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The business population in the United States consists of over 90% small businesses. Programs such as six sigma are designed for companies with large staffs and big budgets,  Small companies cannot afford the extensive training and manpower required to implement such programs

Sigma Quality Group has developed and authored the SMART Processing©  program to give companies of any size the same opportunity to implement an effective improvement program. The basis of SMART Processing©  is:


                                       S Di = DT  

Which intuitively stated is, the summation of the change of the individual parts equals to the change of the total.  This means that by changing or improving individual part of a organization the total organization will change. Therefore by improving the individual parts of the organization the entire organization will improve.

ISO9001:2000 has emphasized the "Process Approach" but unfortunately many registered companies has not embraced this concept. SMART Processing © focuses it improvement methodology on the process and empowers the individuals within the process to make the improvements.


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