What I've Learned this Past Year (2024)

I am turning 25 on July 5, which feels like such a milestone! This is the quarter life chrysalis, and marks a period of great growth. Physically, our brains have fully matured by this age, so our decisions are made from a grounded space. As I ground into this energy, I feel inspired to reflect on this last year of being 24 in the year 2024 before I enter this new rotation around the sun.

Last year, when I turned 24, I celebrated my birthday in Bali and was there for four weeks. This was the final part of my one year journey of traveling the world from July 2022 to July 2023. In that period of my life, I was a free spirit, living in tropical places, conscious communities, doing whatever I desired. I got to experience so much freedom and independence.

This last year: July 2023 to July 2024, my journey has shifted. Instead of traveling around the world, I lived with my family in San Diego, California. I would visit my partner up in NoCal about every month and a half, which felt like a mini retreat. I find it so interesting that when I was 23, I was hardly in California, and when I was 24, I had not stepped foot outside of California. After being such a free spirit, it’s exactly what my human self needed, some time to recharge and ground in the home I have grown up in.

So, this last year, I have prioritized my connection with my family. It’s been so beyoutifull to deepen my relationship with my mom, dad, and sister. I feel so loved and taken care of. I live in my dream home next to a garden and pool, fifteen minutes from the beach, walking distance to a park, so close to many restaurants, shops, and dance studios… feeling so comforted and comfortable in Life. My parents are so kind, and they truly want the best for me. My sister is always there for me, we all love going on bike rides, beach walks, and family dinners. My mom and I are closer than ever, and being able to feel the nourishment of my mother’s love every day is so deeply healing. I’ve felt the meaning of a deep hug and the impact that it has created in our relationship. Hugging my mom is one of the best feelings in the world because it allows us to experience unconditional love.

I feel so rooted here in sunny San Diego. I have a comfy bed and a room that is full of the vibrant art that I’ve created. It’s so nice to have all my belongings in a stable space. I am able to create routines, rituals, and habits that I can count on every day such as walking my dog to the park and saying hello to neighbors, or riding my bike during golden hour as people are playing sports on the field.

This whole year I’ve also been working with kids. I absolutely love the job that I have during the school year; it is part of my soul’s purpose, and it is very fulfilling. I love creating community among youth and activating joy. I get to lead art projects and fun games! Currently, I am a Unit Leader for the Specialty Creative Summer Camps, so I get to do all things creative with the kids, including dance, musical theater, painting, and “big messy art”! Having a job has felt so regulating for my system because it allows me to have a consistent source of income, and provides structure and purpose in the day.

I’ve also been applying and interviewing for careers, because one of my goals is to grow professionally. I’ve learned to be patient with the process, and accept rejection as redirection. I’ve learned what it means to persevere, to have resilience, and to keep aiming for our goals even if the results aren’t quite there yet. Seeing my sister thrive in her career has been a source of motivation for me. Diamonds are made under pressure, and even though I feel immense pressure to have a professional career, I am giving myself grace as I trust in my divine timing. I do believe that everything happens for many reasons, and the Universe is currently preparing me for what’s to come. I am aligning with my optimal career energetically, and am taking the action steps to bring it to Life, knowing that if an opportunity is meant to be, it shall manifest perfectly.

For instance, one opportunity came perfectly to me in January of 2024. I applied to be part of a 4 month Entrepreneurship Program at a community college, and got in! During this program, I got to work with multiple mentors to co-create an online business from the ground up; the accountability and support we received gave our business such a boost as we were building together!

In fact, the co-creation of our Joyfull Blissings business / blissness with my partner/ soul mate, Nico Bliss, has been such a highlight and theme of 2024. This year, we launched our first music album together, our podcast, and our discord community. On top of that, we created an entire website, eBook, and our first ever program! All of this took so much devotion and passion to bring our visions to Life! It flowed so perfectly with our aligned action and intention. I would wake up every day and the first thing I’d want to do was write in our eBook or add to our website or create a powerful post, with such excitement to share our message. Seeing what it takes to build a business gives me a deeper appreciation and respect for entrepreneurs. It is a lot of work, yet that work is soul fulfilling, and it lights you up so much because it is an expression of who you are.

The program we have designed guides artists on how to create, express, and release their first soul song through our unique 7 step process. We combine spiritual empowerment with soul-led music making. Our purpose is to help creatives shine in their fullest expression through sharing their authentic soul’s voice and energy. It truly fills me up with so much joy to see conscious creators activated in their soul’s essence and shining in their soul’s purpose. We’re already guiding creatives on this musical journey, and it is such an honor to be of service in this way.

One of my birthday wishes for my 25th year is to call in more aligned souls into this portal so that the world can be blessed with empowering messages and songs that resonate with our Highest Self! Imagine the legacy we can create through our message and energetic signature! I feel that this joy of expression and connection is the soul-ution to creating a harmonious and loving world. So, if you’d like to connect with us and with your voice in a deeper way, check out what we’re offering here; it is my heart’s desire to see us all shine in our magical light!

Something else that I’ve been growing through this last year, is seeing how our shine can be a trigger for people; it can cause discomfort. I’ve had people come up to me and express this openly, and I’ve also had people make fun of me online for being who I am. I’ve learned to navigate this with my support system and with compassion for my inner child. I recognize that when we shine so brightly, some may misunderstand us or may not be in the place to fully receive because they have yet to activate their liberated expression. Yes, we can receive constructive feedback with discernment, as we remain true to who we are.

I’ve learned the power of conscious communication, honoring yourself and everyone in the conversation. Everyone has such unique perspectives and at the end of the day, if we can come back to Love, that is what truly matters. By focusing on Love, we can surround ourselves with this energy, and bring that out within people, since that is our True Nature. It’s so important to have people in your life who care for you, who want to support you and see you shine and succeed in your purpose and joy. May we be an example of that energy.

I’m so happy to say that I have truly allowed my expression to be seen. Through making music, sharing poetry on open mics, and dancing, I find it so freeing to shine in our unique energy! I’ve allowed my inner artist to be expressed through my colorful nature; I really resonate with being an artist of Life. As a creative soul, I am here to bring people together through their artistry. It is such a joy to create art and share my voice and movement in an empowering and authentic way.

This year, I have also been dancing a lot more, and have experienced some dance studios in San Diego that have been life transformative. In fact, my sister is a dance instructor at one of them called “Madhouse Dance” and it is a portal for the feminine to be liberated. The studio is lit up in pink and red lights, and we have the permission slip to twerk and be sensual in such a safe and sacred space. I learned how to dance in heels for the first time, which is so fun and juicy! Another studio that just opened up this month is called “Drip Creative Studio” and it is a space where “creatives are taken seriously”! I am so grateful that San Diego is a hub for creativity and dance.

I love sharing my energy through dance, and dancing at these studios has allowed my shakti to be expressed, I feel my entire being activated and lit up by the experience! Dancing gives us the opportunity to feel beyoutifull in our own skin. I’ve been noticing some changes in my facial skin that comes with age and exposing yourself to lots of sunshine, so taking care of my skin and feeling confident in my body through dance has been so healing and rejuvenating. The feminine energy is the creative energy, and this year, I’ve allowed myself to be immersed in this field.

If I could sum up my 24th year into a theme it would be: “Grounded in Creativity.” This has been such a grounding year for me, living at home, working, being with my family, and enjoying the preciousness of Life. I cherish every moment with my loved ones. I have deepened my roots here in San Diego, and love the foundation, stability, and structure that a home and a consistent lifestyle provides. I feel so cared for and supported, and recognize that my family will always be there for me, and I will be there for them as well; family is everything.

By having such a loving support system through all of my relations, I have been able to bloom in my authentic, creative expression. In fact, I even started my first blog: “Musings from the Heart”. It feels so good to speak my truth, to write from my heart, and trust that you, the beyoutifull reader, are receiving exactly what you are meant to with an an open mind, body, and spirit. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As I turn 25, I embrace this new chapter of my Life with curiosity and expansion. I am calling in the most aligned opportunities for my growth, and am trusting that through my intention, attention, and inspired action, I am exactly where I am meant to be and am being guided towards my destiny. I truly feel that I am living out my purpose every day through sharing my smile and joy. As my high school senior quote said: “Let your smile guide the way.” I am excited to continue creating and aligning with the optimal opportunities. I am so curious to see what the Universe has in store for me as I co-create this magical Life. One of my intentions is to travel outside of California this year. In fact, I’d love to visit Canada again, the place I was born in, and bring it full circle. I am honoring the balance of going outside my comfort zone through adventure and new experiences, while being comfortable at home. We can have the best of both worlds; we can even create new worlds that expand us to the fullness of our potential. So Universe, bring it on! I am ready for it!

To bring this all together, I want to say thank you. Thank you to my family, my soulmate, my friends, thank you to all my loved ones for all the experiences we’ve shared so far! Thank you Universe for guiding this all, I am beyond ecstatic for what’s to come! My mom just surprised me with the sweetest birthday gifts, and I already feel the overflow of love! I’m also about to see my soulmate to celebrate this special weekend! I truly am filled with profound gratitude and am fully receiving the abundance of Life in every moment!

Cheers to 25! So beyond happy to be alive! Let’s celebrate with some fireworks!


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What I've Learned this Past Year (2024)
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