Ace Ultimate Prize Slotomania (2024)

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You're climbing up the Slotomania VIP club, and can now enjoy a bigger FREE Gift from Lucy, double the Status Points on Level Ups and Purchases and 15% increase on the Mega Bonus prize with your Playtika Rewards Status! Other awesome Slotomania. Slotomania ultimate prize, slotomania unlimited coins apk android, slotomania tipps und tricks, slotomania ultimate ace package, slotomania vegas slots casino, slotomania wolf, slotomania wild free, slotomania won’t open on ipad, slotomania win real money, slotomania youtube, slotomania 11 million coin glitch, slotomania.

Slotomania is the best collection of free slots casino games around - but it's also so much more! Go on SlotoQuests: casino high-rollers, this one’s for you: take challenges, play free slots 777 games slot quests and get EXTRA free casino rewards! Send, receive and collect Slotocards: slot game prizes. In case you didn’t know, Ace Cards are the latest addition to our brand new third album! If you haven’t heard of them, check them out with 10,000 shiny. Winning allot of the challenges for rare ones etc only gave me more duplicates. I only had five charms left to complete the set for the 250 billion coin prize. Instead, I ended up with around 26 thousand duplicates trying to get the five I needed which you have withheld and won't release to us all so we can't finish and get the huge coin prize.

░▒▓█ █▓▒░

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Video Rating: / 5

Video Spinners…. Welcome to Slotomania – the best free video slot game! Our more than 100 million players will testify that Slotomania is an incredibly fun social casino experience where anyone can spin and win, and then spin again!

We offer more than 160 different video slot games; some of them are classic slots, other special bonus slots and even jackpot slots, but they are all free video slots.

Basically, without video slots there would have been no Slotomania – now that’s a sad thought! When the first slot machines were computerized and video slots were born it opened endless possibilities for slot game creation and Slotomania took the best advantage of that opportunity.

So… enough talking, time for some spinning!


The slots game was first introduced back in the 19th century. In the beginning, the machine had a crude design and could only be found in local arcade shops. What drew the crowds was the simplicity of the game itself. It was designed purely as a game of luck: just sit before the machine, put in a token, and press the lever.

The standard machine had three spinning wheels with different pictures. If all three wheels lined up with the same picture in the center, the player would win the jackpot! There was no way to influence the outcome of the machine, because it was all designed to be a game of luck.

And then, a mere century later, came the Video Slot.

Video slots stepped into the limelight in 1976; the very first one had a 19inch Sony TV as the display. What can we say, those were simpler times… They gained popularity quickly until in 1996 they became the undisputed star of Vegas. What happened in 1996? The “second screen” bonus game was introduced. Meaning, a completely different scenario was displayed during bonus rounds. It might be hard for us to imagine the excitement over this with the incredible 3D graphics and multiple storylines of today’s slot games, but, as we said, those were simpler times…

During that same time, the mid-90’s, video slots made another giant leap – from casino halls to the internet – and from there the video slot never looked back.


Unlimited Variety

Video slots are essentially lines of code – a computer game. This allows game developers to create as many video slot games as they can imagine gameplays and themes.

Today there is a spectacular variety of online, free video slot machine / games for fun. Slotomania alone offers more than 150 different games to be played free online, or through its App.

Multiple Paylines

Ace Ultimate Prize Slotomania

As opposed to traditional slot machines that offer a single payline (straight through the middle) video slot games offer multiple paylines – sometimes in the hundreds!

This allows you to increase your chances of hitting a winning combination and speeds up the game significantly, multiplying the excitement and enjoyment from the game.

Ease of Play

It’s not that slot machines are difficult to figure out ;) but free online video slots offer a seamless gaming experience, across different devices.

Slotomania Secrets

The ability to jump between different games as easily as clicking a button, to accumulate bonuses and gifts from friends – a unique Slotomania feature – and the intuitive interface online slots offer makes them a very attractive gaming experience.

Highly-Engaging Experience

Video slots display sophisticated gameplays and exciting bonus rounds with unique storylines.

Slotomania took it one step further to create a one-of-a-kind, multi-level social slot game where players can interact with each other while they progress in the overall game.


The mobile slots offered by Slotomania are the free video slots no download variant. They provide an excellent option for those who want to try their luck without any inconvenience. Just whip out your mobile device or tablet and press the lever of the 'one armed bandit' anytime you want!

There are always new free video slots on Slotomania so don’t worry – you won’t get bored.


Slotomania is all about high-quality mobile gambling experience. Players are treated to an immersive experience full of lights, powerful graphics and best of all, amazing soundtracks that make you feel as if you are sitting right before the slots machine!

Slotomania gives you the chance to play free video slots right on your computer or mobile screen. To enjoy it on the go, login to the Slotomania App through Facebook and start playing. The Slotomania game is also available directly on Facebook.

Ace Ultimate Prize Slotomania (1)

The Slotomania App is available for both iOS and Android.

You can download directly from the AppStore or Google Play.
iOS link|Android link

That is why the slots app is compatible and available directly through Facebook. The free video slots no download variant doesn't even require any additional space, because you can directly access it via Facebook and start playing.


Is there a Difference between Video Slots and Online Slots?

Video slots are actual slot machines that have screens instead of mechanical reels. They are computer-based, as online slots are. Online slots are the web iteration of video slots. Both variations of the slot game offer a highly engaging experience to players, allowing them to enjoy various themes and gameplays.

How Many Free Video Slot Machines Slotomania Has?

Slotomania offers more than 160 different free slot games in various themes and levels.

Slotomania Find Hidden Items

What is Unique about Slotomania’s Video Slots?

How To Win At Slotomania

Where should we start?... Think of Slotomania not as a place to play different slot games, but rather as one continuous multi-level giant slot game. You’ll need to unlock levels as you progress through super-fun slot machines and win a never-ending stream of gifts, bonus rounds and prizes.

Slotomania Cheats And Tips

On top of that, Slotomania has built an additional social layer to its game where community members from all around the world – millions of them! – Interact and share their experiences and if they wish, even compete against each other to play free video slots.

Ace Ultimate Prize Slotomania (2024)
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