‘Michigan Made’ Season 2 debuts: The Wolverines are hungry for another national championship (2024)

If you weren’t already getting antsy ahead of the 2024 college football season, the Michigan Wolverines’ “Michigan Made” series just launched the first episode of its second season, which should help build even more excitement.

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We're on top of the mountain, but we're not resting on our laurels.#GoBlue | @meijer pic.twitter.com/QpDg5SSl7x

— Michigan Football (@UMichFootball) July 8, 2024

Here’s just some of what stood out after watching the first episode.

Michigan’s National Championship performance, star players return

While Michigan has said goodbye to J.J. McCarthy, Blake Corum, Mike Sainristil and a host of others, it’s easy to see how much talent the Wolverines managed to retain.

This episode includes some of the biggest moments from the National Championship against the Washington Huskies — including one of Donovan Edwards’ two touchdowns, Will Johnson’s interception, a sack made by Kenneth Grant, and a huge catch made by Colston Loveland.

If you’re still not convinced Michigan has the weapons it needs to win some big games this season, Michigan Made reminds you that experienced playmakers are returning in 2024.

“I think it’s just amazing to think that we are national champions.” - RB Donovan Edwards

“What comes to mind is just being on top.” - DL Kenneth Grant

“I feel like everyone just came closer together and Michigan vs. Everybody was really exemplified especially against Penn State, Ohio State and the Rose Bowl games.” - DL Mason Graham

“As I look back on last season and the championship, I just feel like I want to be on a team like that forever.” - WR Semaj Morgan

“Grateful for the team, grateful for the coaches, grateful for everything that we put in.” - S Makari Paige

There’s a lot of support behind Sherrone Moore

Shortly after the season ended, Jim Harbaugh was hired by the Los Angeles Chargers, and Sherrone Moore was quickly named Michigan’s next head coach. This episode highlights the changing of the guard ahead of the 2024 season, and it makes clear that Moore has plenty of support.

“If it would have been anybody else, it wouldn’t have felt right,” said quarterback Alex Orji.. “This is our guy. That’s a Michigan man. That’s a guy that went from tight end to o-line to OC to head coach. He earned everything that he’s done.”

New look, same mindset

As players talk about staff changes, the video shows shots of defensive coordinator Wink Martindale, defensive backs coach LaMar Morgan, offensive coordinator Kirk Campbell and others. The coaching staff looks different compared to last year, but this episode shows us the culture will stay intact.

“I think just getting everybody to buy in and that everybody be on the same page with that, that’s what’s going to get us to where we need to be,” wide receiver Tyler Morris said.

The No. 1 goal is to upstand and hold what we’ve built here and continue to do that,” Moore said.

The Process, the pursuit, the standard

This is Moore’s vision for the present and the future of the program. He wants players to focus on the process that goes into every aspect of the game. This saying focuses on getting better every day, and worrying about the work you’re putting in and not the prize.

“Now we’re in the pursuit, we’re in the pursuit of excellence,” Edwards said.

“The bar is never set, it only keeps getting higher and higher, there’s no limit to success,” Grant said.

“You do that year, after year, after year, you win championships, graduate the players, get them to the NFL, let them accomplish their goals, become great husbands, great fathers, then they become the standard. That’s what I want to do,” Moore said.

Michigan isn’t satisfied

If you’re worried this team is complacent after winning the national championship, perhaps these quotes will put your worries to bed.

“The only thing that’s going on now is, can we do it again?” Edwards said.

“I feel like we’re being chased. Because everyone is trying to do what we’re doing. We’ve got to keep doing what we’re doing, but just get better at it,” Grant said.

The episode ends with a quote that sounds like Edwards, “You have to work harder than you’ve worked before, because you know you have a target on your back now. We’re obligated to do it again.”

What do you think about Michigan football ahead of 2024? What stands out to you in the first episode of this series? Let us know in the comments!

‘Michigan Made’ Season 2 debuts: The Wolverines are hungry for another national championship (2024)
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