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- Process Approach is advocated by ISO 9001

-Processes are the key to continuous improvement

SMART Processing Ó

· Improved Effectiveness and Efficiency

· Turn-Around Methodology

· Continuous Improvement

· Process Focused Organization

Sigma Quality Group, which successfully implemented quality management systems in various industries for more than 20 years, has added to its format a new program that addresses the improvement and turn around efforts of client companies. Our extensive experience with various industries, both nationally and internationally, has provided Sigma Quality Group with the necessary talents to develop and author the SMART ProcessingÓ program.

SMART ProcessingÓ focuses the improvement and turn-around actions where it belongs and that is in the processes that do the work. Our hands on approach guides your organization through the improvement steps to, reduce waste and increases both the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization Using our SMART model we teach and implement our process oriented management principles.

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