the Labour v Conservative political games. Liberal Democrats are the ideal party to break this 2 horse race, but .... 'voting Liberal Democrat is throwing your vote away'.

What one thing can you say to get me (and the countless others) to take that leap of faith and vote for Lib Dems?

2010-02-19 09:35:09 UTC

What will the Lib Dem's actually do for the guy with a job a mortgage and 2 children apart from make him pay more tax? Perhaps he could explain what the advantages would be.


2010-03-01 14:49:52 UTC

What do you think is the worst policy of the Tories and of Labour? And if you were holding the balance of power in a hung parliament what would you replace it with - and what would you compromise on?

If you were trying to put me off voting LibDem what would you say?

2010-02-25 05:00:42 UTC

In Britain the Liberals achieve about 16% to 22% of the total vote, yet only have 5% or so of all

MP's. How will they convince the other parties to change the system so that they have 16% to 22 % of MP's?


2010-02-24 08:31:04 UTC

Every year the number of students applying to study medicine at university increases but there are never enough spaces. I have seen many friends, who are more than capable of becoming competent doctors, being forced to take up places on other courses or giving up on university altogether because of this. We are always complaining that we never have enough doctors but this is our own fault. I feel as though the new government should do something more for these students. What will you as Prime Minister hope to do in order to meet the growing demand for places at university?

2010-02-24 04:24:54 UTC

why does it seem that none of the parties actually listen to the people? The EU referendum?? no one asked anyone I know, Yobs, people like you and Human Rights created them, why dont you bring back the belt or something to help teachers? Education..Scottish kids not doing well at reading and writing WHY because the teachers time is taken up with trying to teach incomers our language? And the parents take our jobs, start companies to out do our own local folk and sent our tax payers money home... when do you think any of you will waken up??

2010-02-23 09:33:31 UTC

What is the stance of your party over the soaring rate of unemployment in the country and what would be their method of tackling this? After being unemployed for six months myself this year i have taken a job making chips! I am a qualified joiner and trained print finisher. It is increasingly worrying that most forms of what would have been called sustainable industry are diminishing around us

2010-02-23 07:15:22 UTC

The Sure Start Children's Centres are a major part of most communities, do you plan to keep all of them open and continue to open more?

Are you going to make it economical for low income, two parent families for both parents to return to work. Many low income families at the moment are financially better off not working, or when one parent works.


2010-03-01 05:05:00 UTC

What sort of income protection are you offering to the long term chronic disabled, who have been subject to much criticism in the press of late?

Are you going to save money by cutting disability benefits or abolishing DLA?

Or will you attempt to close up Tax loopholes which are used in Tax avoidance on a great scale?


2010-02-24 02:54:00 UTC

Would the Lib Dems change in any way the target culture within the NHS which has seen patients being viewed as 'jobs to be done' rather than individuals to be cared for?


2010-02-24 01:41:00 UTC

Have you ever lost your job, your home, your quality of life, signed on the unemployment register, had bailiffs knocking at your door or called on your friends and relatives to help you out and sold all your sentimental valuable goods to feed the family? I could probably pick a couple of people in every City living in shop doorways or under bridges who could do a better job than the government is doing now because they have lived in the real world.

What type of life would you have if you lost your job?

Gregory House

2010-02-23 05:02:34 UTC

Do you still believe that the Liberal Democrats are a viable party to win the election?

2010-02-23 04:11:38 UTC

What would you intend to do about getting benefit cheats and bludgers off the system and doing some work even if it is in the community to pick up litter remove graffiti to earn their benefit money at the appropriate hourly rate.

And also tackle the problem of youths terrorising neighbourhoods and abusing police and getting off scot free every time from weak judges who should possibly be retired?


2010-02-22 03:04:11 UTC

What will you say to the electorate to convince them to vote for the Liberal Democrats at a time when the two party status-quo and amalgamation is driving people to extreme politics.

stirling silver

2010-02-21 15:15:12 UTC

when people i know spend all there money on new cars ,drink ,drugs ,jewellery,holidays, live off benefit's while working on the side ,(why should the government take the only thing i have my home )and done without ,in buying so that i can leave my family something to help them in there life to come, when it comes to paying for my care in a care home that i will have to share with them the people who never worked when my money runs out, should i just sell up and live on the council register from now on? i am 63 years old and still managing to work because the work is light just to buy things for myself and husband who is not in good health and has not been able to work for the last 10 years, and we don't have holidays or eat out,we just have a normal life like most working people living on a low budget.


2010-02-21 14:49:33 UTC

i would ask the question 'why are we advocating teenage pregnancy, why do we the taxpayer give these people money to have children. if you deliberately have a child that you know you cannot financially support why do we the taxpayer advocate it. i would ask the question why are we financing young people on the dole for more than four years? there must have been a job somewhere for them during that time? i would ask the question why are people claiming low income? some are claiming low income because they deliberately work low hours in order to claim maximum benefits. i would ask the question, does community service work, no it does not, hang it out pretend sick do whatever you need then when your probation period is over the community hours done or not done have finished! madness!!!

TNATION- Cold blooded

2010-02-20 20:11:12 UTC

What is your opinion towards the Evil American Government, do you feel they sometimes like to play as God? messing with other countries, trying to start wars for whatever reason. mostly no matter how many times America changes presidents it's the congress that runs the country, when will the world norice this and what could they do for making sure it doesn't happen in other countries

Old Cynic

2010-02-19 10:17:38 UTC

Can the Liberal Democrats ever seriously compete with Labour and the Tories under first past the post? Would AV improve the party's chances, harm the party's chances, or would they be about the same?


2010-02-23 14:57:23 UTC

What are your government going to do about making this country English again?....yes i said English not British.

Are you going to finally put a stop to immigration because we simply cannot afford anymore....and deport all the illegals and the people who come over here and commit crime?

Are you going to pull us out of European union and Afganistan because again we cant afford it

No...we all know you wont, because just like the labour government....bringing over immigrants means getting more votes doesnt it!

I have no faith in any of you, politically correct idiots.

UKIP for me


2010-02-23 11:59:19 UTC

The labour party have created a benefit monster are you the man in shining armour to sleigh this animal! how do the liberal democrats aim to reduce the benefit mountain and encourage people into work.


2010-02-23 10:45:04 UTC

party whips. do you need them? i spoke to one counsellor who resigned from his party becuase the party whip forced him to vote against an issue which was important to his constituents. well this is no way to run any democratically elected political party. if you're going to be different from the other 'no difference between them parties ie. conserative /new labour. you're going to have to convince me that anything you say you will do, you won't u - turn once you get into power, as all the other parties have done. this is also not what is expected of a democratic accountable political party.

If this sounds unrealistic to you, then my retort to you is that none of the political parties have anything to offer to us the general electorate if our concerns are ignored for the status quo.

2010-02-23 08:16:37 UTC

I am sure that The Benefits System would be one of your main priorities if you got into power so I would like to know if you will stop rewarding Lone Parents for having child after child whilst claiming Income Support?


2010-02-22 14:14:42 UTC

As a teenage girl, I am slightly unaware of the policies and promises which are made by several parties, such as Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats. Kindly, please tell us what we, as a country and society, can expect from you and your party in the case of winning the election? Can we raise our hopes up high or is it too early to say? Thank you

2010-02-21 23:07:38 UTC

Don't you feel as though you are flogging a dead horse knowing that you will never be the main elected party to run the country? It must be so disheartening to make policies when they are never going to be implemented, rather like playing a pretend game when you are a child.


2010-02-21 10:15:06 UTC

What is your policy on the future of higher eduction and science research in the UK?

We currently have a serious problem in the UK with not enough money going into our excellent world leading university system. If the quality of higher education slips in the UK, it could take the rest of the country with it. A strong set of people with good science degrees leads to a stronger economy.


2010-03-05 04:50:21 UTC

Should Michael Ashcroft & William Hague resign from the Lords & Commons?

2010-02-25 10:54:47 UTC

The only question which concerns the majority of voters is who will you form an alliance with when there is a hung Parliament.?

2010-02-24 07:55:43 UTC

Nick Clegg, who are you, and what exactly is a Liberal Democrat when it's at home? Don't know much about them up here, are they something akin to the Tories? We don't see much of those up here either!


2010-02-24 07:53:37 UTC

Despite many people blaming the Thatcher government for destroying manufacturing jobs in this country, it was reported last week on the BBC that the labour party is responsible for destroying more manufacturing jobs than even her government. What do you intend to do to reverse this situation and help our companies survive and grow in the future?


2010-02-21 11:25:57 UTC

why are other country`s more successful pay less tax have better standard of living more community friendly area`s respect manners plenty jobs no homeless on the streets im freezing in my house as its to dear to keep heating on i work.why are drivers easy targets for the traffic police, whys speed limits down so much 50, is it to save road conditions and help make more money out of us with fines or hope we go off the road with the boredom of low speed limits, cars are far superior built full of road safety kits drivings a pleasure to me relaxing iv done advanced driving so im safe, now we can`t change a cd how long till all cars are automatic you`ll not be allowed to change gear next treat us like kids the kids are the ones who should take notes from the isle of man no speed limit training for a year after passing their test they have safe roads the laws are treating us like complete idiots the real criminals should be chased and use stocks embarrass them chase the drunk drivers off the road if their alcoholics ban them until they have no drink and keep checking them so they don't wipe out innocent people,the minors make them do up our parks give them jobs and a future get the addicts off their fix they were`nt born that way

wheres all the 46 billion in road tax going why`s the government man saying councils should spend 30 million wisely on out roads they are full of potholes costing us repairs to our expensive fuel running cars wheres the Fuel duty going then all the tax and national insurance will you do a better job im voting for none of the 3 who are shouting

Andrew W

2010-02-20 02:38:06 UTC

All three main parties are promising to carry out cuts if they win the election - the only debate seems to be on the speed with which they are being carried out. How are the Lib Dems promising to carry out cuts to public services?


2010-02-19 19:15:48 UTC

Has he figured out what the UK State Pension is yet (since getting it wrong last time)?

Failing that, would he kindly explain this:

"Lib Dems in Camden have been caught out sending out contradictory messages to appeal to different communities within the same borough."


2010-03-03 11:06:07 UTC

Have you now got a Pact with Gordon Brown and Labour, After Gordon Brown got the referendum for Alternate Vote through the House of Commons, and why do you let Gordon Brown bully you in PMQs, your questions are just as good as the others and yet you let him bully you

Captain Sarcasm

2010-02-25 03:37:49 UTC

The public have lost all faith in the integrity of Parliament and our elected representative as a result of the expenses scandal. This was a cross party issue and Parliament needs to take further measures to regain public trust.

Please give us specific, bullet point changes you would put in place, given the opportunity of a hung parliament, to control what MP's are paid in addition to their basic salary.


2010-02-24 05:47:16 UTC

Hi.Why is there more investment in south wales than here in north wales.Also why does the WAG not consider Anglesy as to Dee side for the waste incinerator,which has the rail links in place.Yours D.Wareing


2010-02-23 09:53:58 UTC

Why do the Liberal Democrats have a history of its prominent party members being anti Semitic and anti Israel ?

One just has to look at the Track record of Nick Clegg and Jenny Tonge

Furthermore why did the Liberal Party leader Nick Clegg initially refuse to take steps against Baroness Jenny Tonge " Israel human harvesting " remarks, and then change his position, resulting in Baroness Jenny Tonge sacking? Did he change his position out of fear in being portrayed as anti semitic?


2010-02-22 07:19:54 UTC

If you were to become the Government - how would you go about tackling the economic problems confronting the UK today ? What would be the key drivers of economic progress in your opinion and most importantly how would you create productive employment in the economy ?

2010-02-19 03:57:28 UTC

Globalisation is currently used as an excuse for cheap labour which is resulting in a reduction in jobs available locally. How would you prevent the loss of jobs in the UK?


2010-03-03 12:30:05 UTC

A general, but - in the light of the last PM's 'faith' - an important question. Are you an Atheist, or will you, too, hide behind the window-dressing of religious belief when push comes to shove?

2010-02-25 00:14:26 UTC

Why do the DWP supply a "Medical Service" who do not diagnose or treat you in any way shape or form, but decide that 95% of people claiming ESA are indeed super fit humans,all backed by tens of thousands of "Support Workers" Tribunals with Barristers, are allowed to carry out this "Service" when all that is needed is if a NHS doctor and Consultant decide that you are fit enough to work and do not give you a sick note. surely that would be the end of that.It seems to me that the DWP is vastly over resourced using Billions of pounds of tax payers money that could go to the NHS to actually make the genuine cases better ???????????????????????? Regards D. COX

Eric K10

2010-02-24 07:37:55 UTC

In the current uncertain economic climate, with recession still hanging over us, is it not better to stop foreign spending and foreign aid in order to return our economy to a more healthy state?

Also, if foreign spending and foreign aid were stopped, the billions of pounds that would otherwise be wasted could be put to much better use within our own country. Building and improving more hospitals and improving the current N.H.S. system, more money put into the education system opening up more university placements to those who can not otherwise afford to attend, greater budgets for the emergency services leading to more police on our streets, better pay for nurses, doctors, paramedics, fire fighters, better equipment for our armed forces in order to help save lives.

Why does this country have to be deprived of these things in order to that we appear philanthropic on the international scene? We have issues in our own country that should be prioritised for remedy instead of spending hard earned tax payers money to improve other countries.

2010-02-23 07:29:40 UTC

You put your policy to abolish student fees on the back burner and are now saying you will abolish them within 5yrs, will this still be the case if you form a coalition and what will happen to uni fees in the five years - go up/stay the same/go down??

Margaret C

2010-02-22 11:44:59 UTC

I know that, like myself, Nick Clegg abhors the odious UK ID scheme. He has said he would rather go to prison than register for this: my feelings exactly.

So why has he not included scrapping this scheme in his "shopping list" of reforms, in the highly likely event of a hung parliament?

Is there any prospect of him now adding this to his list?

2010-02-20 13:22:21 UTC

What would you do to make the general public have confidence,respect and trust in the MPs after all the scandal over the expenses. Say one thing do the other.

Bob P

2010-02-18 15:24:57 UTC

The Lib Dem Campaign Manual seems to advocate the use of unattributable stories about opponents. The premise, according to your strategist seems to be that even if untrue, the stories will destabilise the subject!

Is this the sort of Government we want? After all, we have suffered such calumnies for 13 years now!

2010-02-23 11:18:12 UTC

In light of recent attempts by climate change deniers to seize upon the UEA e-mail debacle as "evidence" that the dangers of global warming is exaggerated, what would you do bring the environment at the forefront of British and World politics as PM?

How would you engage with the worst polluters and how would you do so in light of the economic downturn?

Tex Walker, Wirral.

2010-02-23 06:20:36 UTC

alot has been said about iraq/afganistan/disasters in general through out the world...we seem to forget about people here..in peticular..old age pensioners..this winter has been very tough on everybody on low incomes,but what will this party do to help the over65+..this i realise is a no vote winner..they are dying through the lack of heat/food and basic comforts that we give even the worst criminal..isnt it about time we looked after mum and dad...higher heating allowances, no tv linences,more pension to spend on food etc....we seem to want to led the world in the arms race in terrorists/drinking/smoking/co2 emmissions/recycling the list goes on..what about saving a few o.a.ps and give them some dignity and be proud that we are a caring nation..or shall we just let them die!


2010-02-22 13:53:31 UTC

Why should I vote for a party that appears to have no influence or appears not to be very strong in British politics with the other parties


2010-02-28 08:36:08 UTC

Do the Liberal Democrats have any real policies regarding the looming energy crisis?

2010-02-26 11:18:55 UTC

Have you ever thought that the age-old "Pirates vs Ninjas" argument can be applied to modern day politics - with each party offering smaller advantages or disadvantages, with the public accepting whatever the outcome is, because the parties are all so evenly matched?


2010-02-25 09:05:26 UTC

Given that the Lib-Dems are passionate pro european integrationists.

Will you as leader continue to support the EU programme knowing that for more than a decade their own auditors have refused to sign off the accounts due to accepted institutional fraud, unelected officials making the law and an establishment filled with racist political parties?


2010-02-24 07:48:36 UTC

Would the Liberal Democrats move towards a nation referendum for the re-introduction of capital punishment.


2010-02-23 22:43:11 UTC

A Police DNA database with everyone on it from birth on it seems a good idea to me. What is Nick Clegg's view?

Andy B

2010-02-23 08:25:24 UTC

Do you ever see the Liberal Democrats ousting either the Labour Party or the Conservatives to become one of the two leading political parties in the country to have the potential to actually form a government or will the party always be consigned to the back benches?


2010-02-19 12:55:14 UTC

There are British pensioners who can afford to live overseas and they still get the Winter Fuel Payment every year.

Yet there are British people who suffer from long term chronic conditions and illnesses (but who don't qualify for Disability Living Allowance) who struggle to keep warm in the winter.

If your party was in power what would you do to address this matter?


2014-06-18 17:28:30 UTC

if tuition fees are scrapped will current debts be written off? and will the free university education extend to post-graduate study - not only with academic courses but also with professional courses such as the LPC and BVC?

2010-02-24 11:53:56 UTC

Why is it that the only people not looked after in "Broken Britain" by the government are the hard working, law abiding, family orientated, tax paying people who love this country and what would Mr. Clegg do to rectify this?

john b

2010-02-24 07:18:51 UTC

There has been call from many quarters to ban all religion in the UK. (It is also predicted in the Bible that world governments will turn against religion and destroy it). In view of this my questions are.

1. Is it part of Lib Dem policy to remove religion from the UK asap?

2. Would the Lib Dem government work toward baning all religion worldwide?

2010-02-24 13:51:03 UTC

What are the Liberal Democrats going to do for the ordinary working people of this country? Labour who have traditionally been the working class party have completed failed their voters and although i have voted for them all my life i don't intend to do so again. They have allowed the rights of working people in this country to be completely eroded and now we are all at the complete mercy of fat cats and bullying employers. Tell me what the Liberal Democrats will do and you may just capitalise on these disenchanted voters votes.

2010-02-22 11:20:25 UTC

How about 'Why are the people at Yahoo engaging in electioneering?' or to put it in layman's terms: 'Why are the people at Yahoo quite blatantly trying to affect the outcome of the election?'.

You're supposed to be a responsible organisation. As a large company, actively campaigning for a political candidate (this is exactly what you are doing now) is not the slightest bit responsible.


2010-02-19 12:13:40 UTC

Do you think we will go back in a recession?

In Christmas time we spend a lot of money on gifts,party food and cheap novelty items but now are just coming to go back in one since no one was any point for spending there money on celebration.


2010-02-19 05:25:32 UTC

How would a Liberal Democrat government manage the current financial deficit of the country?


2010-03-08 12:06:08 UTC

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2010-02-28 07:30:24 UTC

Go into the real world and learn something and do something useful. You get nothing from me!

Now Vince Cable..there is a different and experienced man here.

Nick Clegg..on your bike!

2010-02-26 11:13:10 UTC

What is your position on Home Schooling after the Badman report. Will you be following the recommendations , or will you be listening to the concerns of the Home Educators who see their freedoms potentially lost.


2010-02-25 15:09:37 UTC

I'd like to know if the success of the BNP and other extremists in gaining seats in the EU parliament has had any affect on his ideas for bringing in proportional representation?

Dr Steve

2010-02-25 04:00:36 UTC

Given the current situation in the Falkland Islands, how would a lib-dem government defend British interests abroad.


2010-02-24 06:02:21 UTC

When are the Lib Dems going to become an effective opposition instead of going along with whatever co*ckeyed plans the other parties propose.

Listener Sheogorath

2010-02-23 16:28:49 UTC

Why the heck should we vote for Lib-Dem when they've taken to offering the same as Labour and Conservatives who've already been proven to be bad parties?

Stuart P

2010-02-23 05:07:59 UTC

Hello Nick,

I find I cannot and will not vote Tory or Labour in the next General Election.

That leaves me with the Green Party and the Lib Dems.

What is the difference please?

Paul M

2010-02-19 07:55:57 UTC

In the event of a hung parliament, would you be interested in a coalition government, and if so, with which of the other two parties?


2010-03-13 14:42:10 UTC

How exactly would you propose to manage the economy and how would your policies differ from both labour and conservative, given that Vince Cable seems to command universal respect.

2010-02-24 03:54:20 UTC

1. If you get into power what will you do the curb the spending of the government?

2. Do you feel that David Cameron is saying absolutely anything to get into government?


2010-02-23 12:22:43 UTC

People I've spoken to have been reluctant to vote Lib Dem because they think the party doesn't have enough experience to run the country. What arguments will convince them otherwise?


2010-02-23 08:29:07 UTC

Mr. Clegg, does it not bother you that you and your party will never have any political power?

What is the possible motivation for the Liberal Democrats in fighting a general election?

2010-02-23 04:46:04 UTC

Can you explain to me, and to all the voters, why our MPs from the three major parties DO NOT work together for the common good of the United Kingdom and its people?

Just remember that you represent the people of the United Kingdom and not only the members of your respective parties.


2010-02-20 05:50:34 UTC

Would you legalise euthanasia for any adult who wants it, whether they are ill or not, who has passed a psychiatric interview to ensure it is their own choice?

Surely a true liberal democrat is a humanist, who does not seek to impose their own religious or moral beliefs about life and death on others, and would help any grown adult who wishes to die, to do so, since nobody asked to be born.

Charles W

2010-02-19 10:56:49 UTC

After so many years of Tory and Labour rule, what would be the Lib Dem's main priority should they win any degree of power?


2010-02-24 14:20:57 UTC

I am a mother of two, what is your response to my predicament. This government say's I have to survive on £64.30p a week. (I have it in black and white) OK. so my community tax and rent is paid for me because I am unemployed. but as I have to put £20 into my electric meter a week and £20 into my gas metre, how am I supposed to manage on £24.30 a week??? and how come if I was a foreign national, I would be getting considerably more???????????


2010-02-23 20:21:10 UTC

Just how tuff will your government be on immigration if you win the next election? It is clearly a matter of great concern as I am hearing more and more people saying that they will be voting for the BNP.

2010-02-23 06:13:21 UTC

Do you feel this would be the perfect opportunity to secure more seats and possibly the house, as Labour and Conservatives are embroiled in petty infighting and mud slinging?


2010-02-19 15:08:36 UTC

I got a Lib Dem leaflet through the letter box and on it is said that you would scrap tuition fees - what I concerns me about this is who exactly will foot the bill? The taxpayers no doubt.


2010-02-27 23:14:01 UTC

Would we get a vote on the EU ?

Also would your party try to do something to help Great Britain become a manufacturing country once again?

2010-02-24 10:05:50 UTC

what are the lib dems going to do about foreign workers comming to this contry to do jobs that can be done by people allready living in britain? the amount of people that are claiming benefit but are fit for work is rising so why not put them into these vacant jobs instead of bringing migrant workers into the country? i know many if not all don't want to do these jobs, but why cant they be forced to do them, as they force the government to pay them handouts?

2010-02-23 05:18:46 UTC

the policing pledge from the government is pushing neighbourhood policing as the face of policing in this country. at the forefront of this are the police community support officers, many of whom do a trememdous role in difficult circ*mstances.

my question is, what do the lib dems plan for their "policing pledge" and what changes do you think the lib dems could bring to increase the effectiveness of pcso,s.


2010-02-22 13:55:11 UTC

Why hasn't the police officer who killed Ian Tomlinson last April been brought to justice? If it was a protester who'd killed a police officer, would it have taken anywhere near this long? What does the IPCC have to hide?


2010-02-22 04:46:37 UTC

Every party usually has something to offer for the elderly, for families, for children, for unemployed and so on. What can you offer as a party to single childless people? I just feel like I pay for everyone else at the moment.

2010-02-25 05:37:04 UTC

I would like Clegg to be asked why his party abstained, which meant they were against the referendum on the EU constitution, and in the Lords actively voted against our having a say on Europe.

2010-02-24 20:07:35 UTC

Why does the Liberal Democrats feel and have the same policies as Labour and Conservative. Once upon a time there were Liberals, now all parties have the same fundamentalist agenda..

gwyn g

2010-02-24 11:23:07 UTC

although you cannot fire people for misconduct if they have already moved on but surly cooperate manslaughter or causing death under health and safety can still find you out, so shouldn't this be the process that follows the management of the Staffordshire Hospital if it is found that they are responsible for the unnecessary deaths that have occurred there in the last few years

Tim S

2010-02-24 03:01:07 UTC

A question of how out-of-touch politicans are.

Explain to me why as a middle class 21-year-old student I have already decided (almost definitely) that I won't vote at the coming election?

barry h

2010-02-24 00:27:51 UTC

ask nick his views on death tax for elderly care, people like myself have worked from fifteen to sixty seven paying tax and ni for above the required no of years now the system wants more, but only from the people who have saved all their lives , tax the immigrants to pay for it ? do something for our people for a change.the politicians need to wake up.they have destroyed the greatest empire the world has ever seen with their stupidity . 20 parliments have taken us from top to bottom it has to stop now.

Michael A

2010-02-23 14:10:08 UTC

Read this - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Clegg#Education

and this -


and then answer why you are an MP for Sheffield.

NB Born in London, educated in London, lives in London, sends kids to school in London and treats his house in Sheffield as a "second home".

Mike, Heeley constituency (next door to Hallam), Sheffield


2010-02-23 09:13:19 UTC

In the past there has been a number of hung parliaments but the Librals/Lib Dems have not made any progress working with other parties, how will you play it this time.


2010-02-23 02:57:28 UTC

The Welsh have their assembly, so too the Scots, as a Englishman I do not have an assembly I have Westminster which contains many other nationalities with their own agenda, how would the lib Dem's address this issue ?

chris w

2010-02-23 01:27:45 UTC

Recent research has shown marijuana does not cause serious mental illness, does not kill brain cells is not physically addictive along with debunking other myths and other research has shown that it has many health benefits. Would the Liberal Democrats be open to legalising and/or decriminalising cannabis? If not, how do you rationalise this when thousands die from legal drugs every year (such as alcohol and tobacco) but to date there has not been a single death directly caused by marijuana?


2010-02-22 15:45:07 UTC

If Brown was to introduce proportional representation wouldn't it encourage extremist groups to form political parties and infiltrate Parliament?


2010-02-19 12:47:32 UTC

If elected, what would they do about the known 2000 islamic terrorist suspects within the Uk, and also the unknown ones,

believe it or not, this is a big issue .


2010-02-27 03:34:27 UTC

What is your stand about foreign workers? Workers who do an honest days work, doesn't claim benefits, and pay the full amount of taxes. But these are the workers who are sent home because their visas are not renewed. However, foreign nationals who come to this country as refugees, asylums, and claim benefits, do not work, do not pay taxes...are the ones who are welcome to stay...and live permanently.

2010-02-25 03:54:47 UTC

I believe the main problem we are facing in this Country is Immigration - what does Nick Clegg propose to do about this.

I fully believe the old adage "when in Rome" When we are abroad we are obliged to follow the regulations and beliefs of that country - why does that not apply here in the UK. We are not obliged to learn their language, but most UK residents who travel abroad do try to understand the language of the Country they are visiting but we do recognise their beliefs, rules and regulations and generally abide by them. Those who abuse the situation in foreign countries are arreseted. So come on government get your act together and get it sorted. Lets get the Green and Pleasant land back again.


2010-02-24 01:02:20 UTC

nick what would your party do with royal mail privatise it or keep public and to retain full time employment for its staff as much as possible even tho volumes are falling in mail terms no body can survive on part time wages . and what makes your party any different to the others


2010-02-19 07:09:16 UTC


I don't understand why our old people are struggling to survive. They are ripped off by homes and made to spend their last pennies. We are paying people who have not paid into the system at all, to stay here and claim benefits and housing.. 127 languages in Reading? How are they getting here? They aren't working, but managing to live - how is that? Why?

It is criminal... and what will happen to these people when they get old?

I am not a racist, but I do resent us paying for anyone to live here and probably have a better life than I do..

Carers in OAP homes get paid the minimum wage, although, we have to pay upwards of £500 per week for their 'care'. No one cares! No wonder they don't on that wage... it is purely about profit for CARE UK.

Now you are suggesting that if anyone has worked hard all their life and is now coming up to retirement that they are the cash cows and should be milked esp when they die... what a cheek! Leave us alone... who are we paying for?

Question 2:

NHS - why can't this be paid for by insurance by tourists or anyone who hasn't paid in? We have to when we go abroad.. it is not in keeping with the ethos behind the original idea.. it is not World Health Service 'all welcome'.

2010-02-27 23:11:58 UTC

What chance have you got of being elected when there is these days very little difference between labour and conservative in policy and surely there is no room for a party between those two to squeeze in

Jan D

2010-02-25 07:59:57 UTC

What would you and your Government legislate to reverse the trend of reward for bad behaviour? e.g. if you don't work when there is no good reason why you can't you get paid to sit at home (usually with your rent paid), get help with higher education, training, bills, glasses, dental treatment, moved to larger homes when you have more children that you personally can't afford, whilst hard working people who actually put the money in the pot that these people are continuously draining of funds, get no assistance and are continuously penalised for their hard work (the harder they work, the more senior position they achieve, the more pay they get, the more money they put in the pot) and if they do without things to try and save they continue to be disadvantaged in their old age and even in and after their death.


2010-02-24 23:33:13 UTC

What are the Lib Dem's going to do first to start removing the government deficit if they win the next general election?


2010-02-24 15:17:27 UTC

How do you feel when your working hard? What are some questions you really mostly like to ask? i live in the United States of America is The United Kingdom like The United States in way? That's all I really need to know and I like how you really want us to ask you questions instead of us answering a question.That['s all thank you for your support and respect.

2010-02-23 14:09:55 UTC

dear nick

did you know that nick rainsford of labour is taking back hands with building firms that are building in woolwich and did you know that i was there when he said it at his surgery at his greenwich offices

and a ex-army officers that did not go down to well with me and did you know that the conservatives are not going to help me move from where i am living in a dump on greenwich they said to me in a e-mail to go to labours nick rainford becuase he will have more of a clout with the councils on Ipswich where we would like to live and they have a polices in which if you have done some think wrong on another council they also panish you as well and it was not evern done on there council in which i think that is wrong to do athing like that.if you need more information please e-mail me on mauricemartin123@btinternet.com.

monkey in slacks

2010-02-20 08:43:26 UTC

What should be the 'in' look for Bigfoot on the fashion slopes of the Pacific Northwest mountains in 2010.....open toe sandals and Bermuda shorts or slacks with reeboks?


2010-03-03 09:26:10 UTC

I am a full time mum to my daughter, which I feel is the most important role I will ever have afterall she and our children are the future, and feel forgotten by all the parties. So what are you and your party going to do for me and my family? And will you keep your promises?

2010-03-02 23:34:57 UTC

Do you think it fair that all these immigrants are coming over here claiming large amounts of benefits & welfare when most of us have worked hard all our lives , and our pensioners are supposed to live on a measly pension , pension should at least be doubled I think , could you , Gordon Brown or Cameron live on the measly sum that pensioners are given .

2010-02-24 23:44:52 UTC

Would you stop giving favouritism to ethnic minorities at the white majorities expense, including allowing more to come to an already poor overcrowded country. Also would you continue to give 9 billion pounds a year of our money as foreign aid, even though we are having to borrow this money to do so and don't even have enough money to keep 20,000 of our pensioners from dying of cold and starvation every winter.

2010-02-24 09:26:12 UTC

How exactly do you see the future of Britain in the hands of the Lib Dems practically, not just theoretically?


2010-02-23 09:41:48 UTC

Will you repeal the Latest Human Rights Bill that is crippling the country and making the victims of crime worse off than criminals?Have you actually got the backbone to reverse the destruction of England by Labour?


2010-02-22 13:16:18 UTC

As political think tanks have become increasingly popular in recent governments, are there are any think tanks that the Liberal Democrats would wok with if they were elected?

2010-02-19 11:42:14 UTC

In my constituency it is always either Tory or Labour who win (a barometer constituency usually) so I vote Labour although my heart is , and always has been Liberal. What do you suggest Nick?

2010-02-27 10:01:20 UTC

how does the lib dem propose to reduce the chances of another recession in the uk, what measures will they take?

since the manufacturing industry in britain is weak compared to china and india, Britain's back bone in exports is now in services which a lot of jobs require degree holders, how does lib dem propose to increase employment for student graduates as i believe long term this will reduce our defecit?


2010-02-23 03:20:29 UTC

How would you convince young and old voters alike, to vote Lib-Dem when the general feeling is "A vote for Lib-Dem is a wasted vote, because they're not going to win anyway."?


2010-02-19 08:38:49 UTC

Why doesn't the British Public respect your party as a major player in Uk Politics?


2010-02-26 23:46:53 UTC

Due to the inaction to curb immigration, MPs citing parliamentary privilege (expenses scams),artificially high petrol prices and political 'dirty tricks' many people will vote BNP (or not vote at all).

Why are you so different ? and why do you deserve my vote on the above issues ?


2010-02-25 05:12:30 UTC

I would like to make you aware that I changed my mind about both you and David Cameron following your disgaceful bullying of Gordon Brown in The House of Commons (Prime Ministers Questions, I think) around the middle of June 2009. (So what is, and is not, bullying?)

It must have been bad otherwise I would not have responded by writing to a Yahoo politics site about it. Your behaviour that day meant that I wont be voting Lib. Dem. this time. In fact as most of my family normally vote Lib.Dem. I will be working on them to change their minds. But have no fear my opinion of David Cameron is so low that I almost explode when I see and hear him speak on TV.

2010-02-24 06:13:25 UTC

I would think one question is not enough to any political party with the state that the country is currently in.

When you look at the war, the mp's expenses, the way us tax payers sorted out the banks that still give huge bonuses it is very difficult to pick just one question to ask. so although it will not be asked i would personally think the most popular question anyone would like to ask is.

When is this country going to get itself sorted out?

Dilligaf .

2010-02-23 16:36:36 UTC

Can we have an "In" or "Out" referendum on EU membership given that we have never been asked if we want to be in or out, and that the European Free Trade Association would be a better place for us to be?


2010-02-23 02:01:27 UTC

If voted into power how will you tackle the afghanistan conflict?

also do you think in such turmoil the liberal democrats can handle the pressure of taking over the labour mess?

and what will you do to ensure what happened with labour wont happen to you?


2010-02-22 02:29:36 UTC

Will processes be initiated that “undo” the destruction of the Country by which privatization has created conflict between Investors and that of Ordinary British taxpayers as to their Public Services. A “more for less” vs “less for more” contented “Self-Business Government” which, having outsourced its accountability and responsibility to 3rd Parties in lieu of others setting self-standards, enjoys “a cut” from the resulting competition through taxation on profits by doing less apart from calling inquiries as to why “others” have failed on its behalf!. A Nation which now suffers Inner battling on spiraling prices while accepting less to yield larger profits, bonuses and dividend payments – all while Crown “Privileges” be sighted in protecting MP’s expenses from Public knowledge in their self gains.

Any Political Party “tendering” to run the Country needs to “paint a picture” for Public display as to where the Nation will be heading tomorrow, this also serving as a measuring stick towards that framed target/directive for vote-scoring on. New Labour’s Ship has been sailing since 1997 yet it cannot interpret it own “clause 4” as to “steerage” but what of the “driftwood” it has created in segmenting the Country for profitisationalism?. New Britain must be about a new ethos as to a Government restructuring and accountability on standards that must begin to re-bond (reunite) the Country with an outward vision, since not to do so would be about keeping the same old castles and simply moving the furniture about to give a new appearance – akin to Cabinet reshuffles?. Is it time for drastic change at the top or about “pin the tail on the donkey” at election time as to regularities for change, this while National Security be removed from taxpayers in their survival through greater dependency on others to supply, like Energy for example where the Gov can blame higher prices on Privatised Energy providers yet reap the higher taxation in reward for “selling-off” Public assets.

Is the Next Political Party to Govern going to continue along the same track?.


2010-02-19 04:00:25 UTC

Identify exactly what government expenditure you will cut and what taxes you will raise in order to repay the budget deficit and state exactly how much of the budget deficit you aim to eliminate by these plans.

2010-02-25 01:51:55 UTC

If the Liberal Democrats were to become the shadow party, which party would you trust more in power to be shadow to and why ? And do you feel that its about time that rather than allowing the media to spend time digging for non-political dirt and reporting on these issues rather than on material that does make a difference to the man on the street. ie BULLYING rather than policy to help from this World Crises that is dragging on .


2010-02-23 22:13:56 UTC

If hypothetically,labour and the conservatives get the same number of seats,or roughly equal and you have to choose one party to form an alliance with,which would it be...blues or reds?

2010-02-23 08:34:00 UTC

I emigrated to the US in 2008 as I simply could no longer afford the cost of living in my homeland. As a young/skilled professional I find it sad that I have been "forced" to move. What would the liberal democrats do to stop such losses?

2010-02-20 11:33:52 UTC

I am currently too young to vote, but already I see no hope in most of the parties. Why should I vote for the Liberal Democrats?


2010-02-19 10:25:29 UTC

I would like to ask Nick Clegg what his party intends to do about the scandal of Care Home fees !

My mother-in-law has dementia,and she has had to sell her home to pay for care in a residentiall home. Surley this is an illness,and should covered by the NHS. !!!!!!!!

£700.00 a week is no joke !


2010-03-01 10:45:07 UTC

The Liberal Democrats formulate their policies dependent on who they are talking to. For example, they will support a new by-pass if they are talking to an angry local resident or they will argue against the by-pass if they are talking at a 'green' meeting. How can I trust them to formulate a policy and stick to it whoever they are talking to?


2010-02-25 15:22:17 UTC

Apart from your party, which other major party would you rather see in number 10, Labour or the Tories?


What are your long time plan of immigration because it seems you'll do worse than Labour?

Lt Kije

2010-02-24 22:23:49 UTC

In the event of a 'hung' parliament do you think it would be fair if a minority party like yours held the casting vote? And would you consider an alliance with, for example, the SNP, to 'improve your party's viability?

George T

2010-02-24 06:23:55 UTC

will you actually do anything to

A) Withdraw from Iraq/Afghanistan

B) Control Mass immigration rather than letting anyone in

C) Sort out the Job Market

D) stop MP's claiming unnecessary items on our money


2010-02-23 21:59:48 UTC

How do the Lib Democrates actauly exist? You have no polices, no new political ideas and have been plauged for years by weakness. Who in their right mind would vote for you?


2010-02-22 21:48:06 UTC

I understand that your party is pro-EU, if your party got power, would your party not surrender more British sovereignty to the EU, and then eventually our currency if you support the UK's full integration with the EU. I mean aren't we surrendering enough of our British sovereignty and money as it is?

No name.

2010-02-18 15:53:03 UTC

Will you give us a vote on the UK's future in the EU so we can have a real say who is governing us?

And, do you come on Yahoo Answers often? Because then you can see what people think.


2010-03-10 04:31:43 UTC

Who's that?


2010-03-09 06:36:50 UTC



2010-03-07 02:55:20 UTC

what are you going to do about crime.i want to feel safe at night and i dont.i dare not leave my house in the evening.most off my freinds are leaveing the uk.or have left .i am thinking of doing the same.i feel that the uk is failing in every aspect of life


2010-02-25 03:52:13 UTC

The Liberal Democrats have never been in power in their 12 years of existing. Currently, the Liberal Deocrats are last, with Labour ahead and the Conservatives in fron. What propaganda will you, or are you using this year to win.


2010-02-24 10:19:25 UTC

I'd ask him, Why has politics let this country get in such a state and why dont politics put there own country first rather than others.

2010-02-24 00:09:29 UTC

Will you drastically slow down immigration and what do you propose should be done to our immigration system? Also, are you in support or against the idea of Multiculturalism?


2010-02-23 20:33:16 UTC

hello my name is bushiri just quick one .how come mp they dont have time limit to serve their constituency some mp they been mp for 40 to 30 five years dont you think they should given time limit which they can serve and they should not allowed to stand again in that way it will give a lot of people to be mp for their constiuency.i think if they give them limit it will give other people chance to be mp rather than one person been in power for 20 years i think it will be good for democracy

Richard H

2010-02-23 09:54:02 UTC

How can the public truly be represented by politicians allied to a party, when they have to tow the party line and represent those who donate (money) to the party?

Nigel Ford

2010-02-23 03:08:33 UTC

If you were to be successful during an election campaign and became Prime Minister of this country, how would you tackle dole cheats and would you make all individuals who claim unemployment benefit work and earn their benefit?

2010-02-22 11:27:17 UTC

Will you outlaw the horrendous mutilation of male children that is disguised by the name 'male infant circumcision'?

We are supposed to be treated equally. There is a law against female genital mutilation, yet the NHS carries out male genital mutilation. A child should not be less safe than other children simply because the child is male.

Pocket Battleship

2010-02-21 13:16:25 UTC

Why can't you politicians ever answer a yes /no question and why don't you really believe in the politics that you want us to vote for?

2010-02-20 02:28:27 UTC

Does he place any faith in Wikipedia, after his character assassination on that site by vandals? (claiming he had slept with 3000 women, that he is a "namby-pamby liberal", and a "sanctimonious straw man", and that he was once a member of the Wu Tang Clan).


|-| |

2010-02-19 11:38:16 UTC

You're the leader of the Liberal Democrats. How often do you think to yourself "What is the point?" ?

2010-02-18 16:10:18 UTC

How would you handle the current tension with Argentina over the Falklands concerning oil drilling, if you were the Prime Minister?

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►Anon◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌

2010-03-12 13:27:38 UTC

Who are you?

Two points.

I don't normally do this but this question was asking for it.


2010-02-24 07:55:03 UTC

Would the Liberal Democrats, Stick to election promises,would they put the U.K. interests first?

Would they stop illegal immigrants by returning them immedietly to their country of origin?


2010-02-24 03:05:16 UTC

do you think a simple cost cutting step would be to halve the amount of mps in parliament as half of them are parrasites and never attend any how. the U.S.A. have fewer muppets and they seem to manage fine with a little larger country.and only one dictator

2010-02-23 08:55:52 UTC

With the labour and conservative parties not really being too popular, don't you think its an ideal time to get more publicity and become a strong contender. I think with a bit more publicity and a bigger public profile, your party could really get somewhere.


2010-02-23 07:59:22 UTC

When will the government start to consider how difficult it is for the workers to manage on their measly wages after you have taxed them to keep people who are free to do nothing all day and are not expected to do voluntary work to help pay for the money the government gives them for sitting at home all day. All parties seem to concentrate on helping families with children and those on benefits who

a. dont pay tax.

b. dont need to travel to work.

c dont have to provide their lunch away from home.

d and live in free accommodation

e and can have a lie in on a morning cause they dont have to be up early for work

f. and get free medidcal and dental care

If people WANT to VOLUNTARILY give birth to children ( why should they fare better from the state handouts which includes FREE rent FREE council tax and FREE accomodation and FREE medical care. than people who cant afforrd or dont want to have a family cause they are working full time.

What about expenses the workers have like

1. buying lunch as one gets sick of taking a lunch box every day whereas a single parent ect can make a cheap meal at home for lunch.

2. Travel costs to work which unemployed do not have to fork out for.

3 Providing suitable work clothes for themselves ie businiss attire. Which they will never wear outside of the work environment.

4 They also Have to pay too much to the council for residing in their parents home. After all they cannot do as they like as it is the parents home and if they had their own space they would be able to relax in their own way. They should be able to afford a home of their own. but cant afford a place of their own as they do not qualify for council accommodation because they have no dependent children and the private landlords charge too much in rent and a mortgage is out of the question because of lack of finance.

5 T ravel costs to work can be expensive as some people live in areas where public transport is limited even if it wasnt expensive and therefore have to have the expense of buying and running a car. Buying And running costs are expensive especially if you have a fare distance to travel or the public transport system in your area cannot get you to work when your employer expects you to be there.

ie fuel



m o t and other repairs

road recovery insurance and lost time off work when the car is in the garage.

car parking charges during working hours

and weekly payments to buy the car in the first place.

Plus anything else I may of forgotten.

Oh yes ... and of course time of work without pay for dental and doctors appointments and hospital appointments. And NO help towarrds the cost because as other expenses are not taken into account it is thought that the worker is rich enough to pay.

It is common knowledge that a lot of single people who are working would be financially better off having a couple of kids and claiming benefits as a single parent. I actually know two single people living in their own homes without a family who have packed in work and are now unemployed because they were financially worse off working.

Those who have the decency to work are heavily penalised for working.

PS. I have just heard about the 5per cent deduction in wages to pay for the olympics. Does this include everyone including those on benefits or just the hard up workers.


2010-02-23 03:12:42 UTC

Why is it that politicians seem more concerned with personal attacks on each other than the state of a failing country?


2010-02-22 11:41:12 UTC

If you came into power would you work on changing the electoral system currently used at Westminster? If so, what would you change it to and why? (Personally, I would like to change to AV because I think it would be fairer than FPTP)

Mat H

2010-02-24 05:30:46 UTC

Why is it that the vast majority of lib dem council taxs are the highest in the country, is that a reflection of how the lib dems manage our the peoples money badly, to much tax and bad services with a built in contempt for the average human, based on experience with a lib dem council ??

2010-02-24 05:25:44 UTC

Will we get a referendum on Europe

Will you do something about immigration and policing our borders

Will you scrap scrap university tuition fees

Will you bring our soldiers back to the UK from Afghanistan and Iraq and end the UK involvement in these wars.


2010-02-24 02:25:17 UTC

will you restore the full SERPS pension.

Leave the human rights nonsence

deport all illegals

restore the marriage allowance to pre Gordon bully Brown

Step aside for Vince Cable (not dancing)

Return the country to the loyalist.


2010-02-21 06:18:02 UTC

Why should I trust you. Your party has shown its true worth in Rochdale. Now in total decay and to be renamed GROCHDALE. Thank you very much Mr Super Expenses ROWEN


2010-02-19 11:50:31 UTC

Why do we need to have three main parties?

Other western countries seen to manage very well with only two.

Paul R - Dipping my toe back in

2010-02-19 07:53:24 UTC

The talk is of a hung parliament, will the LibDems be entering into any deals with the tories or SNP etc?


2010-02-27 18:20:28 UTC

The big unasked question that no-one talks about is how many MP's are mentally ill. Would you support a psychiatric vetting procedure for MP's to remove those who are deranged?


2010-02-24 12:46:42 UTC

When is one of the three main leaders going to announce that the jobs that will only be done by the immigrants are to now be done by the unemployed of THIS country. We need to make them work for the dole money they are scrounging off the hard working people of this country. why will they not commit to this and stick to it and save this country from itself.

dermot c

2010-02-23 12:49:03 UTC

is democrocy dead when in order for a party to be elected it is impossible for them to introduce unpopular yet nessasary policy.eg a raise in income tax to provide better services is never going to be a vote winner


2010-02-23 09:17:15 UTC

The liberal democrates to be fair have taken a back seat to the two major party's. What can you do to offer a 'real' alternative? to be able to voice your partys views to be taken seriously by the british voters?


2010-02-23 02:56:04 UTC

Will your party be prepared to properly punish the 'feral youths' and people committing anti-social behaviour by putting them in prison rather than handing out wishy-washy and entirely ineffectual community service orders and ASBOs?

John e

2010-02-21 03:55:27 UTC

Well i would like to know what you would do concerning the immigrant problems we have in this country would you repatriate them back from where ever they have come from will you slam the door

on all from third world country's looking for an easy life at the British peoples expence !


2010-02-19 15:13:43 UTC

What can you offer us that the libs have not been offering for the last 80 years or more. until you can come up with some sensible policys you can only go backwards


2010-02-24 10:59:15 UTC

What will you do about the university fees that are putting young people off higher education or forcing them to leave with huge student debts that will take them years to re-pay?

Nick G

2010-02-24 07:39:17 UTC

Are you still supportive of the Euro, although the current Eurozone crisis?


2010-02-22 12:07:50 UTC

what are your party's, plans for the restructure of the uk,s industry sector, every party mentions and concentrates on retail, but ignores all other sectors, until they face closure, I,E, construction,steel making,open casting,transport,and countless others that need these to survive.

2010-02-24 07:57:16 UTC

You got about as much chance of winning the election as Englands got of winning the world cup.lol


2010-02-21 21:19:36 UTC

as the Tories have already broken a promise to seek an EU referendum will Lib dem also duck this issue as well as immigration problem?


2010-02-18 11:09:26 UTC

In the event of a hung election, with the Liberal Party with enough seats to enable either major party to form a coalition government, with which of the two major parties would the Liberals choose to form a government?


2010-02-28 15:32:14 UTC

How about taking the V.A.T. off food....it's a basic need. And at traffic lights, why can't we turn left when absolutly safe.


2010-02-23 06:33:54 UTC

Do you believe that we live in a 'fair' society? If not, what do believe is 'unfair' in today's Britain?

To what extent you do feel you have best served the interests of your constituents?

racysilver (a.a.g.f.)

2010-02-20 05:14:56 UTC

One simple yes or no answer to this question.

Will your party in any way, shape or form damage the NHS structure? ( Top priority worry being hospital closures. )


2010-02-19 11:35:26 UTC

Why are you in a Yahoo Answers feature-type thing?

2010-02-24 08:06:40 UTC


Labour have stolen your 'fairness' campaign theme and tagline

They've stolen key Lib Dem issues.

How does that make you feel? Why haven't they been castigated for it by the press?


2010-02-24 03:50:30 UTC

Do you believe in evidence based legislation?If so will your party re instate prof. David Nutt and be guided by his expertise/ If not, why not?


2010-02-23 07:10:02 UTC

if every body giver's up smoking and drinking what are you going to tax;s us on to get the same revenue that comes from the high tax;s that these give the government

Jamie E

2010-02-23 06:20:45 UTC

You couldn't even keep your promise of a referendum on the EU constitution when in opposition, why should we trust you would keep any promises in power?

2010-02-23 06:11:30 UTC

When are there going to be honest politicians and ones that we can trust to keep their promises. And what is your parties policy on Afghanistan?

aires69uk OFFICIAL

2010-02-19 03:17:02 UTC

What noticeable and practical steps can you take to affect alcohol related crime and underage drinking. And are you prepared to push for those steps to be taken and to forcefully implement those steps.

2010-03-07 16:58:45 UTC

Will he offer a referndum on EU membership?

2010-02-28 02:28:56 UTC

Will you abolish the Human Rights Act?

Will you halt immigration to this country?

Will you secure our borders and deport all the terrorist scumbags and their families who scrounge off benefits?

What are you planning to do to keep us safe from these people?

Anne F

2010-02-27 13:48:15 UTC

what would u do on the job front i am to be made redundant and my age goes against me i cat live on 60 quid a week could you

۩ Helper Dreigo

2010-02-25 10:27:33 UTC

I dont know who is Nick Clegg..im from Romania lol


2010-02-24 02:49:13 UTC

i want to know what is going to be done about govt corruption,and can we make it a criminal offence to lie to the public,and can we prosecute blair for war crimes and brown for selling our gold reserves and putting the country into so much debt,


2010-02-21 10:04:16 UTC

If elected, what plans would you implement to get Britain out of recession?


2010-02-19 15:50:35 UTC

What are you doing to tackle racism in our society, outside of schools and in the community?


2010-02-25 08:06:01 UTC

You know, when Nick Clegg went on the German exchange with his school when he was 16, he got drunk and burned down his exchange's father's collection of exotic cacti. True!

2010-02-24 08:27:16 UTC

why is our council tax forever rising, when we were on rates we were paying only £350 a year now we are all paying in excess of £1,400 for less services we the people cannot afford these extortionate bills.


2010-02-19 03:09:13 UTC

What are Liberal Democrat principles or are political principles things that only conservatives and socialists have?


2010-02-18 12:29:53 UTC

i may care about the economy, i care about immigration issues, i care passionately about education and about the state of the national health system but mostly i am concerned about the environment and the pressure we are putting on our natural resources. what is your position when it comes to climate change? are you on the side of good science and do you heed the warnings, or do you lend an ear to the skeptics and will you seek mediocre compromises rather than tackle these very urgent issues head on? what will the liberal democrats actually hope to deliver if they get a positive result? thanks.


2010-02-25 04:52:30 UTC


Alexander M

2010-02-24 12:42:07 UTC

What are you opinions university fees? Will you keep them, lower them or drop them entirely? And if you do make any changes when would these come about?


2010-02-20 16:17:30 UTC

As a Lib Dem why do you even bother. If you punch crazy david cameron i'll vote for you.

2010-02-20 08:27:28 UTC

Who the **** are you and why are you so forgettable? You can say what you like about Charles Kennedy but at least people knew who he was!

2010-02-24 22:25:13 UTC

hi with all the thugs on the streets why not Bring back National Service Cheers.


2010-02-23 05:46:12 UTC

how can you seriously offer help to people struggling on the poverty line and raise taxes to a degree that will actually make a difference?


2010-02-21 10:26:19 UTC

There is really one answer and it seems everybody does not want to know in politics, yet it effect every man in the country. You must be tired of its immigration. Please protect us and al the immigrate in the country from further immigration. I don't care if its Brussels or any body else, I want protection from immigrates. I don't want them, its my country and if they vote for you, then bad luck. Oh dear for politicians, please get get back to the people. When will learn., you represent us

Scott Bull

2010-02-20 17:18:12 UTC

What's it like knowing that people know who the leader of the BNP is, the SNP, the Monster Raving Looney Party, the Teddy Bear Alliance, but have never heard of you?


2010-02-19 12:46:08 UTC

hi as a carer for more than 15 yrs looking after somebody with schizophrenia and other problems

how would you help me and other carers

2010-03-08 10:38:15 UTC

whats your take on 2012?


2010-02-28 09:16:25 UTC

Do you think you can make gains in a general election when your policies and personnel are so non-descript?


2010-02-23 13:37:52 UTC

Will you be increasing the fees for university if you get elected?

2010-02-21 07:40:56 UTC

Given the recent cut in university funding, you have always wanted University to be free, what is your stance now?

2010-02-20 11:33:52 UTC

When will you resign and hand over to someone less like Tony Blair and less smarmy . and have you improved your memory on what the actual state pension is for those who have retired

Alley Cat

2010-02-20 08:36:19 UTC

What are your ideas towards global warming and saving the planet and how are you going to avoid us going in to another reccession

seeker of wisdom and truth

2010-02-19 06:37:55 UTC

Could you inform the electorate how much we pay into the EU and how much we receive out. No evasive answers, just the simple maths, in out balance?.


2010-03-13 11:46:47 UTC

Who are you?


2010-02-24 15:22:39 UTC

Without Prejudice

As the founder member of cameronissim which is my Scottish religion, I believe in the spiritual awareness I attain when smoking marijuana. Under European law it says you cannot discriminate against my religion or beliefs. Yet Jews living in the UK have the barbaric right to circumcise children when it’s a criminal act to harm children?.

So why are you and the other parties discriminating against my religion, is it because unlike Jews, I donate no money to any of your parties, let along recognise the union between Scotland and England.

As a Scot and cameronist you’re a racist and you side with child abusers and war criminals. ie the Israeli lobby groups too which pay for your silence…. RACIST!

Dave 33

2010-02-22 09:41:32 UTC

Do you believe that you have a snowballs chance in hell of winning this or any other election?

being that you are so weak and affriad to speak up when all other parties are having their comment in the press and the TV yet we hear vertually nothing from you except when one of your mp's marries a cheeky girls B list pop star. would it seem fair to state that your as popular as an imigrant at a BNP rally and have as must chance of winning this general election as i have of becoming the next love interest of Angelina Jolie

skippy's mum

2010-02-18 17:18:05 UTC

Apart from removing benefits for people who are disabled have you got any further plans to obliterate those who are genuinely ill or disabled even though Disabilility Living Allowance are very very strict now & Medicals are geared to be against those who are suffering?

2010-03-05 10:06:03 UTC

In your view, that is your, personal view, what do you honestly think your party stands for, where is it on the political spectrum, and what attracted you into politics?


2010-02-24 10:55:38 UTC

Many people have said we should move away from our connections with america especially when george bush was in charge. now with what seems like anew direction for america with barak obama, should we strengthen ties or loosen them?


2010-02-19 05:32:05 UTC

how far are you willing to go to reform the uk constition?

will you abolish the house fo lords

redesign parliament completely etc


2010-03-04 08:02:39 UTC

What are you going to do about the rampant corruption and incompetence in central and local government?

2010-02-24 12:47:06 UTC

Why do canvass for voters when you now you cannot win the election ?

If you want our votes canvass for British jobs for British people and free health care for pensioners

steven e

2010-02-23 13:30:28 UTC

Will you get rid of the most expensive tax of the lot POLL TAX?


2010-02-23 07:40:20 UTC

What do you intend to do about reform of the House of Lords ??

Susan B

2010-02-20 03:44:24 UTC

If you are elected to govt. will you put vince cable in charge of the economy?

We all know it needs sorting out - and he was the only one with the foresight to see it coming.

So please say yes.

2010-02-19 13:20:16 UTC

I'll finally be old enough to vote this year and having been leaning towards the BNP for a number of years.

What can you offer me that the BNP can't?

Solstice Boy

2010-02-19 11:14:36 UTC

How does it feel to permanently flog a dead horse, knowing you'll never get into power?


2010-02-27 18:14:10 UTC

As 82% of this country's prisoners are incarcerated on drugs related crimes, will you have a zero tolerance on illegal narcotics?


2010-02-23 03:16:36 UTC

What is your view on student finance and university places? Do support proposals to up student loans and make university harder to get into?


2010-02-22 12:50:06 UTC

What are you doing that is helping the world today?

How will it benefit the population of today?


2010-02-20 14:40:55 UTC

What qualities do you think you, as a leader, have to rival Cameron and Brown?


2010-02-23 23:52:19 UTC

Would you change the law so catholics can become PM or even Queen or King

2010-02-22 05:44:13 UTC

i have been out of work for nearly 2 years.

What will YOU do to help me back into work? Also what help will there be for those on low wages?

2010-02-21 14:55:17 UTC

The worlds f*cked m8,**** u 2


2010-02-20 06:25:16 UTC

Why should I put faith, and vote, in a party that have never been in power before?

lorraine a

2010-02-18 14:17:14 UTC

I would like to ask him if he is like all other mps. Does he lie, cheat, steal money from the taxpayer and can he answer a question with yes or no, instead of avoiding a direct answer.


2010-02-19 09:26:25 UTC

When are YOU going to win an election?


2010-02-24 19:33:21 UTC

stop invading other poeple countries get real,,,stop eastern imigrants once they were your enemies,,,,,creat markets in midle east and north africa before the chineese will,,,,,cut down the gambling expansion you say football is good for younger generation but alot of football sponsers are 888,,bet123,,,and so on,,,,gambling will kill british society,,,and good luck in your elections


2010-02-24 09:22:37 UTC

So what fundamentaly makes you any different from the other main parties?

2010-02-23 11:51:01 UTC

are you best described as calamity clegg ?


2010-02-22 11:37:21 UTC

Why did you cave in over the Lisbon Treaty.

2010-03-01 04:43:33 UTC

Nick clegg, why are you such a egg?

Yvonne D

2010-02-19 13:36:17 UTC

How incredibly irritating is it to you that people keep confusing you with Nick Griffin and what do you intend to do to keep blood sports illegal?


2010-02-19 03:35:10 UTC

When will you liberate the UK from the mess, confusion & clutter of imperial units? The UK signed up to go metric in 1884; it's about time the government honoured this committment to the citizens of the UK and the rest of the world (not just the EU).

One Man Wolfpack

2010-03-04 07:06:22 UTC

What do you believe the role of government is?


2010-02-25 10:59:00 UTC

Do you and your party support the murder of 200,000 unborn babies that takes place each year in England and Wales? What do you think about their rights?

gemma h

2010-02-25 03:59:05 UTC

I would like to know if you are going to be investing more money into renewable energy as labour hasn't?

John S

2010-02-23 08:15:47 UTC

Does anyone know who you are? Does anyone care? Do you know that I know? Labour will win again because you and David Cameron are just too smooth and slimey.

John (aged 60 years)

Bill C

2010-02-22 10:05:30 UTC

What are your beliefs on taxation, abortion,euthanization,choosing assistants,education,ethics,unions and marriage?

2010-02-22 06:23:36 UTC

Will you make any changes to child/working tax credits?

Will you be introducing any new schemes for single parents?

Will you be introducing any new schemes to help families access healthy eating and exercise programmes?

2010-02-21 13:40:00 UTC

lib dems are just labour party in slightly different packaging

2010-02-19 06:30:57 UTC

What would your party do for the supposed fee increases for University-goers?

Aberdeen Tyke

2010-02-18 15:12:02 UTC

The Lib Dems have nearly bankrupted Aberdeen City Council, but i haven't much faith in Labour or Conservatives either. Give me a good reason why i should vote for you instead of the BNP?

2010-03-13 13:05:10 UTC

Don't know

2010-02-25 00:11:03 UTC

Do you think that England should have it's own devolved parliament. If not, why?

2010-02-19 15:30:26 UTC

What do you stand for?

Are you going to take us out of the EU?

Are we official "out" of Recession?


2010-02-18 11:49:15 UTC

Along the same lines as Edwin & wessex..

In the event of a hung Parliament, if I were to trust the Liberals with my vote, would you turn your back on me to form a coalition with the Labour Party?


2010-02-27 16:08:21 UTC

Should your party be elected, What do you intend to do to HELP disabled people ?


2010-02-25 01:29:09 UTC

Would it not be better if a uk national was to marry a none uk national that he/she went and lived in their country. After all if you truly loved someone you would want to be with them where ever they are? .

2010-02-23 10:51:09 UTC

"Mr Clegg, Ferrari or Lamborghini? which is best?"

2010-02-22 21:53:45 UTC

Why are your policies so useless and only fools would vote for you. Why not put forward useful policies? Why change them every few months?


2010-02-20 12:03:13 UTC

THE EU. is failing why should we bother with it, no country wants to rally round and help the greek gov, what if uk in same position. germany one of the strongest countries turned greece down flat, why owe any Elegance ,to countries like that. why is EU immigration on the minds of every person i talk to, none of my friends are racially motivated, but this question arises on numerous occasions.

2010-03-07 11:14:09 UTC

What have you got against youtube?


2010-02-24 07:48:20 UTC


2010-03-08 04:46:43 UTC

What would be your most favourite and emotional acomplishment?


2010-03-06 10:03:12 UTC

Be careful

2010-02-24 17:17:32 UTC


2010-02-24 12:32:54 UTC

What is your policy on illegal immigrants and how would you speed up the decision making process on asylum applications?


2010-02-24 12:24:33 UTC

I would like to know his stance on immigration and get britain out of europe.


2010-02-23 08:30:09 UTC

Bigger knobhea*d: Gordon Brown, David Cameron? (the answer is David Cameron btw) :D x

Mary H

2010-02-22 07:16:23 UTC

What will your Party to curb immigration?

2010-02-22 03:32:54 UTC

Does he wear Harmony Hairspray?!?


2010-03-04 04:33:25 UTC

What's your favorite bed time snack?

2010-03-02 06:09:07 UTC

Do you ever think you'll REALLY win an election?


2010-02-25 10:36:32 UTC

Do you not think that faith schools are bad for social cohesion / integration?

2010-02-24 04:29:16 UTC

i bet if i asked you this question you would not be able to give me a straight answer (no politician will give you a straight answer) question is

will you bring back hanging

2010-02-21 16:07:45 UTC

Is prohibition working?


2010-02-24 17:15:02 UTC

Nick, what's your opinion of the re-classification of Marijuana?

2010-02-25 13:26:05 UTC

Do you think that in your lifetime you will ever see the LibDems in power? and why?

2010-02-24 01:18:23 UTC

Will YOU put yourself in OUR shoes, See things from our point of view, worry about us instead of your pocket.

john k

2010-02-23 11:26:59 UTC

Why bother when you know you will always be in 3rd place?

2010-02-21 03:48:14 UTC

Do you ever think you'll REALLY win an election?


2010-02-20 13:14:40 UTC

"If you were stuck on a desert island and could only pass one piece of legislation, what would it be?"

2010-02-18 12:33:39 UTC

I would like to ask, Why did you do a deal with the other two parties and stab the British people in the back by pulling out your support at the referendum demand? Was it so that you could all keep your cushy seats on the EU gravy train?....how do you feel about playing your part in the Greatest act of treason against the people ever to be done from the houses of parliament?

2010-03-02 12:18:59 UTC

I would like to ask them if ur cute or ugly

My dog don't like liberals

2010-02-28 14:18:11 UTC

Do you look both ways when you cross the street? do you have another job?


2010-02-23 08:27:10 UTC

Do you feel a little intimidated by the Conservatives and Labour as them being superior to your party?


2010-02-19 16:40:00 UTC

Nick who?


2010-02-21 07:43:03 UTC

whats the point?

who cares who's in?

i work all my live to just to be robbed in old age?

(by muggers, burglars, conmen, councils and government)


2010-02-20 15:22:36 UTC

would you stand up for Britain in the EU when lots of money gets pumped into the EU and all we get in return is some immigrants who refuse to learn our language and also get benefits which we give them when they do not actually need them?


2010-02-24 01:52:14 UTC

why do you bother running for the election when you never win?


2010-02-20 21:19:04 UTC

What do you think about the gay marriage? Does it possibly happen in England?

2010-02-18 12:19:45 UTC

Do you believe any of the mainstream parties can still be trusted? Given the current track record i think none of the big 3 will be trusted anymore nor do they deserve to be voted in due to how they have behaved with the expenses.


2010-03-13 19:06:16 UTC


Mat C

2010-03-05 02:12:37 UTC

GO republicans


2010-02-20 11:01:47 UTC

whats the point of running since you're never going to get in..


2010-02-20 09:19:33 UTC

Where did you bury Ming Campbell? :)


2010-02-27 05:59:26 UTC

What's your middle name?

Dr Owl

2010-02-25 04:48:39 UTC

How does it feel knowing that you're never going to be Prime Minister?

2010-02-24 05:27:11 UTC

how can he justify getting involved in the so called "bullygate " it seems a bit like bandwaggon jumping before the fact from him and" call me dave"

2010-03-05 20:57:44 UTC


Char Char

2010-02-26 12:00:54 UTC

Why does he think that he is any better than any other candidate?

The Nucleus

2010-02-25 13:27:23 UTC

Nick who?


2010-02-24 12:27:37 UTC

You should ask him to say happy birthday to me. :)

Also ask him why his second name sounds like one of the most horrible insects ever.


2010-02-23 10:06:11 UTC

are you aware that it is highly unlikely that you will ever come to power, even with all the other parties acting like pricks?


2010-02-21 11:36:58 UTC

is your party a nanny state orientated party, which is obviously what we have under labour !


2010-03-11 18:20:03 UTC

i love ireland

2010-02-24 07:28:28 UTC

Does it matter who is governing the country as there all criminals,


2010-02-23 02:56:27 UTC

do you believe in a right wing new world order conspiricy, and if so how do you plan to combat it

2010-02-19 12:14:49 UTC

Who does your hair?

2010-02-19 09:57:44 UTC

how long would you keep interest rates as low as they are now?.

2010-02-18 12:13:42 UTC

Why do politicians shy from immigration, why is it that everybody knows there is a problem' and yet politicians will only skim over the problem.

Do they fear branded as a racist to openly talk about this problem.


2010-03-08 14:33:24 UTC

I would ask him; who are you?

gentle girl

2010-03-02 03:40:52 UTC

Could be

2010-03-01 08:33:15 UTC

Could be

2010-02-23 06:04:31 UTC

If Jesus was an illegal immigrant would you let him in?


2010-02-18 12:08:06 UTC

My question would be:

Will the Liberal Democrats ever provide us with a realistic alternative to both Labour & the Conservatives?

ђ๏t ๓єรร

2010-02-20 15:39:26 UTC

What is your favourite ice cream flavour


2010-03-02 01:10:02 UTC

hey what time does the sun rise?? 6 or 9 ... becuase your momma loves the morning xD lmfao.................................. get it 6 or 9? 69 hahahahahahahah yeaa im so coool , all so 2guys1horse :D thankyou please come agian...


2010-02-24 07:56:10 UTC

Marmite: Love it or hate it?


2010-02-23 08:31:05 UTC

Would you put tax or national insurance up????


2010-02-22 15:26:23 UTC

Do you realise how lacking in gravitas you are?

2010-02-22 15:20:13 UTC

Who is really in charge?

Andy F

2010-02-22 04:17:35 UTC

Does your ar$e not hurt from spending all these years sitting on the fence?

2010-02-20 16:49:04 UTC

I would ask him why he is such a douchebag & would surrender to the EU worse than a Frenchman would to a Nazi.


2010-02-18 17:32:33 UTC

What will you do to stop the destruction of this country due to excess and unreasonable immigration policies? Will you defend our people first, or the immigrant first? Will you put us first, or the EU first?

Molly B

2010-03-11 13:44:05 UTC


2010-03-02 16:36:54 UTC

what are you going to do to help this site

2010-02-24 11:24:54 UTC

Can you walk into oncoming traffic?


2010-02-24 09:32:46 UTC

do you regret your comments about gina ford ?(a non gina supporter)


2010-02-24 07:51:03 UTC

do you like the luas system in dublin?

2010-02-21 09:09:40 UTC

Who did you think killed Archie Mitchell?


2010-02-19 20:33:37 UTC

What is the point in your life?


2010-02-19 12:07:24 UTC

I'd like to ask him if he will be asking for an inquiry due to this irrefutable evidence?



2010-02-19 07:02:19 UTC

WHo are you?

What are the Liberal Democrats!


2010-02-18 11:05:29 UTC

Will you take sensible steps to progressing this nation? In other words scaling back the nhs and bbc to core services and investing in future industries namely space industry or will you allow the country to lag and remain in the last millenium clinging on to past glories and by gone days of british supremacy? Also investment in modern forms of transport; high speed trains and highly intricate and dedicated cycle networks.

Finally will stop the closing down sale this country is seeing with iconic british companies and real estate being sold off to overseas buyers left right and centre? And will you bring the debt under control and start servicing it?

Kool Aider 8 ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶

2010-03-14 13:03:20 UTC

Nothing...who is that?


2010-03-06 07:08:48 UTC

Not sure


2010-03-01 10:44:17 UTC

would you date a cheeky girl ?


2010-02-25 04:26:41 UTC

What do you define as humanity?


2010-02-24 18:33:38 UTC

How does it feel like to have both a dick and a vagin*?

Moe [Suspended]

2010-02-24 09:22:52 UTC

Why do we have a government that is useless?


2010-02-23 12:35:03 UTC

How many men have you had sex with?

2010-02-23 05:44:54 UTC

do you feel that clotted cream is under- rated?if so why?

sir eustace arseburger the 3rd

2010-02-22 14:00:09 UTC

politicians dont seem to be able to answers a question with yes or no why is that they seem to just waffle on..............

James Melton

2010-02-18 12:58:38 UTC

If elected, will you scrap the proposed compulsory ID card scheme for good?


2010-02-18 10:31:55 UTC

Do the Liberal Democrats aspire to be part of a coalition government with the Conservatives?

What would the Liberal Democrats do to tackle unemployment?

What would the Liberal Democrats do for first time buyers who can't get a mortgage because the banks have become so risk averse they won't even lend standard home loans anymore?

2010-02-25 12:08:55 UTC

have you ever had it up the Gary?

oh, and if so did you like it as much as all them 'ladies' what you have s h a g g e d??


2010-02-25 08:09:46 UTC

what do you inrend to do about immigration and the huge defict in government finance?

2010-02-23 09:11:16 UTC

If you could be any animal which one would you be?


2010-02-23 08:56:00 UTC

Tell me please, how can we trust you given that you have gone back on a pledge for a referendum on Europe?


2010-02-23 05:05:50 UTC

why do you want to ban burkas

Mrs R

2010-02-27 11:26:40 UTC

in your opinion, why should people vote for you:

2010-02-22 17:45:41 UTC

Can i hav some taters?

Harry Hayfield

2010-02-18 09:41:13 UTC

I live in the Ceredigion constituency which is currently represented by Mark Williams (Liberal Democrat) who has a majority of 218 over Plaid Cymru (the Welsh Nationalists) with the Conservatives and Labour a distant third and fourth. Whenever I met a Conservative or Labour person in the seat, they seem convinced that they can vote Conservative or Labour and be confident of winning power in Westminster, despite the fact they cannot win here in Ceredigion. Do you believe that this idea is caused by Britain's electoral system and that only votes in Lab / Con seats count and that all other seats are ignored come election day?

2010-03-06 13:39:57 UTC

why are you such a bellend


2010-02-26 23:25:51 UTC

Who are you? Will you be my friend?

Kid B

2010-02-25 12:27:59 UTC

What is your least favourite biscuit?

just me

2010-02-23 08:23:55 UTC

has immigration by none european people been good for britain

2010-02-20 11:37:42 UTC

what is your policy on animal testing in the uk?

Rav S

2010-02-25 03:49:25 UTC

Do you feel all politicians are shady?

2010-02-18 17:05:00 UTC

who are you ? tell us a bit more about yourself and your background

2010-02-23 22:59:29 UTC

Who exactly are you?

Mr Brice

2010-02-21 16:15:20 UTC

do u wash ur trail?


2010-02-21 08:34:06 UTC

Why does noone know who you are?


2010-02-18 11:36:24 UTC

1)If you got power wouldn't you be just as corrupt as Labour and the Conservatives? After all, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

2)What would you do to change the UK for the better and how would you do it with the current massive debt the UK is in?

3)With a nickname like "Clegg-over" how do you expect to be taken seriously as a primeminister?

2010-03-14 18:47:29 UTC

Are you a republican?

2010-02-25 16:49:07 UTC

your mom


2010-02-23 14:06:24 UTC



2010-02-23 01:08:14 UTC

how comes you never come to power LOL!


2010-02-22 12:39:30 UTC


2010-02-20 11:19:03 UTC

Are you guys for real?

2010-02-19 16:50:43 UTC

who are you? And what do you want?

Paul W

2010-02-18 10:23:12 UTC

Mr Clegg, do you feel a lot has been made over the personality of your opponents, especially Gordon Brown recently in his interview with Piers Morgan, when this election should be about policies which can get us out of this economic slump and clear the country's debt?

EDIT: I realise this question has more significance due in part to recent revelations over Gordon Brown and the bullying claims.


2010-02-24 12:26:46 UTC

I'd ask him:

Who the hell are you?


2010-02-18 18:14:13 UTC

What are your thoughts on the BNP? Do you agree or disagree with them in any way?


2010-02-18 07:17:26 UTC

Given that his predecessors in the role of leader have been removed (Charles Kennedy for drinking and Menzies Campbell for apparently being too old) how safe does he feel in the position of leader knowing his party membership are not slow to pull the old Caesar in the Senate trick?

Why, in spite of his having been leader for quite some time, do the majority of people in this country not really know who they're looking at when they see a picture of him?

And finally, to mirror what another person has already put, why the u-turn on the Liberal commitment to a referendum on Europe? I do not believe the signing of the Lisbon Treaty would stop this nation from pulling back from closer European integration if it was deemed to be required hence I would not accept that response as a valid answer.


2010-02-28 11:46:42 UTC

How are you?

2010-02-26 10:15:21 UTC

can I have some money ?


2010-02-23 02:52:12 UTC

Why bother?


2010-02-21 08:01:29 UTC

Is this sparta?


2010-02-20 12:27:03 UTC

Do you believe in God?

Live Life With Passion

2010-03-07 11:06:24 UTC

i'd say:

sorry, but who are you???

2010-03-03 14:34:57 UTC

who the f*ck r u??


2010-03-02 21:21:43 UTC

boxers or briefs...or none?

My hands are small, but they are my own

2010-02-25 14:08:26 UTC

i would ask, Who are you??

2010-02-24 00:59:18 UTC

does my *** look big big in those jeans?

Eddy T

2010-02-18 07:56:49 UTC

In one word, is inflation a worry.What is your take on the government setting up an investment are, UKFI using takepayers money to nationalised Northern Rock,take 83% stake of RBS and 40% of Lloyds.

2010-02-25 19:25:55 UTC


2010-02-23 06:29:45 UTC

Hello there , who are you then???????????


2010-02-22 09:49:18 UTC

Where do babies come from?

2010-02-19 13:37:35 UTC



2010-02-18 10:47:33 UTC

Do you and your party believe that the ordinary people,should be treated as important as the bankers who through bad management has thrown our country into austerity for at least two generations,and they still receive high wages and bonuses

cymru am byth

2010-02-18 09:27:14 UTC

the LIb Dems have always said that they will scrap university tuition fees - is this still plausible in the current economic climate? also what happens in regard to graduates with their debt and post-graduate study? I am a recent graduate with the tuition fee debt from my undergraduate degree - if tuition fees are scrapped will current debts be written off? and will the free university education extend to post-graduate study - not only with academic courses but also with professional courses such as the LPC and BVC?

2010-02-20 23:21:12 UTC



2010-02-18 11:08:11 UTC

Why don't you stand up for the majority and promise a referendum on Europe? David Cameron lost thousands of votes to UKIP & BNP when he backed off and joined the LibLabCon coalition.

Don't decry these two parties but there is no where else to go. All these votes could be yours for just standing up for Britain.


2010-03-03 19:40:24 UTC

wat? gfy... good for you! or is that the real meaning :) who knows

2010-02-20 10:10:51 UTC


2010-02-18 12:16:41 UTC

I would like to know what steps his party are going to take to integrate the UK with the EU better and make us a part of it all and not sit on the side lines and moan,


2010-02-18 11:58:46 UTC

What is the point of voting for you no hopers?

lïƒε ïṡ α ɾøllεɾсøαṡτεɾ ღ

2010-02-18 11:53:00 UTC

Why isn't University free?


2010-02-18 11:01:21 UTC

Politicians are not elected to shed the blood of their soldiers in far away land, if there is no strategic interest.

Should you be elected, are you aware of the strategic interest, say in Afghanistan?


2010-02-18 10:45:16 UTC

Why should I vote for you? What are you going to do to improve all the problems I have in my village? You of course no what problems we are having don't you. Thought not.


2010-02-18 07:47:56 UTC

Why is Tavish Scott such a complete and utter ****??

Windrider unchained M.A.M.

2010-02-18 07:00:44 UTC

What challenges are you looking forward to most in the New Parliament.

2010-02-18 06:29:51 UTC

Will you reverse the socially authoritarian policies of New Labor? Does your party plan to end the police state Britain is turning in?

Or do the Lib Dems plan to allowing Tory social conservatism to form a coalition?

Will the Liberal Democrats defend individual liberties?

2010-02-18 06:24:55 UTC

How many of the vast amount of policies that you'll no doubt promise to stick to while you're canvassing will you ACTUALLY stick to & put into effect, if elected Prime Minister ?

This is a serious question that I would like to know the answer to, so I just hope that after asking us to give you questions ,that you then don't even ask them to him.


2010-02-19 05:52:28 UTC

Why is your party so racist?

2010-02-18 09:48:00 UTC

How can you sit in the mother of parliaments and condone the traitorous actions of todays mendacious MP's presiding over a country that no longer can govern its own affairs , has no effective border, lets children leave school with little or no respect for the society , inner cities rife with crime and drugs , our soldiers dying in a war that will not have an end , my question really is how do you sleep at night?

2010-02-18 08:36:51 UTC

Do you realise a lot of people vote for you as a protest vote.

2010-02-18 08:34:45 UTC

What are your plans for the public sector and will you encourage the building of council housing to help solve the housing crisis

2010-02-18 06:51:48 UTC

hello nick, whats your birth sign and whats your favourite type of cheese?


2010-03-05 16:47:21 UTC


The Dentist

2010-02-18 10:05:36 UTC

Is it not true that you simply haven't got a snowballs chance in hell in ever taking power in Britain? So, that being the case then why should anyone be stupid enough to vote for you anyway?


2010-02-18 08:34:46 UTC

what are your plans on reforming the unjust laws relating to minor crimes ie breaking the speed limit,

or parking offences etc.

would you agree that the fines should be based on the weekly or yearly income of the perpetrator

rather than at present where the fine could be 1/4 of someones weekly wage or 1/1000 of someones

weekly wage.


2010-02-18 08:02:26 UTC

I sent an email to you some time ago which was promptly replied to asking a few questions which i hoped your answers to them would help me make the decision to vote lib dem, they did, and i am, but one thing i havent seen you mention much is what you and your party would do for disabled people, such as myself and their carers, and anything related to us.

im thinking in regards to benefits and work mostly but any related areas im interested in would be good to get an answer to

i just wanted to say, in regards to work and benefits, i would hope a lib dem governments plan to get people into work wouldnt just be a case of chucking us into any old dead end job, like i think labour plan to, i want to work, i hate being on benefits, its a noose around the neck, stops me doing so much, and I may be disabled but i have ambition, things i want to do, things i can do, physically, that you might not think disabled people can do (no, not that! although, that too) that comes down to a key word for disabled people, adaptability, making the situation work for you, not letting it beat you. im not your typical happy to sit behind a desk for a living disabled person, i want to get my hands dirty, and i can. everyone, disabled included, should have a certain amount of choice in what we get to do in life. not be told what were doing.

and i didnt do 6 years college to spend my life working on a conveyer belt packing boxes, which i fear mr brown plans to make disabled people do,


2010-02-18 07:59:56 UTC

Why are you wasting your time.... YOU WILL NOT WIN THE GENERAL ELECTION.

2010-02-18 07:24:46 UTC

Do you feel, that by advocating, and perpetuating the same old Myth of lawful protest, and legitimate channels, you are alienating the Anarchists? I mean, a vote is a vote.


2010-02-18 06:15:41 UTC

Do you feel that The Liberal Democrats has overtaken Labour as the most left-wing of the 3 mainstream parties? Why?

Nom de Guerre

2010-02-18 05:56:15 UTC

In the event of a hung Parliament and Tory-Liberal coalition, would you push for Proportional Representation?

Secondly, if I were to trust the Liberals with my vote, would you turn your back on me to form a coalition with the Labour Party?

2010-02-18 05:54:42 UTC


He is very clear in what he stands for and what he intends to do if he gets into power.

I would just never vote for him based on his policies that would be even worse for the country than Labour's.

2010-02-18 05:48:20 UTC

How can you justify a name like Mr Clegg?

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