How To Win Jackpot On Slotomania (2024)

If this is your first time at the casino, you will receive a welcome bonus of 20,000 coins. It's not hard to see that Slotomania is worth your first download.

The bonus will be available once you have downloaded the app and completed the account registration process. This only takes a few seconds and you can play from Slotomania's wide range of games for free.

Loyalty program

Once you've collected your free coin welcome bonus, there is an incredibly generous loyalty program.

Depending on your level, you can collect up to millions of coins on a regular basis. To climb the ladder, all you have to do is to play the games you love to earn points.

Before you place a single bet, you are already on the bronze level of Slotomania's incredible loyalty program, where players are rewarded with 250 free coins and gifts from friends every day.

The climb is very easy at this point. Once you reach the top of this awesome loyalty program, you are ready to claim a free 7-digit coin.

Then head over to the Royal Diamond and get 1,000,000 free coins every day.

Slotomania almost always has an ongoing slot tournament where players can compete with others for massive coin jackpots.

Collect 20,000 Free Coins on Facebook

Even if you've downloaded the app and already claimed the welcome bonus, you can still get another 10,000 coins welcome bonus once you login through Facebook.

Just hit the 'Connect to Facebook' button and check out the free coins rollup.

This means you can collect 20,000 free coins instead of just 10,000 by linking accounts in seconds.

You can also join the Slotomania Supergroup on Facebook for the free coin party on certain dates.

You will also receive a free coin bonus every 3 hours. Daily promotions and exciting bonus mini-games.

Slotomania Free Coins Spins Generator Online

There are many online tools that generate free coins for Slotomania. However, most of the online generators might end with craps of a survey, apps download, or human verification. So, it might be hard to find a really working tool to generate free spins and coins.

You can also download the free Slotomania coin chopper tool for more free coins.

With all of the above options and methods, you should have no shortage of free coins to play at Slotomania Casino now.

Remember that when you win a slot game or slot tournament at Slotomania, your payouts are in the form of free coins which are automatically added to your Slotomania account and allow you to play more games.

Slotomania offers customer support. You can reach out to them for a problem you want to solve. You can also contact them directly through your game using the app itself.

Slotomania offers a lot more. Below are the most important features that you can only find at Slotomania.

Unique Features of Slotomania

Booster – Use this booster to improve your game. It's especially valuable as it gives you extras that will help you get even more out of the game. Most of the time, you'll have to buy them, but if you're lucky you might get them for free.

Daily Dash – Daily Dash is a fun way to spin and win. Every day you have to complete new missions. Once you reach your daily goal, you will receive freebies like boosters, game manias, coins, and more!

Cash Link – It's a jackpot that links all of the Cash games together! You can place a minimum bet and spin a spin in each of the Cash games. Then you need to qualify to take part in the Cash Link Jackpots, which link all the spins of the various Cash games to form an incredible pool prize of hundreds of millions of coins!

SlotoQuest – You have to pursue an adventurous quest mission on different slot machines. As you complete these missions you will win bonuses and rewards along the way in the hopes of reaching the treasure with the ultimate grand prize in the end!

SlotoClub – SlotoClub is one of the premium experience functions. This feature gives you access to the latest games, unique jackpot slots and daily cashback, as well as special bonuses. SlotoClub is a luxurious way to receive multiple gifts.

Slotocards – collect cards as you play and get great rewards and a chance to win big prizes! This is one of the most exciting features of Slotomania. You collect the cards by receiving gifts from friends, spinning a game, making purchases, and moving up to special level-ups.

Snakes & Ladders – You can now play the popular Snakes & Ladders game for fun! Not that often available when it comes to rolling the dice to play and advance on various S&L boards – climb up and win lots of coins.

Lotto Bonus – If you collect your special bonus 4 days later, you can play the lottery bonus! It's a Flying Balls lottery where you can win big coin prizes with multipliers.

Gifts From Friends 888 casino nj. – Participate in the greatest social feature by sending coin gifts to your Facebook friends. You can send and receive thousands of gifts every day, multiplying according to their tier (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, royal diamond, black diamond).

How To Win Jackpot On Slotomania Money

Piggy Bank – You can collect coins in your piggy bank. Whenever you try one of the free slot games you get a few coins in your piggy. You decide when to break it and get the amazing value that builds up in it. Having a piggy bank has never been so fun and beneficial!

How To Win Jackpot On Slotomania Bonus

SupeRaffle – Become a trillionaire immediately with this function! Get your SupeRaffle ticket with every purchase in the game, take part in the raffle, and win 1,000,000,000,000 coins!

Gold SupeRaffle – It's a premium lottery with an even bigger prize! Getting gold sweepstakes cards is rare, so your chances of winning the huge prize are even higher!

Tournamania – You can win big coin prizes by participating in Tournamania – LIVE competitions between Slotomania players to get the most winnings on a slot game.

How To Win Jackpot Machine

Head to Head – Tournamania Head to Head is a feature that involves a fight between you and another player of the same level and status. You need to place a bet to participate and these coins will be added to the prize pool.

How To Win Jackpot On Slotomania Slot Machines

Mystery Gift – You can send your Facebook friends a free Mystery Gift where they can win one of 3 mysterious coin prizes! You may be lucky enough to win all 3 prizes with a multiplier!

Final Touch

How To Win Jackpot On Slotomania Slot Machines

In this guide, we share with you some tips on how to generate free spins and coins for Slotomania casino slots online. All you do is to test each one and find out the best method to get you free coins for Slotomania casino. This guide would be updated as soon as the new method is testified and proved. We aim to create a one-stop guide for all gamers to enjoy Slotomania Casino Online without hassle.

How To Win Jackpot On Slotomania (2024)
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