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Supply Line  Management

What can the Supply Line Management Group do for you?


The Supply Line Management Group offers in conjunction with the Sigma Quality Group's Quality Systems Management Group offers the capability to aid suppliers in becoming compliant to the requirements of the client company quality system or to that of the ISO 9000 International Standard. The Sigma Quality Group offers development and management of the quality systems to meet customers requirements.

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The Supply Line Management Group of the Sigma Quality Group offers extensive experience in supplier assessment, supplier qualifications and suppler management. Working with fortune 500 companies and multi-national corporations the members of the Supply Chain Management Group offer exceptional talent to audit and qualify suppliers as well as maintaining existing suppliers.

Having conducted audits nationally and internationally the team members have achieved a high degree of efficiency in conducting audits for their customers. Providing valuable information to the client customer on which to make business decisions has been the hallmark of the Supply Chain Management Group.

Experience as follows:

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